Course Syllabus for Android Projects Introduction to JAVA

• • • • • • • History of JAVA Software Requirements for Java Hardware Requirements for Java Java Structure How to write Java programs How to run Java programs Advanced Util package

Java Applets and Swings
• • • • • • • • • • • Introduction to Applets Difference etween normal Java !rograms " Applets #riting Applet programs Applet tag Running applet programs Drawing $rap%ical &lements using applet $UI 'omponents in Applets (ayouts and placement of $UI components on applet Introduction to Swings Differences etween applet and swings &vent Handling in Applet and Swings

Introduction to Android
• • • • • • • Introduction to Android !latform Android Versions and Installing Android SD) and updating SD) components &clipse* ID&s and AD+ plug,in Using t%e &mulator Different !erspectives 'reating Android !ro-ect 'reating layouts and adding components

.pp Suvarna !etrol !ump*Vivekanand /agar 0t% 1ain* D%arwad ,234445

(ite on Android Data ase 'onnectivity 'ursors and content values Using 'ontent !rovider to s%are data .pp Suvarna !etrol !ump*Vivekanand /agar 0t% 1ain* D%arwad .234445 .Your First Android Application • • • • • • • • Application (ife 'ycle Application 'omponent Activity life cycle 1anifest 6ile* (ayout 71( 'ode Strings * +%e R 6ile Java Source 'ode Java ased layout vs8 9ml ased layout &clipse Visual (ayout &ditor UI esign for Android • • • • • • • • • Using different layouts : (inear(ayout and +a le(ayout etc8 Drawa le Resources Resolution and density independence #orking wit% common widgets #orking wit% (istView and Adapters 'reating and using option menu #orking wit% preferences #orking wit% Dialogs and +oasts #orking wit% $rap%ics and Animation Introducing Intents • • • Intents Intent filters Invoking activities Files and atabase • • • • • Using 6ile System Introducing S.

234445 .• Understanding Security model Using Syste! Services and "eb Services •Using (ocation ased Services •+elep%ony and S1S services •<luetoot% * /etwork and #i6i •1ultimedia and 'amera Project •Understanding t%e requirement •Designing t%e interface and arc%itecture •<est practices regarding application design and development •#rite code and testing it •!reparing application for !u lis%ing •!u lis%ing to !%ysical device Prepared #y $% C&andras&e'&ar (atagi Venture "ings )roup .pp Suvarna !etrol !ump*Vivekanand /agar 0t% 1ain* D%arwad .