Name : Shahril Bin Kamarudin I/C No : 791029-06-5443 Opsyen : Kemahiran Hidup (Sekolah Rendah) Subject : n!

ironmen"al du#a"ion

$ue%"ion & 'ha" i% (our #on"ri)u"ion "o*ard% en!ironmen"al edu#a"ion+

Nowadays environmental issues have become a global issue. With various inds o! destruction and pollution" which cause serious o! problem li e distinction o! animal species" green house e!!ect" global warming and others problem" the world become more endanger everyday. #he awareness and responsibility to protect the environment should be burden by everybody in this world. $verybody must ta e part to ensure that our planet will survive !or our ne%t generation. One o! the important step should be ta en is by educated people about environmental education. &y contribution toward environmental education is" as a teacher" !irst I will e'uip mysel! with the all the necessary nowledge on environmental education. #hen I will start my role by built up the spirit o! loving the nature among my student. I will teach and ma e them reali(e how important !or everyone o! us to preserve and protect the environment. )esides that I will organi(e a natural history !ield trips" community service projects" and participation in outdoor environmental preservation project. With this activities" my student will understand and more concern to the environment. *s a part o! the community" I will try to educate people by ma e them understand how to contribute together on preserving the environment. +or e%ample" I will organi(e

#his is caused by ourselves who is wasting all the resources. )esides that" I will also ma e others campaign and !orum with local community about others issue in the environmental education such as stopping open burning" stop polluted the river and all the act which can cause a pollution to nature. I will try to ma e our world become a peace!ul place because one o! the .O to encourage people to use public transport in order to reducing the carbon mono%ide release which cause damaging o! o(one layer.the campaign with the N. One more e!!ort that I will do is I will ma e the people understand and ta e a responsibility to report all the activities which cause a damaging o! the nature such as dumping a to%ic waste" illegal !orests cutting" illegal opening land !or agriculture and all the illegal activities which cause damage to environment. With these attitudes" I sure that all this illegal activities can be reduce and our nature can be preserve. I will also try to build up the environmental !riendly attitude among the people in the community. #he right way is we should share our car or use the public transport so we can minimi(e the usage o! !uel and our petroleum can be save and the air also will less polluted. +or e%ample" we using the !uel !or our vehicle and we drive our vehicle alone. #o ma e my e!!ort become more e!!ective and success!ul" I will as my !riend as many as I can get" to use their e%pertise in environmental protection" so they can together with me launch the environmental campaign as a serve to community and our environment. I! I have a chance" I want to involve in the international environmental community. Others aspect that I will emphasis during my e!!ort to built up awareness among people is about our nature resources which is now become decreased rapidly.

od ma e us as human not to destroy the world but to ta e care and preserve it including everything in it. *s a conclusion" I will contribute to environmental education as many as I can in many way such as build up awareness" ma e a campaign" and joint the N.greatest sources o! pollution is !rom war activities. We live under the same sun and watch the same moon. So let us together do what we must do and ma e this world a best place !or every living thing.O so that I can together with them try to ma e the world a better place to live. I want people see the world we live as one big peace!ul place.O so I can in!luence as many people I can include my student to appreciate our nature and together preserve it. $verybody must understand and ta e part proactively because our . So we should live as one and together we preserve our world. . In order to do that" I will join the volunteer international N.