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}anFeb 2u14 Euitoi Nancy BiPace Pfau Numbei 17

"##$%&' ()*$ (+,#-+ '#%&' ).+)/ %&0# 1234

victoiian Bay was anothei fun success foi the village featuiing !"# %"&'()*+( %"',-#.
naiiation by Nayoi Boug Plummei with technical assistant, uaith Robeits! Theie's even a
new book publisheu which is available foi a meie $1u at the Ameiican.
Bon't foiget to oiuei youi veiy own engiaveu paving stone to be placeu this spiing at
Chalybeate paik - foims available at the Finishing Touch, the village 0ffice |S18.284.262Sj,
oi by e-mailing Bon't be left out!

56789:; 0<:=>? to *@AA;7B C *@D6:=E foi coveiing the cost of piinting!

&#0+5 ,-#F 0.+ +/'+G,%+"/H

Top hats, capes, spats, waistcoats anu special featheieu accessoiies |veiy stylishj appeaieu
on Eugefielu's guests uuiing the victoiian Chiistmas Festival. Long-time Shaion Spiings
aficionauos Ian Siegel anu Steve Slykhuis hosteu fiienus foi a house paity weekenu at
Eugefielu. A cocktail paity incluueu othei out-of-towneis in foi the event as well as locals,
some of whom Eugefielu ownei Baniel Naishall Woou hau nevei met. The festivities weie
a fitting enu to Eugefielu's 17th season.

We welcome Kathy anu Cuit Neiiick to Shaion Spiings. Like so many, they visiteu, fell in
love with oui quiiky village, anu lookeu at ieal estate. The spell has been cast . . .

-- Baniel Naishall Woou
Eugefielu B&B piopiietoi

*#(("+- &+I5 by Katiina van Aisuale

We hope that eveiyone hau a wonueiful anu safe holiuay season!
Although last yeai was an incieuible one, we aie so exciteu to finally say hello to 2u14!
Some amazing things foi eveiyone at Cobblei anu Company have happeneu in these last
few months. Sam }ohnson is back fiom hei euucational sojouin in Aigentina, with tons of
new stoiies anu pictuies to shaie of hei expeiiences, anu we aie so exciteu to have hei
back. Also, Naiy Ellen is now the piouu gianumothei of a beautiful anu healthy baby boy
nameu 0wen! We aie so happy foi hei!
0n anothei note the stoie's wintei houis have begun anu we aie now closeu Tuesuays anu
Weunesuays, although we aie open eveiy othei uay fiom ten to six.

(")*$ *)0 &+I5

Still open 7 uays a week, 11 AN to S PN weekuays anu 8 AN to S PN weekenus.
All of the fine bakeu goous, jams, etc. aie now available at the Syiacuse Faimei's Naiket on
Satuiuays fiom 7 AN to 2 PN, as well as Coopeistown's Faimei's Naiket, Satuiuays 1u to 2,
anu at Biotheihoou Countiy Stoie in Canajohaiie. Foi up to uate infoimation, be suie to
fiienu the Black Cat on Facebook!

-J&0K by Kate Nillei

}ust outsiue the village about 2 miles away theie is a small faim nameu Weatheitop. At
Weatheitop, Kate giows heibs, vegetables, anu iaises heiitage pigs. 0ne of those bieeus is
calleu Kune Kune, a iaie type of pig fiom New Zealanu. We love Kune Kunes foi theii sweet
tempeiament, smallei builu, veisatility, anu giazing ability. We aie in the piocess of
builuing oui heiu of iegisteieu puiebieu Kunes, anu the lovely sow Coiuelia iecently hau a
littei of piglets in late Novembei. 0ui littlest babe, nameu Runty, stiuggleu a bit amongst
his biggei biotheis anu sisteis. Coming up to the holiuays, it was appaient that Runty was
falling behinu, anu on Chiistmas moining when Kate went to feeu Runty was laying unuei
the heat light, unwilling to get up to eat. Kate took Runty home, anu we spent the uay with
him wiappeu in blankets, cuuuleu in Kate's aims. We foice-feu him eyeuioppeis full of milk
anu cieam anu uoubteu he woulu make it thiough the uay. 0n the 26th an emeigency visit
with the vet confiimeu Runty hau pneumonia.

Anu this is wheie it becomes a tiuly Shaion Spiings stoiy. You see, Kate also woiks at the
village offices as the Cleik. But how uo you feeu a sick baby pig eveiy houi anu still go to
woik. Well, if you live in Shaion Spiings anu woik with Nayoi Plummei, you can biing that
sick piglet to the office, to keep an eye on him while you woik. So foi a week, Runty came
to the village offices anu became oui tempoiaiy mascot. Some of you may even have seen
the viueo on Facebook of Runty sitting in the office being spoonfeu! If not foi the Nayoi's
actions, Runty piobably woulu not have maue it. Aftei a week, Runty iegaineu enough
stiength to eat foi himself, anu has piefeiieu to stay in his comfy ciate in fiont of the fiie
ovei at Kate's house, though he sometimes comes to visit his buuuy Nayoi Boug. Be is still
small, anu though he will giow, he will always piobably be a bit 'iunty' compaieu to his

What will become of Runty now. While Kune Kunes aie highly piizeu as (covei youi eais,
Runty) tasty poik, because of theii veiy milu anu sweet natuie they aie moie often bought
by petting zoos, as theiapy animals, oi as family pets. We hope that someone out theie will
know of someone who is looking foi such an animal anu will give Runty a new foievei
home! You can follow Runty's auventuies on Facebook at this auuiess:
www.facebook.comWeatheitopFaim oi oui website,

&+I5 ,-#F )/+"L.% L)L+- .)&'%&'5

Auelphi is auuing anothei name to oui piesiuential home check list: Nount veinon.
uianteu, it's just a boiuei foi the Laige Bining Room but it's been an inteiesting pioject.
Fiagments of the oiiginal boiuei, which showeu only a poition of the pattein, weie founu
ovei the aichitiave of the west winuow in 19u2; seveial otheis weie uiscoveieu in the
19Su's. Soon aftei a iepiouuction was uesigneu by the noteu wallpapei scholai Nancy
NcClellanu anu piinteu by Biunschwig anu Fils. We weie initially askeu to iepiouuce the
NcClellanu pattein, which was scieen piinteu, as a block piint - like the oiiginal.
Recoius fiom Nount veinon inuicate Washington puichaseu the boiuei fiom Fiance.
Befoie the Revolutionaiy Wai most wallpapeis useu in the Colonies weie English impoits
but obviously that changeu. Woiking on a hunch that peihaps the NcClellanu veision
wasn't !"#$% iight we contacteu seveial of oui colleagues in Fiance anu askeu foi theii
auvice. While they weie not able to locate an example of the iuentical boiuei Beinaiu
}acque anu veionique ue la Bogue uiu uiscovei six veiy similai boiueis in the log book of
the noteu 18
centuiy manufactuiei }acquemait .
0sing these as a guiue we weie able to uesign plausible pattein. At least foi the moment.
In anothei Su yeais some will piobably finu moie fiagments anu ask, "Auelphi. What weie
they thinking."
0ne stoiy has that Washington actually installeu some of the wallpapeis . . . excuse me,
Papei Bangings, himself. Appaiently uuiing one such installation Lafayette was visiting
anu assisteu in the pioject.


1. Nake youi ieseivations now foi the next Celebiate Shaion Spiings Bistoiy at the
Ameiican Botel, }anuaiy Su
2. Febiuaiy 1
, uon't miss the Wintei Faimei's Naiket at the Community Room.
S. Ron Ketelsen fiom Califoinia has puichaseu the Roseboio Botel anu has gieat plans
foi its ienovations. Stay tuneu!
4. Shaion Spiings Inc, |AKA the Koiean businessmen who have puichaseu the Impeiial
Bathsj have hiieu a new aichitect who has piesenteu an impiessive plan foi a new
complex. We will be watching foi the woik to begin.
S. /+.0&#)" 1##0 %2*3+.4 |Ameiica's oluest seeu companyj has moveu its
heauquaiteis fiom Pennsylvania to SBAR0N SPRINuS, locateu on Route 2u acioss
fiom the Bassett Clinic! Beiui Neka is the new uiiectoi.
6. Come to the Ameiican to gieet Austin }etton, new managei.
7. Yvonne uaiunei is back at the Clausen Estate, she ietuins in this spiing to begin a

(Thanks to Biuce anu Kelly Button of the New Yoik Bouse foi this au foi Clausen beei!)

)&0% ,-)*$%&' +,,#-05 *#&0%&J+ %& 5.)-#& 5L-%&'5

0n the faiily colu Satuiuay moining of }anuaiy 4
, a laige gioup of suppoiteis met }un-san
Yusaua, a 6S-yeai olu Buuuhist Nonk walking to Albany to speak out against Byuiaulic
Fiactuiing anu its poisonous effects on the enviionment. Nany membeis of the Shaion
community joineu }un-San anu hei entouiage foi S miles of hei walk as fai as Shaion
Tavein. Nany moie joineu hei in Albany wheie a ciowu of 2,uuu plus piotestois calleu on
the uoveinoi to ban fiacking in New Yoik State.

,##/ *-)N%&'5M I.)0 %5 -+)""K '#%&' #&. by Linua Kellei

Because the season fiom Balloween thiough New Yeai's Bay is geneially filleu with special foous in
which we oiuinaiily uo not allow ouiselves to inuulge, some of us come out of this two month
peiiou feeling less than healthy. Peihaps we have gaineu weight. We may have ovei-eaten oui
favoiite foous to the point that we have biain fog anu we'ie not sleeping well. 0theis of us may be
feeling achy anu sluggish. Yet, commonly, we still have huge ciavings foi those veiy foous that we
suspect aie the cause of oui uiscomfoit. Regaining oui balance can be a challenge as we blame
ouiselves foi not being able to iesist oui ciavings. We may enu up tiying the latest uiet fau, which
once again fails us aftei a few weeks while we uepiive ouiselves of essential nutiients. What is
going on heie.
The ieasons foi foou ciavings can be uiveise. Consiuei these befoie you sink into uttei guilt anu
uespaii foi not iesisting youi favoiites. Fiist of all, the Fall into eaily Wintei months aie a time
when oui animal natuie tells us that we neeu to stock up on extia eneigy foi the colu months
aheau. Non-human animals can hibeinate uuiing these long, colu months by stoiing up extia fat to
get them thiough the wintei, as we aie stiuggling with oui new ciavings. In auuition, the neeu foi
sugai is haiu-wiieu into oui biochemical system as it is a piimaiy souice of eneigy. Natuial sugais
can be founu in all whole giains, fiuits anu vegetables, nuts anu seeus. But because of theii
univeisal availability, eating sugaiy snacks have become unhealthy habits foi many people,
contiibuting to the global obesity epiuemic. Rathei than giabbing the fiist snack that comes to
hanu when a ciaving impulse aiiives, take the time to ieally evaluate the message that youi bouy is
senuing. In many cases, youi bouy may be iecognizing a ieal nutiitional neeu. Foi instance, if you
aie feeling oveifeu with heavy foous but ciaving moie, you may finu ielief fiom eating plain anu
simple foous such as whole giains anu vegetables. 0ften, thiist may be an uniecognizeu neeu as
well, so uiinking a laige glass of watei befoie jumping foi foou may give you the time to consiuei
some healthiei choices. Nake a mental check list to help evaluate the ciavings, which may incluue a
paiticulai flavoi (sweet, salt, bittei, pungent, spicy), oi a textuie oi consistency (moist oi liquiu,
ciunchy, ciispy anu uiy, light oi heavy), anu take the time to slowly enjoy whatevei youi choice
may be in oiuei to avoiu minuless ovei-eating.
Emotional eating is common foi those who aie lonely, uepiesseu, stiesseu, oi simply boieu.
Insteau of canuy oi pastiies, a hug oi a conveisation with a fiienu, oi engaging in physical oi othei
activities that you enjoy can go a long way to satisfy these neeus. veiy impoitantly, if most of the
foou in youi uaily uiet comes in the foim of piocesseu foous, ciavings may be the iesult of eating
these "uesignei" foous, which have been scientifically cieateu to make us eat moie, thiough caieful
balancing of the sugai, fat anu salt iatios in uiffeient foou piouucts. These "uesignei" foous, which
aie geneially nutiition ueficient, tickle the pleasuie centeis in oui biain anu senu us back foi moie
of that goou feeling, just like a uiug auuiction. If youi foou impulse is coming fiom this oi any othei
kinu of stiess, theie aie also many bieathing techniques that can uiveit youi peiceiveu neeu foi
Eating a balanceu uiet of whole foous that aie giown oi iaiseu in theii natuial enviionment is the
best way to pievent ciavings anu to help us to maintain a uiet of thiee goou meals a uay without the
neeu foi snacking. Natuial foous peifectly fit into oui innate biochemistiy to pioviue us with the
best nutiition that will leau us back to a healthy, balanceu life.

&#'() +%,,%-. /0121 . 3141. #5 6%-$#7#%( #' 809,%:799( /,)'$:;)5%( <"$-#$#9'. )'( #5 ) 6%-$#7#%( ='$%>-)$#?%
<"$-#$#9' )'( 3%),$0 49"'5%,9-1

Whole Food Cooking and Feasting Classes:
Classes will be filleu with infoimation about whole foous, how to piepaie anu cook them,
theii nutiient benefits, anu enjoyment of the evening feast. Recipes will incluue oiganic
whole giains, legumes incluuing soy, leafy anu ioot vegetables, fiuits, nuts, anu seeus anu
animals foous fiom humanely iaiseu animals. Leain many tips that will impiove youi uiet
whethei you aie conceineu with iecoveiing fiom the holiuays, heait health, uiabetes, oi
just living a longei & healthiei life. Febiuaiy classes will focus on uensei wintei foous while
the Naich class will intiouuce spiing foous that will help to cleanse wintei's heaviness.
Linua Kellei, Ph.B., B.C., is ceitifieu in Whole-foou Plant-baseu Nutiition, & is a ceitifieu
Integiative Nutiition anu Bealth Counseloi.

INSTRUCTOR: Linda Keller, Ph.D., H.C. TIME: 5:30 8:00 pm
DATE: Thursday, February 13
, February 27
and March 13
WHERE: 922 Chestnut St., Sharon Springs, NY
FEE: $28/class or $75 /three; all ingredients and recipes are included. BYO wine.
Space is Limited.

Course Regi strati on Informati on

Dr. Keller may be reached as follows:
By Phone (eve): (607) 264-3581
By Email:

Your name:
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Food/nutrition issues of interest?

Mail with payment to: Linda H. Keller
PO Box 94
Cherry Valley, NY 13320