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B.E. (Mechanical Engg.)

Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100 Instructions to the candidates : 1) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books. 2) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. 3) Figures to the right indicate full marks. 4) Use of logarithmic tables, slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed. 5) Assume suitable data, if necessary.

SECTION - I Unit - I Q1) a) b) c) Q2) a) b) List and explain the factors affecting selection of site for thermal power station. [6] What are the main components of a Gas turbine power plant? List the advantages of Gas turbine power plant. [4] Write a note on present status of power generation in India. OR With the help of a neat sketch explain the working of a boiling water reactor (BWR). [8] What are pumped storage plants? What are their advantages and limitations? Where such schemes can be applied (used)? [8] Unit - II Q3) a) b) What is coal benefication? What are its advantages? [7] State the characteristics of a good ash handling plant. How dust collectors are classified? [9] OR What do you understand by Fluidised bed combustion? Explain its working principle with the help of a neat sketch. [8] Coal Methane Mixture (CMM) is considered most promising than Coal Oil Mixture (COM) and Coal Water Mixture (CWM). Why? Discuss in detail. [8]


Q4) a) b)

show that the critical pressure ratio.7 bar. [6] 2 [3564] . γ γ −1 b)  2  P2/P1 =    γ + 1 b) . [8] Steam at 3 bar.Unit .IV Q7) a) From first principles. [9] What are the basic requirements of steam piping used in power plants? What are the steps involved in designing of steam piping? [9] OR Q6) a) Sketch a typical layout of a modern steam power plant with superheating. Calculate the exit velocity and mass flow rate if i) ii) Expansion is in equilibrium throughout. determine i) reheat pressure ii) boiler pressure iii) cycle efficiency iv) steam rate. OR [8] Q8) a) b) c) With the help of T-S diagram explain the necessity of condenser in a steam power plant? [6] Define condenser efficiency and vacuum efficiency. Expansion is in supersaturated state. What are its merits and demerits in comparison with Velox boiler. reheating (2 reheaters) and regenerative feed heating. If the maximum moisture content at turbine exit is limited to 15%. Assume all processes to be ideal. steam at 500ºC expands in a HP turbine till it is saturated vapour. Show on T-S diagram.III Q5) a) b) With a neat sketch explain Benson boiler. 150˚C expands in a converging nozzle to a pressure of 1. What would have been the quality at turbine exit and cycle efficiency without reheating? [12] SECTION . Solve by steam table only. where γ is adiabatic index. [6] In a reheat cycle. The exit area of the nozzle is 3cm2 and inlet velocity is 50 m/s.II Unit .133 . It is reheated at constant pressure to 400ºC and then expands in a LP turbine to 40ºC. [4] What are the sources of air leakage in a condenser? Explain one type of air pump.

If the turbine uses 4 kg/s of steam with 5% tip leakage.07 PB + 25 dP B dP A where F is fuel cost in rupees per hour and P is power output in MW.VI Q11)a) b) Discuss in detail how unit energy cost is determined.Unit . (iii) Number hours the plant is not in operation per year.06 PA + 30 and = 0. determine the mean blade diameter and power developed in the ring. Calculate (i) Annual energy production. Maximum load = 30 MW.7 at inlet and 0. the steam leaves the fixed blade at a pressure of 3 bar. Capacity factor = 50%. If the blade speed is 180 m/s determine (i) blade angle at inlet (ii) work done /kg of steam (iii) power developed when the turbine is supplied with 2. If the total power supplied by both units is 500 MW. The ratio of axial velocity of flow to the blade velocity is 0. (ii) Reserve capacity over and above peak load. [8] Y [3564] . Two power plants.98 dry and a velocity of 130 m/s.133 3 [8] . [8] OR Q12)a) b) Explain with sketch what is load curve and load duration curve. [9] OR Q10)a) b) What is the necessity of compounding of steam turbines? Explain different methods of compounding.V Q9) a) b) Derive the expression for maximum blade efficiency of a reaction turbine. [10] Unit .5 kg/s of steam (iv) diagram efficiency. find the economic loading of the two units. The net increase or decrease in fuel cost / h if the load is equally shared. Plant use factor = 60%. dF B dF A = 0. 0. have incremental fuel costs given by.76 at exit from moving blades. How average load is calculated? [8] A power plant has following data available : Load factor = 70%. A and B. The exit angle of the moving blades is 20º and relative velocity of steam may be assumed to remain constant over the moving blades. The blades are 20 mm high and the discharge angle for both the blades is 20º. [8] Steam enters an impulse wheel having a nozzle of 20˚ at a velocity of 450 m/s. [9] In a certain stage of a reaction turbine.