Archit Mehta B.Tech, Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India DOB !

" August #$%& E,amination Graduation/B.Tech Intermediate/+2 'atricu ation -niversity.Board IIT Bombay CBSE CBSE Institute IIT Bombay


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Mobile ($#)%*##!)$&&$!, %%*+%)%%*** /ear 2010 200$ 200& C0I. 1 7.79 %&.00 %1.%0

Subodh Pub ic Schoo ! "ai#ur Subodh Pub ic Schoo ! "ai#ur

Current and 0revious Em2loyment Details Current (r)ani*ation+ Cambridge Edu2reneurs 0vt. 3td. (Sept 2011-present) • ,e-i)nation+ 4aculty 50hysics6 7 Director, Ahmedabad • "ob ,e-cri#tion+ .acu ty! Phy-ic-+ "EE/0d1ance and 'ain-2 ,irector! 0hmedabad+ In char)e o3 (#eration- 3or 0hmedabad center-. (r)ani*ation+ 82ire Classes, Bho2al • ,e-i)nation+ 4aculty, 0hysics • ,e-cri#tion+ .acu ty 3or Phy-ic-! IIT4"EE (Jan-Aug 2011)

(r)ani*ation+ Coal India 3imited (Apr –Dec 2010) • ,e-i)nation+ Management Trainee 5Civil6 • ,e-cri#tion+ Com# eted the Induction 0rogram for Management Trainees conducted at Indian In-titute o3 Coa 'ana)ement /IICM6! 5anchi. Po-ted to South Ea-tern Coa 3ie d- 6imited / 8EC32! -ub-idiary o3 Coa India 6imited 3or com# etion o3 on47ob trainin). 8ummer Internshi2s 8ha2oor9i 0allon9i Co. 3td., Mumbai (May – Jul, 2009) • 8or9ed a- 0ro9ect Co)coordinator durin) di33erent -ta)e- o3 the #ro7ect /-tart! durin) and end4-ta)e2 6earned the inte)ritie- o3 mana)in) a Pro7ect • Cost analysis 3or t:o #ro7ect-+ To:n-hi# 3or Therma Po:er P ant! "S8 5atna)iri and 2 /$4-torey and ;4 -torey2 bui din)- 3or re-earch! 5e iance 6i3e Science Center! 5aba e • :uantitative analysis u-in) AutoCAD! 3or other #ro7ect- inc udin) the abo1e t:o • Outcome Pro1ided recommendations that increa-ed co-t e33ecti1ene--! ban9 )uarantee! u-e o3 :a-te materia - and -a3ety • Achievement Some o3 the recommendation- :ere im# emented Is2at Industries 3imited, ;ag2ur (May – Jul, 2008) • 6earnt the nuance- o3 <CC 4oundation for =eavy Machinery and 8teel 4rames, Trusses • Outcome Pro1ided recommendations, materia -u## y and o1er rein3orced de-i)n • Achievement 0dded to cost saving and 2rofit o3 the com#any >ey Academic 0ro9ects -nderta?en B. Tech 0ro9ect Assessment of trans2ortation im2acts of the Cam2us develo2ment 2lans (Prof ! " !r#s$na %ao, Apr 2010) • Analy@ed the e<i-tin) trans2ortation system of IITB cam#u-.

886.e-ti1a o3 IITB2 ( 2008 ) • • • 8ingle)handedly (r)ani*ed 8ciTech :ui@! Tech3e-t 200% 3argest 8cience Cui@ in India! had a #ri*e money :orth more than <s. a dri1e to co ect o d/unu-ed c othe. 2009 5e#re-ented Eo-te in . 3ina i-t.3or tho-e a33ected by natura ca amitie'ember o3 Eo-te Per3ormin) 0rt.ATIH. Apr 2009) Studied in detai the designing and construction o3 <ubble mound Brea?Aaters Enhanced under-tandin) o3 'ain Genera Cham#ion-hi# . # 3ac Conducted D stages o3 the >ui* B on ine te-t! :ritten te-t and >ui* /:ith .and develo2 a trans2ortation system 3or 3uture .ational DraAing and 0ainting com#etition conducted by Indian counci 3or chi d :e 3are! 5a7a-than! 2000 8ocial 8ervice 'ember o3 .in their de-i)nin) (Prof M & Deo.e-ti1a /P0.armour units and their method o3 energy dissi2ation Studied 3atest Develo2ments C06'(S! PS5! ?4b oc armour unit! @63S etc 0osition of <es2onsibility 'ember! 8tudent Alumni <elation Cell! IIT! Bombay • • • Part o3 2ioneering team that initiated student alumni relation at institute level 'ana)ed 0honathon B. a 1o unteer ca in) #ro)ram 3or raising funds and u2dating database o3 the alumnus o3 the in-titute Aey member o3 a 12 member team managed +$ volunteers ( 200'-2008 ) Co4ordinator! Tech3e-t /Technica .. :a.ootba ! @o eyba and 0th etic.2 Ainning team in 200).a #art o3 G-.ational 8ocial 8ervice 5.o3 t:o2 Other Interests 7 =obbies • • • • • • • Eon Fnd #o-ition in District 3evel 4ootball com#etition! 2001 5e#re-ented Schoo in District 8cience 4air! 5a7a-than 200( Eon Cultural Cui@! re)iona e1e conducted by C0natra-htriya Gaytri Pari1arD! 2000 Partici#ated in 8tate team.the ade>uacy o3 trans2ortation infrastructure corre-#ondin) to a )i1en de1e o#ment -cenario 8eminar Design and Construction of <ubble Mound Brea?Aater • • • • Studied ty2es of brea?Aaters and ate-t de1e o#ment. .e1e o#ed a trans2ortation 2lanning model :hich :i a--e-.• • E1a uated the trans2ortation im2acts o3 de1e o#ment and 3uture #o#u ation )ro:th /&04=0 year-2 throu)h con1entiona tran-#ortation mode .