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ready to build. The newly developed technology allows to use biomass potential more efficient. analysis. The standardized design and production principle leads to a faster and significantly more affordable construction of each unit The construction is completed so that the necessary energy process is being significantly minimized A standard Biogas plant can be easily accommodated on individual farms without the negative environmental and landscape effects.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. It also includes preparing the feasibility . ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – Tlf. In this way. A new design ensures optimal use of different sources of biomass and their safe handling. ComBigaS represents more than 30 years of experience within biogas field. to achieve higher level of Gasmix system fermentation and therefore gives possibility to produce more gas. ComBigaS is a supplier of complete turnkey biogas plants. which makes it easy to change the biomass input.combigas.ComBigaS Complete Biogas Solutions 30 years of experience in the design. each plant is not a new project every time. which are common in Europe. which are adapted to the farm sizes. but rather a unit.and energy calculations and the obtaining of various permits. using the model of "plug and play”.dk – www. development and operation of Biogas plants Through the association with a number of Danish highly qualified companies. ComBigaS has developed a design with qualities that differ significantly from other known biogas plants: Combigas has developed a standardized design of six unit sizes.

In the process of digesting the inaccessible nitrogen will be decomposed into easily accessible for plants substance. which could be dangerous to humans and animals. It is not just reducing of CO2. Biogas production provides more efficient utilization of the manure and other organic materials and reduces leaching of nitrogen into streams and rivers. digesting gives the possibility to use gas. It means that the temperature in the reactor is around 52° C. After a certain amount of resting time in the .dk – www.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. powered by thermophilic process. With more extensive processing of the organic waste into biogas. are instead killed.ComBigaS Complete Biogas Solutions Why choose biogas Biogas production is a society beneficial energy production. which would otherwise be wasted. ComBigaS focuses primarily on biogas plants. the bacteria. which uses renewable energy source. ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – Tlf. agriculture becomes not only a food supplier. As a result the biomass becomes absolutely safe after degassing. the organic waste will be more effectively utilized after it has been degassed. but also a supplier of electricity and heat to the surrounding community. Furthermore.

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Dry-installed pumps are mainly used for pumping/transferring the manure between tanks.Effective size reduction of dry matter . such as for stirring sandy slurry or manure mixed with organic residues e. because the blades are capable of pulverizing large lump of dry matter.All service done from outside without emptying the tank Assentoft Silo A/S – supplier of tanks Assentoft Silo has extensive experience with tanks for biogas and delivered the first fermentation tank in Denmark to “Nordvestjysk Folkecenter” in 1988. corn or grass. Assentoft Silo contributes with the experiences of these projects and other projects in industry and agriculture to the ComBigaS cooperation. Assentoft Shiloh delivers tanks in a high quality. Since then Assentoft has delivered a wide range of biogas tanks to Danish and foreign .Prevents the formation of crust . ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – – www. GasMix is a unique and innovative system for mixing of media in the biogas reactor tanks.g.ComBigaS Collaborators LANDIA A/S –supplier of professional equipment for pumping and stirring The submersible agitators can be used for many different purposes. straw.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. which includes a tank with longevity and minimal maintenance. Crucial advantages are: .No mechanical parts in the tank . It produces a strong stirring effect both vertical and horizontal in the media and therefore achieves optimum homogenization. The incorporated knife system prevents clogging.

transport equipment and other special projectsLaser Cutting Plasma cutting Steel Structures Assembly work Facings Building Construction Windmill Construction Milling Turning Hydraulic press brakes Turret Punching ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – Tlf. RMV A/S – Ringkoebing Maskinvaerksted A/S RMV A / S is a quality-conscious subcontractor of steel and aluminum constructions. opportunities and resources. machine building. Holtec Automatic A/S is independent of different suppliers and thus has the freedom to choose the right solutions and components based on customer – www. ranging from the minor management responsibility to a large complex automation solutions with the integration of administrative systems. Holtec Automatic A/S is the supplier.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. focus and resolve ongoing tasks in the industrial automation. lifting equipment. forging.Holtec Automatic A/S – supplier of professional solutions within industrial automation Holtec Automatic A/S is a provider of professional solutions within industrial automation and a loyal business partner who participate innovative within power supply as technical supplier either as part supplier or a total supplier. sheet and plate working. The experience is built up of many years . Regardless of the job size.

PlanAction Aps PlanAction is an independent consultancy.combigas. waste management and waste incineration in Denmark and internationally. working with planning. This is now one of their specialties. ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – Tlf. Lars Baadstorp has been 17 years in the consulting industry mainly engaged in the project matured and implementation of biogas projects in Denmark and abroad.Schanflex . the production of coverings for slurry tanks has the past years been among Schanflex´s product range. Thereafter he was 5 years in a biogas plant construction company. Later he was the CEO of a district company for approx 5 years. February 1 st 2010 Ole Bang was a part of the – . gastight and watertight topics. project maturity and realization of biogas and other energy and environmental projects. which simultaneously was converted into a private limited company.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. With many years experience in the fabrics mentioned above. and great links to the agricultural area.a modern Danish production company Schanflex have throughout time developed very unique methods of welding with high frequency and hot air in PVC. where he developed and sold projects primarily abroad. Ole Bang has worked 23 years as a consultant mainly with project development and implementation of district heating. PU and PE for the production of airtight. The company was formed in 2007 and is personally owned by Lars Baadstorp.

dk Project Manager: Jens Jørn Helth Phone: +45 96 80 80 61 Mobile: +45 29 40 60 18 E-mail: ComBigaS – Tinghøjvej 13 – 6893 Hemmet – . Trainee: Anders Buhl Larsen Phone: +45 96 80 80 62 Mobile: +45 29 40 60 90 E-mail: Director: Klaus Høgh Phone: +45 96 80 80 67 Mobile: +45 29 40 60 12 E-mail: kh@combigas.combigas. Besides this.ComBigaS Complete Biogas Solutions Collaboration ComBigaS has cooperation and trade agreements in several countries. – www. we also cooperate with the Technical University of Denmark and Aarhus University. South Africa and Russia which includes cooperation with Copenhagen and Krasnodar Project – assistant: Ekaterina Serykh Phone: +45 96 80 80 68 Mobile: +45 29 40 60 90 E-mail: ekat@combigas.: +45 96 80 80 67 – Fax: +45 97 37 52 19 – email: combigas@combigas. Contact: Chairman: Kent Skaanning Phone: +45 96 80 80 71 Mobile: +45 20 22 20 16 E-mail: ks@combigas. among others Poland.