1. Give IUPAC name of Acrolein 2. What happens when phenol is reacted with excess of bromine water? . Predict the prod!ct" C# C# I $a%ether &. C# Give form!la of A and ' C# ()'r * Co2 +i, -r.ether /A0 Pcl1 /'0 +ii, #22 -raw the str!ct!re of t 3 b!t.lamine Wh. are primar. amines have hi)her boilin) point than tertiar. amines? Give IUPAC name of +i, C# C#22# +ii, C# C#2C#22C#

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6. 7xplain wh." Al8.l halides tho!)h polar9 are immiscible with water. :. ;he treatment f al8.l chlorides with a<!eo!s =2# leads to the formation of alcohols b!t in presence of alcoholic =2#9 al8enes are ma>or prod!cts. 7xplain. 1?. +i, 2!t of 'r and I ions9 which is better n!cleophile @ wh.? +ii, Which will have a hi)her boilin) point I 3 Chloropentane or 2AchloroA2A(eth.b!tane? B!stif. .o!r answer. 11. In separatin) a mixt!re of ortho and para nitrophenols b. steam distillation9 name the isomer which is steam volatile. Give reason. 12. Write the names of rea)ents and e<!ations for the s.nthesis of )iven ethers b. WilliamanCs s.nthesis" +i, I A (ethox.ethane +ii, I A propox.propane 1 . Write the e<!ation for the reaction of #I with" +i, 'enDl eth.l ether +ii, (ethox.benDene 1&. Write chemical test to distin)!ish between" +i, Phenol and 'enDoic acid +ii, 7thanal and propanal Write the chemical e<!ation for each also 11. Convert" +i, 7thanol to Ah.drox.b!tanal +ii, Propanal to '!tanone +$ot more than 2 steps, 14. -escribe" +i, CanniDDaroCs reaction +ii, -ecarbox.lation 15. -escribin) the method for the identification of primar.9 secondar. and tertiar. amines. Also write the chemical e<!ations. 16. Complete the reaction and name the reaction" +i, C4#1$#2 * C#Cl * alc.=o# +ii, ECo$#2 * 'r2 * $a2#

Action of dil!te #$2 on phenol +iii.1:. An !n8nown aldeh. Give e<!ation for the followin) chemical reactions" /A0 on reactin) with al8ali )ives I Ah. Gabriel phthalimide s. Friedal crafts acet.he compo!nd /C0 is an ar. Eiemer .#22 7 . +i. Write short notes on the followin)" +i. # C 3 C 3 C 3 C# C# $a9 ether E 3 H () . Phenols are acidic in nat!re +ii. Chloroform is not !sed as anesthetic these da.nthesis +ii. al8ali to form prod!cts /C0 and /-0.lation of anisol 22. alcohol with form!la C5#62. /A09 /'0 @ /-0 +ii. 2xidation of propanAIAol with al8aline =(n2& sol!tion +ii.drox. A # 22 ' ether +ii. Eosenm!ndCs Eeaction 21. Write the str!ct!re of rea)ents % or)anic compo!nds A to F in the )iven se<!ence reaction /A0 #$o +conc. $ame the prod!cts when /'0 reacts with Dinc amal)am and h. /'0 Gn%#cl /C0 C#Cl /-0 #2%pt /70 #2G2& #eat /F0 2?. .l.aldeh. Identif.drochloric acid. Another aldeh. G!lph!ric acid is not !sed d!rin) the reaction of alcohols with =I +iii." b!t which loses water to form an !nsat!rated aldeh. +i. A9 '9 C9 -9 7 E and E in the followin)" 'r * () dr. Identif.ieman Eeaction +ii.s 2 . 7xplain wh. 2&. ether C -22 C# C#AC# +iii. E 3 'r * () /'0 !nder)oes disproportion reaction in the presence of concl.