Control cabinet engineering

This is why the EPLAN Platform incorporates all the relevant departments into the development and design process. This makes redundancy a thing of the past. Depth of integration leaves nothing to be desired The EPLAN Platform sets the standard for engineering integration: it feeds all the systems from a consistent database. a shared permissions administration system. Example: the devices and operating materials that are implemented in electrical and fluid planning can be directly used for 3D mounting layouts. control engineering and in control cabinet and switchgear construction – such as a graphical editor. fluid engineering. optimised product quality. Tools from third party providers can be incorporated in the EPLAN Platform. consistent documentation and reduced costs. This means you can benefit from faster processes. Put your trust in the innovative. translation functions and revision control. *The functions and options shown in this brochure always relate to the maximum configuration of the product.EPLAN Interdisciplinary engineering Minimise coordination time and increase your engineering quality. Interdisciplinary cooperation – best in class Machine and plant engineers have long recognised that all cogs need to fit perfectly together for everything to run smoothly. The data synchronisation that is otherwise needed between programs and the manual return of part list information is unnecessary. The platform also provides the basic functions that are required in electronic CAE.* Used virtually everywhere This openness and the continuity of the EPLAN solutions provide tangible benefits in the everyday engineering process. . practical workflow optimisation solutions from EPLAN Software & Service. a viewer.

An overview of all devices and components installed makes checking components based on item data easier. access to the EPLAN Data Portal and much more.Planning and assembly of control cabinets EPLAN Pro Panel – for entry-level and advanced use EPLAN Pro Panel allows in-depth integration of the EPLAN Platform and consistently uses its basic technologies. There is no need for manual calculations and pre-assembly of wires. . The EPLAN eTouch technology allows you to align components and position them exactly. Fitting regulations and minimum distances based on manufacturer requirements are taken into consideration. wire end treatment. The configuration approach adopted by EPLAN Pro Panel Professional considers the individual requirements of the user. as are the correct positioning of equipment. increase your productivity. Flexible lay out Based on the 3D assembly construction. which increases efficiency in production and assembly. the system shows the devices intended for the assembly construction in navigators or assembly construction list. Complete wiring lists with length information. The key lies in network-based wiring. including checking how full the wire ducts are. Automatic length calculation. the project and the different planning approaches for individual configuration: You can either configure based on a circuit diagram or directly within the control cabinet structure in 3D. macro and option technology. including the EPLAN device concept. labelling and laying routes for wires and cables enable perfect fitting components which are „ready to plug in”. Safe planning Whether it is dynamic collision detection or automatic checking of installation rules: EPLAN Pro Panel paves the way for professional 3D layout planning. the network definition and the connection information from the electro-technical circuit diagram. Optimised-length wiring and cabling in turn helps optimise the circuit diagram. First. EPLAN Pro Panel calculates the optimum wiring routes for wires and cables. wiring ducts and support rails.

Consistency for lively exchange The EPLAN Platform connects electrical engineering and 3D mounting layout directly with one another. The devices and equipment planned within the electrical engineering can be utilised in the 3D mounting layout. directly from the component manufacturer. No more time lost thanks to redundant data. The integrative interface to PDM and ERP systems can be automated by means of scripting processes or EPLAN's own API. PXF or STEP . to save system and accessory components – including component knowhow and combinations allowed.Consu lta Desi ncy gn E Co n n ical order Techn aration e pr p ng eri tion e gin gura fi Mate r logis ial tic Customer specification ing sion Commis Electrical equipment – ready to plug in el st iver -in y -t i me Delivery logistics Customs processing / in g t s Te are w t f n So a t io l l a i n st Quick start Engineering without device data? Inconceivable! EPLAN Pro Panel Professional gives you all sorts of options for accessing device data – including 3D geometry. the consistent IT and system environment are also beneficial to commercial departments and production. for example. The selection of EPLAN accessories is perfectly tailored to the users' requirements. Control cabinet construction is not a standalone discipline. PDF. whether it is taken „ready to use” from the EPLAN Data Portal or via the built-in STEP interface. It is all about configuring instead of constructing. The EPLAN Platform provides various interfaces for the integration with the IT infrastructure within your company and enables data transfer using. multiple data entry and time-consuming reverse Wi ri n g As s e mb l i n g al anic ch tion Me oduc pr D Ju . A consistent product development process makes your work easier: redundant data storage. synchronisation. DXF/DWG with layers. from data portals or data CDs from any 3D CAD program. It can be used. XML. consistency checks and maintaining parts list information. This not only produces perfect results for the project engineers. The 3D geometry is loaded into EPLAN Pro Panel and transferred into EPLAN macros for 3D assembly construction on a semi-automated basis. IDEAL Top class workflow optimisation engineering all become things of the past. manual data transfer.

At the touch of a button. Integration across the line – for fast. Whether assembly is manual or automated. accurate production and installation! . From virtual prototypes to the real wired control cabinet in no time at all. all the information required for cable assembly is provided.PRODUCTION Integrated perfectly Directly into (NC) production EPLAN Pro Panel provides information on the mechanical processing of mounting plates. doors or entire cabinet casings. so you can connect standard cable assembly machines and provide information for specialist suppliers. Data is output in neutral or machine-specific format. The NC add-on modules for EPLAN Pro Panel support conventional machine tools by providing standard DXF data or integration with Steinhauer and Kiesling machining centres into your product development process by means of direct interfaces. you can produce 1:1 scale drilling templates – simply print out. position and that's it! Wiring made easy Planning with EPLAN Pro Panel Professional makes wiring simple. For manual processing of mounting plates and cabinet components. you can produce production-related information on drill holes. This ensures optimised workloads for your machinery and allows 'just-in-time' availability of precisely produced components. threads or openings and make this available directly to your NC processing machine.

.PRODUCTS in focus Programm module Electrical Engineering EPLAN Pro Panel Add-On EPLAN Pro Panel Professional EPLAN Pro Panel Professional Add-On Stand-Alone EPLAN Revision Management EPLAN Multi Language Translation EPLAN Project Management (Basic + APs) EPLAN User Rights Management (Basic + APs) EPLAN Project Options EPLAN Multi User Management (Basic + APs) EPLAN Project Reference (Basic + APs) EPLAN Project Processing EPLAN Pro Panel – Process NC EPLAN Pro Panel – STEP Import EPLAN Pro Panel – STEP Export EPLAN Pro Panel – Process Wiring EPLAN Pro Panel – Production NC Perforex EPLAN Pro Panel – Production NC Steinhauer EPLAN Pro Panel – Production NC DXF EPLAN Pro Panel – Production Wiring Komax EPLAN Pro Panel – Wiring Schleuniger EPLAN Pro Panel – Production Wiring Steinhauer PWA EPLAN Pro Panel – Production Wiring CADCABEL EPLAN Pro Panel – Production Wiring Cabel Center EPLAN Pro Panel – Production Wiring WUSTec not available ● ● ● ● ● ● not available not available not available not available not available not available not available not available not available not available ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● optional ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Standard / Errors and modifications excepted.

continuous reduction of costs and improved quality: EPLAN eTouch technology for 3D configuration – as simple as in 2D Accessories are configured and positioned automatically – no more catalogue searching Fast work thanks to intelligent configuration aids Reliable planning by considering manufacturer guidelines Online collision checks and test runs to ensure quality Optimum dimensioning and perfect use of space to reduce costs Direct control of NC machine tools for perfect-fit components Virtual wiring for precise wire assembly and fast fitting The consistency of EPLAN solutions offers real benefits: Consistent look & feel Support for basic EPLAN technologies Simple scalability of project resources Consistent support for basic EPLAN Add-Ons Rittal-Therm connection via EPLAN Data Portal Perfect integration into your system infrastructure .ADDED VALUE at a glance EPLAN Pro Panel offers perfect consistency and optimum configuration support as well as top-notch production integration. For shorter throughput times.

EPLAN Software & Service. Rely on a partner with consistent focus on practicality.eplan. KG An der alten Ziegelei 2 .de Design::Layout::www.team-mt. Over 25. www.de .000 installations. part of the Friedhelm Loh Group.de::04/2012 www. so is always around wherever you need advice.000 customers have trusted us with more than 80. represents continuity and security of investment. 40789 Monheim am Rhein Phone: +49 2173 3964-0 Fax: +49 2173 3964-25 info@eplan. extensive experience. individual service and an international presence.com EPLAN EPLAN Pro Panel . EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co.efficient engineering Internationality without borders Our customers work around the world – and so do we EPLAN has seven branches in Germany and representatives in over 50 countries around the world.eplan-efficient-engineering.