Nicholas Lazarou Randwick NSW 2031 Phone: 9314 5194 Mo ile 0420 !

"5 023 #$ail%nicholus144&ho'$ail(co$ Career Objective: To establish a proficiently stable and prosperous future in
proprietary trading. I possess a business marketing degree, have a basic understanding about trading with CQG simulator. Achievement overall Succeeded in obtaining company targets and satisfying my roles by e ceeded e pectation in satisfying all work ob!ectives.

Skills and Attributes:
Pro)icien' in 'he )ollowin* co$+u'er so)'ware +ro*ra$s: ? Microso)' ,))ice ? Microso)' Power Poin' ? Microso)' Pho'osho+ ? Microso)' -ccess ? Lo*ic Music So)'ware ? -do e desi*n s.s'e$s ? #%we si'e $ain'enance and direc'ion ? /ola( ? Wi0 we si'e )lash ? 1ne' s.s'e$s( ? RP da'a ? ,n )reshwa'er co''a*e $ana*ed owned we si'e eco$$erce +or'al ? $e'a'rader ? c2*

Employment: 2011---Tennis coach snape park position- tennis coach and administration achievement successfully implemented effective tennis strategies for children to succeed in becoming better more confident and disciplined in their life and also excel within the tennis industry. Laing and simmons Investment Services 2010-2011 Position sales consultant and marketing on phone. Achievement Successfully Communicated, tailored, ualified and enticed prospective mortgage home owners and how they can create wealth, sustainably for the long term through viable investment properties programs and leveraging e uity to consolidate asset. !ffectively communicated service package and achieved consistent conversion rate by successfully accustomising products and services to different target audiences. Licensed A SA ener!y assessor" !overnment contractor
$osition: 3onsul'anc. and sales Ac%ievement


Satisfied customers energy efficiency concerns and accurately reported and

invoicing clients. inventory management. follow up 'aintaining relationship with clients and ensuring full customer satisfaction with product and service andSourcing and procuring new business 2001-200( ? Community *adio ur&ood /S0 $osition: Marke'in* co ordina'or and 6isc 8ocke. *esponsibilities: ? ? Measure and 2uo'e4 asic uildin* knowled*e Pro*ressed 'o eco$e ho$e assessor wi'h -5S- Andre&+s . . 2R6<M ==(1 Ac%ievement>? was a le 'o 'ake ad7an'a*e o) $. & successfully enlisted new clients on my own accord by effectuating and placating interest for product through samples and through successful enticement *esponsibilities: ? ? $elivery. $arke'in* ack*round and in)use new ideas in'o how radio +ro*ra$s $arke'ed 'he$sel7es4 whils' +ursuin* in'eres' in $edia co$$unica'ions in *eneral *esponsibilities: ? ? ? $elivery and management of radio promotions Coordination and liaison with sponsors (ssisted in management of radio talent 2001-2003 Castellori2ian Club . $ure &ater 'iltration system 200#-2010 #osition Sales representative Achievement Successfully marketed and sold numerous water filtration devices Responsibilities ? Conducted sales presentation and product information ? $emonstrated the product in home ? Conducted sales initiative and organised payments Consistent constructions sales insulation 200(-200) $osition: Sole 'rader con'rac'ed under +ro'o $arke'in* Ac%ievement Successfully identified demand for products in market and designed strategies to effectively penetrate the home insulation market by promoting government incentives and grants. 968: -ndustries $ty Limited $osition: -ssis'an' Sales Re+ and 6eli7eries Ac%ievement 200. communicating benefits of the company and ensuring that customers are confident in following through with their purchase decision. through means of business l referral programs through business industries suc" asolar.200) %ulfilled service delivery role to the high standards of the company and maintained good relations with existing clients of products through follow ups to ensure highest satisfaction.communicated efficient strategies to ualify them for green loans government subsidy and also converted sales by identifying problems and formulating solutions by accustomising different customer re uirements.

invoicing and organising delivery of orders and feedback )ad website platform tool to add products and manage my own business 2000 . clien's *ic%ardson and &renc% *and&ick $osition assistant marketing Ac%ievement 2000-2001 *pon completion of my business marketing degree.$osition: $arke'in* $ana*er *esponsibilities: ? ? Supervision of marketing activities for karaoke and promotions delivery %ront desk customer service.r*anised *eneral desi*n i$+le$en'a'ion and dis'ri u'ion o) sales lea)le's( ? . Bi*her School 3er'i)ica'e % Wa7erle.7er saw o+era'ions o) *eneral $arke'in* i$a*e 'o con)or$ 'o rand i$a*e o) co$+an.2001 Superior *eal Estate" $ap%os Cyprus $osition%-ssis'an' Marke'in* Mana*er Ac%ievement Superior created new contact lists and demonstrated ability to maintain client bases and improve exposure by enlisting participating offices in !ngland to act as our sales front so to procure interest in the holiday property market overseas in Cyprus. *esponsibilities: ? -ssis'in* $arke'in* ini'ia'i7es desi*n and +u lish lis'in* )or ren'al and sales ? . inventory management and reservations 2001-200. 4res%&ater and cotta!e online store $osition o&ner and operator *esponsibilities: ? ? ? ? $esigning and maintaining online shopping cart Conducted email marketing program and co ordinated marketing distribution Customer relations. *esponsibilities: ? Res+onsi le )or real es'a'e $arke'in* ini'ia'i7es includin* $ana*e$en' o) real es'a'e ca'alo*ue 9304000 dis'ri u'ion: ? Pro@ec' $arke'in*4 ad7er'isin* in rele7an' $ediu$s includin* in'erne'4 +rin' $edia4 and ca'alo*ue ? Main'enance o) leasin* and sales lis'in* +rin's e'c ? We si'e +ro$o'ions and de7elo+$en' ? Liasonin* $arke'in* re2uire$en's #n*lish real es'a'e a*en's )or holida.Cs Moun' 199!%1999 1990 % 1995 . 3olle*e . Education ac%elor o' usiness 9ma"or in +usiness 'arketing: 3en'ral Aueensland 1ni7ersi'. & worked in the capacity of assistant and in the process ac uired valuable experience within the realestate industry that allowed me to enhance and develop my knowledge into practice and created impetus in contributing to the industry by introducing new innovations in service package offerings to clients in rental property and home sales clients.ur Lad.

-us'ralian Fennis Pla.sis o) 'he $arke'( Readin* )inancial news and )orecas'in* 'rends and s+ecula'in* on co$$odi'. 1ni7ersi'. 3olle*e ?n'erne' Marke'in* Shor' 3ourse . o) NSW4 Din*s)ord NSW #0+or'E?$+or' ES$all 5usiness Mana*e$en' Shor' 3ourse . #as'ern Su ur s4 3o$$uni'.4 )il$s4 'ennis4 *ui'ar and ke.Ot%er Education5Certi'icates5$ro'essional 6rainin! 2010 199! 1999 Re'ail cer'i)ica'e 3 and 4( ?n'erna'ional 5ar 3ourse % Bos+i'ali'. +rices( *e'erees: -7aila le 1+on Re2ues' . oard 4 $arke'in* case s'udies4 $arke'in* $a*azine4 readin* do$ain and 7alua'in* +ro+er'. S' 8ohns -$ ulance 3er'i)ica'e o) Re*is'ra'ion Real #s'a'e . +rices and *eneral anal. F-<# Gold 6ri7ers Licence -FP3.Auali)ied Fennis 3oach Le7el 1 . #as'ern Su ur s 3o$$uni'. Re7iew Panel S' Leonards NSW # 3o$$erce Shor' 3ourse . 3olle*e 1999 1999 Accreditations and licenses Res+onsi le Ser7ice o) -lcohol % -us'ralia Bo'eliers -ssocia'ion -BSenior <irs' -id .ers 3oachin* -ssocia'ion ? ? ? ? ? 7obbies: Readin*4 co$+osin* $usic4 his'or.