Story behind repositioning of berger paints and its new tagline

Berger Paints has launched its new ad campaign for its exterior paint brand Weathercoat All Guard with the tagline “Reverse the effect of Rain ! "he philosophy behind this new campaign is to brea# the clutter of the truly durable exterior paint category and position Weathercoat All Guard as essentially a Silicon$ based water resistant paint which has inherent ability to repel water and thereby% prevent the building from dampness% paint film swelling& fla#ing and fungus& algae attac#s!

"he idea here revolves around the central theme of '(lat Palat)% and shows the protected exterior walls of a house repelling the rain water! "he "* campaign is supported by an integrated mar#eting campaign with a +,-$degree approach! Brand propagation is done through electronic media .national and regional/ and reinforced at the ground level by outdoors! "he commercial will also be aired at 'neo conventional) medium li#e radio and 'non conventional) medium li#e the 0nternet! Brand activation would be done at various touch$points in critical mar#ets! 0t includes product demonstrations and consumer allurements! 1ommenting on the concept% Sura2 3as% Group Product 4anager% 4ar#eting% Berger Paints said% “1onsumer research states the water is considered to be the singular biggest threat to the well being of the house! Weathercoat All Guard addresses this issue basic issue with its Silicon additive that repels water away from the wall surfaces! "he new advertisement captures this idea with an interesting and innovative proposition of 'Reverse the effect of rain) or 'Palat do Baarish #a Asar)! “"he idea is to extend the platform of reverse the effect of rain to something more relatable and en2oyable! '(lat Palat) is a catch phrase that summarises the idea and brings out the magical element in the film

csr activities
As a part of the commitment towards the sta#eholders and the society at large% Berger Paints is committed to discharge its responsibility for the cause of the society through a variety of philanthropic and benevolent activities benefiting the society!

Berger Paints ensures an environmentally safe and secure future with a commitment from the company and all its employees to practice and implement methods that help reduce the harmful effects on our environment 0t is the duty of the organi5ation to loo# after the conservation of natural resources and ensure that protection of the environment remains top priority! Berger Paints is committed to ta#e up the challenge and develop more advanced products which consistently help reduce the harmful effects on our environment and conserve natural resources! "he organi5ation not only ta#es responsibility for environmental protection but also ma#e the employees aware and committed to the cause! *arious activities have been underta#en at the corporate and manufacturing units in the areas related to environment% health education% child development% etc through the following programmes Participation in Polio 0mmunisation Programme for the eradication of polio Partnering with organi5ations for sponsoring under privileged and destitute children Sponsorship of education of children who come from poor financial bac#ground 0nitiatives for a cleaner environment through the awareness programmes% plantations and green belt development programmes! 3onations have been given to the charitable institutions and social welfare organi5ations wor#ing for the cause of the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden! 0nfrastructure development at the vicinity of the various manufacturing locations .