LITERATURE REVIEW : 1)Zenith International Journal of Business Economics & Management Research, Vol.

2 ,Issue 5,May 2012, ISSN 2249 826. A study on women entrepreneurship development in Kolhapur city. ABSTRACT Prof. Shabana A. Memon, Entrepreneurship is a key element of growth and development prospects for all countries and it is most relevant to transition countries. Just a policy of wage employment will not solve the grave unemployment problem. A nation how so ever rich in material resources, cannot prosper if its resources are not put to productive use, for this purpose, energetic entrepreneurs are needed who can contribute effectively for national prosperity. The only solution is promotion and development of Entrepreneurship, as entrepreneurship aims at making an individual a job provider and not a job seeker. Entrepreneurship has been a maledominated phenomenon from the very early age but time has changed the situation and brought women as today's most memorable and inspirational entrepreneurs. The position and status of women in any society is an index of its civilization and progress. In almost all the developed countries in the world women are putting their steps at par with the men in the field of business. Women are equally competent in running business but still lacks behind in spite of women empowerment movement in our country, there are social, cultural and economic hurdles in the way of women entrepreneurship and the major problem is lack of entrepreneurial environment. In spite of having the potential and talent, women are deprived of opportunities, information and education. Around 50 women entrepreneurs in Kolhapur city were surveyed through a questionnaire and an attempt is made in this paper to highlight major issues of women entrepreneurs, identify potentialities of enterprising women who are successful and thereby provide role models for potential women entrepreneurs particularly for young women entering the labor market for the first time. KEYWORDS: Entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, transition countries . INTRODUCTION Across the world, entrepreneurs have been considered instrumental in initiating and sustaining socio - economic development both in developed and developing countries. Today business is built around human capital and women are one of the valuable factors. Globalization and Liberalization of markets encouraged women to come forward to become an entrepreneur and start new industries. A role of modern women is not confined to the traditional role as a mother and housewife; it has and is undergoing changes. As woman gets educated she begins to think of herself as an independent person, she becomes aware of her own identity, potentials and decision making capabilities.

the first one is that women entrepreneurship is an important untapped source of economic growth and the second reason is that the women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others. This book makes a humble Attempt to inculcate entrepreneurial attitude and enhance self employment among women with the help of innovative ideas. 3) The article „Women Entrepreneurship: A Tool of Women Emp owerment. they can provide different solutions to management.A. But this trend is gradually changing.It is a common assumption that majority of women in India are economically non-productive as they are not involved in activities that are financially remunerative. p.S and Tiwari. 2)Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Development by Tiwari. it also identifies problems unique to women in setting up and running their enterprise. published by Sarup and Sons. The need of more women entrepreneurs has to be studied for two reasons. in the International Journal of Management Research and Technology Volume 3. Women across regions have started showing interests to be economically independent. organization and business problems. portrays profile of women entrepreneurs and their enterprises in small sector. economical and educational constraint. it says women have lower participation rate and generally tend to choose different industries than men do.p 87-99. commercial acumen with tremendous perseverance and above all a person who is willing to take risk with the unknown because of the adventurous spirit she possesses. New Delhi. June 2009. Interested women with creative and innovative ideas are coming forward to start the small and medium sized enterprises. Bamba R. but the development of women entrepreneurship has not been rapidly achieved as other measures of development.number 1.‟ written by Priya. The book highlights that the population of Women Entrepreneurship necessitated to remove social. .A. Policy and Issue. (1stEdition 2007). A women entrepreneur is a person who is an enterprising individual with an eye for opportunities and an uncanny vision.