European legislation on waste and the new Waste Framework Directive Commission’s perspective

Karolina Fras DG Environment, European Commission


figures. optical. ! Loss of resources and associated impacts from production of virgin materials . odours. objectives and principles  Environmental impacts      Pollution of ground and surface waters from leachates Air pollution including green house gasses Long-term soil pollution Nuisances (noise.Facts.

isting legislation is as important as the development of new legislation/ ."he good implementation of e.Where are we now?  Despite its mat rit! "#$ !ears o% &aste %rame&or' Directive( t)e Comm nit! &aste le*islation is not implemente+ s %%icientl! &ell States an+ economic pla!ers    "housands of illegal landfills #ore than $ on % shipments of waste found to &e illegal 're(uent infringement cases )till high ris* of damage to health and safet+ .! all Mem.

ec!cling.EEA. incineration and landfilling of "#W in the E$ So rce. /$$01 .


#tructure of waste legislation 'ramewor* Legislation 0ori1ontal Legislation 2aste )tream )pecific Legislation .

"4/&2/EC P!Bs Dir. …. %&/27%/EEC repeal in Thematic Strategy Possibility Up-date in 2006 to partly repeal in 2006 Batteries and Packaging ccumulators and Packaging Dir.2002/"5EC Restriction of &a'ardous Su."$/&%"/EEC Waste S%ipment Regulation (Re .2002/"5EC )ining Waste C-m (200#)#$" Just revised . as part of Recycling Strategy Waste Streams Waste oils Dir 75/4#"/EEC Titanium Dio*ide Dir 7%/$7&/EEC Sewage Sludge Dir."&/5"/EC "nd#of#life $e%icles Dir 2000/5# EC Waste electric and electronic e+uipment Dir. "$/$57/EEC ' "#/%&/EEC Waste COM(200#)72# New proposal in co-decision Dir.stances Dir.! 2000/7&/EC Landfill ""/#$/EC Recycling EU Standards.75/442/EEC Revised in Thematic Strate ! &a'ardous Waste Directive Dir. (EEC) 25"/"#) Just revised Waste Treatment Operations (ncineration %"/#&" ' 42" (M() "4/&7 ()() Re*+aced .Waste Prevention and Recycling Strategy COM(2005)… Framework Legislation Waste Framework Directive (Dir.

WASTE FRAMEWORK D3RECT34E o.6ectives o% revision .

ase+ approac)7  3ntro+ ce 8en+-o%-&aste9 criteria7  Esta. Mo+ernise an+ simpli%! &aste polic!7  3ntro+ ce an impact-.lis) minim m treatment stan+ar+s7  Waste prevention7  Repeal &aste oils an+ )a:ar+o s &aste +irectives7 .

WASTE FRAMEWORK D3RECT34E main c)an*es .

cavated contaminated soil and immova&le propert+ E.cavated uncontaminated soil and naturall+ occurring material Animal &+-products )ediments relocated inside waters .Scope and Objectives  5e& environmental o.6ective7  Precise scope7     3ne.

isting re(uirements 4 new provisions! 2aste 5ils (no a&solute priorit+ for regeneration.Simplification  3ncorporation o% ot)er le*islation  0a1ardous 2aste (all e. re(uirement for separate collection! .

Clarification – streamlining definitions  Rec!clin*  Recover!  Waste   End-of-waste 6+-products .


New recycling targets B! /$/$.se an+ rec!clin* o% =$> . plastic an+ *lass %rom )o se)ol+ an+ possi. t)e preparin* %or re. metal.! &ei*)t o% non-)a:ar+o s constr ction ? +emolition &aste7 .l! ot)er ori*ins as %ar as t)ese &aste streams are similar to &aste %rom )o se)ol+s7  0$> .! &ei*)t o% at least paper.

New dimension of prevention  5e& re@ irements concernin* prevention  #) to esta&lish waste prevention programmes7 Programmes to set out prevention o&8ectives. determine (ualitative and (uantitative &enchmar*s or targets for waste prevention7  3n+icators to .est practice re*ar+in* &aste prevention an+ +evelop * i+elines %or MS7 .e +evelope+ . descri&e prevention measures.! t)e Commission7  Commission to create a s!stem %or s)arin* in%ormation on .

WASTE FRAMEWORK D3RECT34E State o% pla! an+ o tloo' .

le Cons mption an+ Pro+ ction Aven e +e Bea lie = B-CCD$ Br ssels %hank !ou for !our attention )ttp-EEec1e ropa1e EenvironmentE&asteEin+eF1)tm .E ropean Commission A D2 E54121B S staina.