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) ) S.S. )


!' SA&$%( S. &!%' of legal age, Filipino, single, and a resident of Purok Bulaklak, Mirafuentes, Tagum City, Philippines, after having been duly s orn to in a!!ordan!e ith la , hereby depose and state, T)AT " #$ %ometime on &pril #', ()#*, C+,-%T-./ 012 -$ T/.1,-1 obtained and as granted a loan a!!ommodation by &ffiant in the prin!ipal amount of Fifty Thousand Pesos 3P '),)))$))), Philippine Curren!y4 ($ That on the same date exe!uted a Promissory .ote in favor of the &ffiant in the amount of P '),)))$)) payable ithin *) days from the date of the Promissory .ote 3atta!hed as &nnex 5&6)4 hi!h read as follo s"

Tagum City, Philippines &pril #', ()#* - promise to pay SA&$%( S. &!% the sum of P'),))) or order ithin *) days from this date$ %igned C)R!ST!N( *$+ !. T(N$R!$

*$ +o ever, on &pril *), ()#*, C+,-%T-./ 012 -$ T/.1,-1 tendered to the &ffiant a post#dated (,-!TA.&( PC! .AN/ C)(C/ dated %ay 01' 2304' %erial .o$ 3205632' amounting to ith ! T+ T)$-SAND P(S$S 7P 13'333.33)'

Philippine Currency' supposedly representing her payment for the said Promissory .ote$ Photo!opy of the said !he!k is hereto atta!hed and marked as Anne8 9.:4 7$ Conse8uently, aforesaid !he!k hen negotiated9presented for payment to the dra ee bank, as returned unpaid by the .an; of the Philippine !slands ith business address at Pioneer %t$ ,Tagum City, on the !C!(NT

7.P!)' Tagum .ranch

spe!ified date therein, for reason that it is 9DRA<N A=A!NST !NS-NDS:, as seen in the atta!hed Anne8 9C: hereof4 '$ Proper notifi!ations and demand them

ere made and sent to C+,-%T-./ 012 -$ ith the reason of the return

T/.1,-1, the latter being the signatory of the !he!k, so that she !ould repla!e ith CAS) and9or settle said a!!ountability thereof$ Copy of the latest demand letter is hereto atta!hed and marked as Anne8 9D: hereof4 :$ -n spite of the su!!essive demand letter sent by the affiant;s !ounsel, C+,-%T-./ 012 -$ T/.1,-1, failed and refused, and !ontinue to fail and refuse to redeem in !ash the fa!e amount of the unfunded returned !he!k$ Filing of this !ase futile4 =$ - am exe!uting this affidavit to attest to the truth of the foregoing fa!ts and for the purpose of !harging C)R!ST!N( *$+ !. T(N$R!$ for violation of the provisions of .ATAS PA%.ANSA .&=. 22. as even suspended for almost several times already <ust to give her the ample time and opportunity to settle her obligations in full, but the same served

!N <!TN(SS <)(R($ , - have hereunto affixed my signature this 0anuary #=, ()#7 in the City of Tagum, >avao del .orte, Philippines$

SA&$%( S. &!% &ffiant

S-.SCR!.(D AND S<$RN T$ before me this 0anuary (), ()#7 at Tagum City, >avao del .orte, Philippines$ ! )(R(.+ C(RT! + that - have personally examined the affiant and that - am fully satisfied that she voluntarily exe!uted and understood the same$

ATT+. CAR&A .&ANCA S. %A!S$ .otary Publi! ?ntil >e!ember *#, ()#' ,oll of &ttorney =)#== -BP .o$ #*=: 0une (), ()#7 PT, .o$ #=:': -ssued at Tagum City 1n 0anuary #), ()#7

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