Indian Green Building Council: Accredited Professional Examination

     Credential for professionals to participate in green building projects. The examination is not based on any specific rating system. It is designed to test the knowledge of a candidate on green building design and construction. Projects would achieve one credit point under 'Innovation and Design' category if an IGBC AP is part of the project team. All students/ professionals of the building industry are eligible to appear for this examination

Accredited Professionals
IGBC AP: Launched in 2009, 125 in India currently One examination with no recurring exam / updates required USGBC LEED AP: Currently 70,000 worldwide New Exam launched in 2009 to include 2 exams:  LEED Green Associate (250$)  LEED AP+ (400$) Continuous maintenance and education

Step 1: Register
Candidates need to register with the Indian Green Building Council through the IGBC website On receipt of the examination fee, the examination date and venue will be intimated via email. The examination is offered online, computer based at Merit -Trac examination centres in the following cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month In the following cities, period of exam is once a month and the centres are subject to availability. In case any of the centres mentioned below is not available, the exam will be scheduled to the nearest city mentioned in the list above. Pune, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Coimbatore, Lucknow

Step 2: Payment
Examination Fee: Students: Rs 3000/-, Others: Rs 5000/Payment: Demand draft in favour of “Confederation of Indian Industry, Hyderabad” Send to: Confederation of Indian Industry, CII-Godrej GBC Survey No.64, Kothaguda Post, Near Hi-Tec city Hyderabad - 500 084 , Tel:+91 40 2311 2971 - 73; Fax: 2311 2837

ASHRAE 90.1. . etc.1.Step 3: Exam Preparation Suggested Study Material:  IGBC Homes Detailed Reference Guide  IGBC Factory Building Rating Abridged reference guide  LEED India NC detailed reference guide  LEED India CS detailed reference guide  Reference Standards such as NBC guidelines. ASHRAE 62. To be successful. the candidates will have to score a minimum of 85 marks. Successful candidates will be awarded the 'IGBC Accredited Professional‘certificate and listed on the IGBC web site. with each question carrying one mark. Unsuccessful candidates can schedule to retake the exam by repeating the registration process.  Background material of green building training programme conducted by IGBC Exam Content: The exam would consist of 110 questions in multiple-choice format.. ECBC. Exam Sections: Section I: Green Building Design & Construction Section II: Building Standards & Codes Section III: IGBC Resources and Processes Section IV: Green Design Strategies & Impacts – 50 questions – 15 questions – 15 questions – 30 questions Results: Results will be reported to the candidate immediately on completion of the exam.

. About CII The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in India. and an indirect membership of over 90. The Centre is a joint initiative of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. industry led and industry managed organisation. Environment and Recycling and Climate Change activities in India. including SMEs and MNCs.      The council is industry-led. CII is a non-government. Green Buildings. IGBC membership is open to all organizations involved in construction activities.Introduction to IGBC & CII: Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is a part of CII-Godrej Green Business Centre. partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes. Renewable Energy. which is actively involved in promoting the Green Building movement in India. Water. it is India’s premier business association. Local chapters also allow individuals to involve their community and support local green building efforts. playing a proactive role in India s development process. but all full-time employees of national member companies may utilize their company's national member benefits. not-for-profit. Individuals from member companies are encouraged to participate in the local IGBC chapters. The Council is headed by Dr Prem C Jain.000 companies from around 336 national and regional sectoral associations. Buildings are certified and Individuals are accredited. CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is the Centre of Excellence of the Confederation of Indian Industry for Energy Efficiency. with a direct membership of over 6300 organisations from the private as well as public sectors. IGBC offers the following benefits to its members:      Access to information Platform for networking Opportunity to play an active role in the advocacy of green buildings Participation in local chapters activities Special discounts for IGBC programmes and publications IGBC national membership is corporate or organizational in nature. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and House of Godrej with the technical support of USAID an unique model of a successful Public-Private partnership. Single point solution provider and be a key engine to facilitate all Green Building activities in India. consensus-based and member-driven. Founded over 111 years ago. IGBC does not certify products. The formal launch of CII-Godrej GBC took place in March 2000 during the visit of the US President Mr Bill Clinton to India.

LEED & IGBC Rating Systems: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-INDIA) Green Building Rating System is a nationally and internationally accepted benchmark for the design.2007 LEED India for Core and Shell (LEED India CS) .2009 .2009 IGBC Green Factories .2007 IGBC Green Homes . construction and operation of high performance green buildings     LEED India for New Construction (LEED India NC) .