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Many measurement techniques are processed automatically. magnet and coiled cable for industrial use.Vibrio III will become the standard equipment for maintenance engineers. 3. who need a tool for checking rotating machinery. The A4900 .Vibrio III enables you to perform reliable and repeatable measurements.[mm/s] • Bearing value . The A4900 .Vibrio III includes EXPERT system Unbalance Machine OK Looseness Misalignment Bearing Faults . FFT Sp pect ectrum rum Displa Dis p cem pla cement ent Bearin Bea ring rin g band ands s Very Ve e si imple l to use: • Three buttons operation • All functions func ncti t on ti ons s are predefined • Exp xper ert er t fu func ncti nc tion ti ons on s fo for r faults detection • Col olo our gr ou g ap phi hic c di d sp pla lay y Prim me measurement: • ISO value . lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. calibrated senso or • Solid coiled cable • Str tron ong on g magnetic base • Eas sy to rea e d values H av He avyy Du yDuty ty y Cas ase: e: • Al Alum umin um ini in ium ca ium case se • 2 AA rechargeable h bl or AA alkaline lk li • 8 hours ope p ration A4900 . A4900 .Vibrio III is supplied as a complete system including quality piezoelectric sensor.3.Vibrio III instrument allows you to perform all basic vibrodiagnostics measurements such as bearing condition.A4900 .[g] Envelo Env elope elo p pe Temper Tem p atu per ature re Fron F r nt panel l incl ludes des e : • ACC IC CP® .sensor input • IR non n-co ontact tem empe perature sensor pe • LED D strob obos ob osco os cop co pe • Ste eth thos hos o co cope cope p out utpu put pu t . The A4900 .Vibrio III has a unique expert system developed by Adash. that makes a big difference compared to simple „measuring probes and vibration pens“ applying hand pressure measurement. The A4900 .Vibrio III is designed specifically for field maintenance persons. for their service and inspection. that automatically detects machinery faults.Vibrio III More than a vibration meter! The A4900 .5 5 mm m jac ack ack External measurement sen en nso sor: • Quality.

The A4910 Lubri measures the actual bearing lubrication status and informs the operator when the lubrication state is optimal.ON/ N OFF • No N ins nstr trum umen en nt se et tu up • Col olou ol o r gr ou g ap phi hic c di dis spla ay Heav avyy-Du yD ty Case: • Al Alum u iniu um in ni m case • 2 AA A rec echa h rgeable or A ha AA alkaline • 8 hou ours s ope p ra ration . The A4910 Lubri helps to ensure that bearings will not be under or over lubricated. Lubric Lub ricati ric ation ati on OK Dry y be beari aring ari ng g A gr Add g eas ease e Very sim Very Ve impl ple e to use: se e • On O e bu b tt tton on ope p ra at tion ti on . The A4910 Lubri is designed for rotating machinery maintenance job. Headphones can be connected to listen to the bearing condition. The A4910 Lubri is supplied as a complete measurement kit including an industry standard piezoelectric sensor. magnet and coiled cable for industrial use.A4910 .Lubri Economize the lubrication process! The A4910 Lubri is a plant tool used for monitoring and control of the lubrication process. The A4910 Lubri is simple to operate and also enables you to perform basic measurements and diagnosis of bearing condition. Application of the A4910 Lubri extends the bearings life and saves wasted lubricant.

Order analysis y • ACM CMT T® .VA4 Pro is supplied with optional accessories. +/. control and checking of lubrication and listening to vibration signals by the stethoscope feature. The latest version now contains a module for acoustic measurement. The A4400 . cables.24 V • 1 TACHO Data processing: • FFT 25 600 lines in real time • Frequency span to 76.VA4 Pro has modules for analysing. Headphones output: • Hearing of vibration signal USB 2.A4400 . tachoprobes etc. The instrument is equipped with an expert system developed by Adash.ver ery y lo low sp low pee eed db be ear ear arin ing in g an analysis • User defined freq quency y ba and nds A/D co A/D A/ conv nv ver ersi s on si on: : • Conversion of signal 24 Bit • Signal processing 64 Bit • Dynamic 120 dB • Auto-Gain less . magnets for attaching of the sensors.12 V pp p • 4 DC process values. ICP® (On/Off). data collecting and the recording of vibration signals. that automatically detects machinery defects.0: • Hi-speed Hi speed d data d transfer f Large colour r dis spl play ay: ay • 800 x 600 0 Pi Pixe xels ls • Comfortable data analys y is Heav vy-du duty ty alu umi mini nium um case Expert Ex t-S Sys yste tem te m incl lud ded: d • Eas asy y de dete tect te c ion of actual machine st ct stat atus s • Aut utom omat atic ic det etec ecti tion on of ma mach chin ch ine fa ine in faul ult lt • ISO O 108 0816 16-3 -3 inc nclu lude ded d • Beari ring ing g dat atab abas ab a e in as incl clud cl uded ud ded d Inputs channel: • 4 AC.VA4 Pro is designed for engineers.8 kHz • Envelope p analysis. The A4400 .VA4 Pro All what you need! New w! ! • Oct ctav ave e an anal alys y is ys The A4400 . There are the sensors of the various sizes and design. The A4400 . measurement of run up and cost down. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing. technicians and researchers dealing with machinery and structural diagnostics as well as dynamic balancing of rotating machinery. +/. y .VA4 Pro is a unique instrument for machinery vibration diagnostics.

Analyzer: An l • 4 channels simultaneously • 25 600 FFT lines • FRF measurement • Orb bit it-A Ana naly ly ysi sis s Route: R o • More Routes enabled • 8 GB . .8 000 meas. 45 hou ours rs rec ecor ordi or ding di ng g Ru R Run u up / Cost t down: • Control by time interval • Control by change of RPM • Manual control • Aut utom omat om atic at ic con ontr trol tr ol Ba B Bal alancer: • Graphics wizard • Report generator • Automatic detection of unb nbal alan ance ce e Ex E Expe x rt t Syst tem: • Detection of unbalance • Detection of misalignment • Detection of looseness • Det etec ecti ec tion ti on of be ear arin ing in g st stat atus us s Lu L Lub ubri i: • Detection of lubrication • Detection of bearing status Steth St thoscope: • Listening of vibration signal • Check of signal levels . points • Trend-View • DDS 201 011 1 Pr Pro o so soft ftwa ft ware wa re Re R Reco e rder: d • 4 channel recording • Tacho-signal recording • Max. 196 kHz sampling • Max ax.

ICP® (On/Off). data communication. Input channels: • 4 AC. Output reports.SAB is connected to any computer by USB and the software VA4 Pro is running. The database of the DDS 2011 system uses SQL and ODBC standards to process data. The module is powered directly by USB connection so no external power is needed. Optional instrument interfaces allow the user to connect all measuring instruments supplied by Adash to a single database system. Several users at the same time may work with one database. +/ss +/ 24 2 V • 1 TACHO C O Data processing processing: : • The same as A440 40 00 VA VA4 4 Pr Pro o Vibration sensor rs Micr Mi crop o hone op Soft ftware VA4 Pro ro US co USB US onn nnec ecti ct on to PC DDS 2011 .A4404 .DIGITAL DIAGNOSTICS SYSTEM The DDS 2011 software system represents a powerful tool for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical diagnostics data. When the module A4404 . The appreciable advantage of the A4404 . It allows the user to connect and work with data collected by portable data collectors and on-line systems. it includes all the functions necessary for data transfer. By using standard Windows technologies. Technical features. the possibility of the measurement and data processing are the same as in the A4400 – VA4 Pro instrument.SAB module is convenient for service and analytical operations. The DDS 2011 system fulfils all network (LAN) operation requirements. It is an open system which can receive and send information to other information systems. In the full configuration. . evaluation.SIGNAL ANALYZER BOX The A4404 . The module can be connected to any portable computer unit and after starting the VA4 Pro software the measuring process can be started immediately.VA4 Pro instrument. The DDS 2011 system also fully supports route measurements. lightweight and full compatibility with the A4400 . you will get the same measuring system as the A4400 – VA4 Pro instrument. a fast processing of output messages or reports were among the basic requirements imposed on DDS 2011. analysis and data storage.12 V pp • 4 DC DC Process Process. which is designed for processing of the measured signal. +/. Pro Proce roce cess ss. the number of channels. the program operation is very simple and clear. This feature saves your money and time. The module is identical to the input part of the A4400 .VA4 Pro instrument.SAB is the small size. The common database for portable and on-line is a unique feature of the DDS 2011.

VA4 Pro instrument.II unit is easy to apply tool for vibration measurement. Selected measured values can be displayed on the front panel and transferred to the control system through the current loop output 4-20 mA. Single A3716 modules can be easily composed together and by this we can create widely-channels system.II unit includes one programmable output “ALARM” relay. Each A3716 module contains 16 AC. All channels are measured simultaneously. The A3750 allows to easily configure required measurements. The A3716 system can operate as an independent monitoring system or it can be used as extension of an existing protection system. selectable value: [m mm/ /s] ] / [ips] / [g] • Displa ay y of values • 4-20 mA A output current loop • Relay yo output • Setup pb by y PC . 1. The DDS 2011 software system is designed for the following processing and archiving of the all collected data.II: : • 1 cha ann nel. The A3900 .II The A3900 . 16 DC and 4 TACHO inputs. Mod M odul le A37 3764 64 MPX PX: • Extension of A3716 to 64 channels by b y multiplex mult mu ltip ip ple lex x unit unit A3716 A37 3716 16 MPX MPX A3 A A371 3716 6-2U 2U: • 16 channels s AC • 16 ch han a nels s DC • 4 independe ent inputs for TAC TA CHO si CHO CH sig gn g nal A3716-3U: • 16 channels s AC • 16 channels DC • 4 independ dent TACHO inputs •1 16 6 BNC BN ou outp tp puts ut ut ts so of f signals i l f from sens n ors • 16 pr prog ogram og mmable relay mm a s ou ay outp tput tp uts ut s • 16 program mmable current loops 4-20 20 mA ou 20 outp tput tp uts ut ts A3716: • Simultaneous meas surement • Dat ata a pr proc oces oc essi es sing sing si ng as A A4 A440 440 400400 00 0-VA -VA VA4 4 Pr Pro o • Inc nclu lu l ud de ed i int ternal l har h rd d drive i • OPC int nt ter e face for dat ata transfer • SQL L dat a ab a ase stan a da dard S ft So tware A3760 A3900 . Software A3760 enables on-line displaying of the current values on the predefined schemes.Channel Online System A390 900 90 0 . that is intended for process control and reliability systems. A3764 MPX Online Monitoring System The A3716 is powerful online monitoring and diagnostics system designed to increase the reliability of strategic rotating machinery. The A3716 system can be also used as the multipurpose 16-channel analyzer. machinery protection systems and generally for all the applications concerning maintenance and monitoring of machinery condition.A3716. The measurement parameters and data processing are the same as with top-class A4400 . The A3750 software is designed for control of collection and archiving of data.

s r. The main and actually the only field of the business of the Adash company is development and production of the instruments.adash.adash.eu e-mail: info@adash. vibration n meters. systems and software for machines vibration diagnostics and monitoring.eu Next technical information you can find on the www. It is private company which was build up from the beginning without foreign capital. www. Adash offers vibration measurements. o The A4801 vibration values respond to d 100 mV/g sensor sensitivity and it does not need any additional power supply. protection and monitoring systems.A4801 The Sensor Simulator unit A4801 operates like e a standard ICP® vibration sensor with a sensitivity y of 100 mV/g. © 2013 Adash . which enables checking of analyzers. spol. The unit generates two frequencies s 80 Hz and 8 kHz with precise amplitude levels. .com. data evaluation and operating balancing of machines as service. Hlubinska 1379/32 702 00 Moravska Ostrava Czech Republic Tel.. Your best partner for vibration diagnostics The Adash company was founded in 1991.o.: Fax: +420 59 623 2670 +420 59 623 2687 +420 59 623 2671 www.eu. Adash.adash. By y using A4801 you can also simply check and d calibrate your systems yourself.. Sensor Simulator Ad a s h . Adash performs calibration of the vibration measurement instruments and regular professional trainings in field of vibration diagnostics.