MUET Speaking 800/2 tips and sample .

Do not dominate the discussion or on the other hand, do not also be a passenger with nothing to say. Ask your friends their opinions or help them end their sentences/ideas when they are stuck as this shows good management of discussion skills. Smile, talk naturally (not robotic), crack some jokes and give creative ideas instead of boring predictable ones, laugh together and basically have a good time because the examiners are fed up of listening to the same old rubbish. If you make them laugh (in a good way), chances are they will be more willing to award better marks. Day 1, Session 1 Year End 2011 (not exact words) People who give the most meaningful contribution to society a)garbage collectors b)toilet cleaners c)road sweepers d)gardeners Candidate A: Good morning to the examinerS and my fellow candidateS. There are many people in this world who contribute meaningfully to society. Some sit in high positions while those who do menial tasks are no less worthy. Likewise, garbage collectors have a significant contribution to our society as not many would voluntarily do this 'stinky' but necessary job. First and foremost, I think garbage collectors deserve merit because they are the ones who maintain the cleanliness of our neighbourhood. This is because, without them, there would be rubbish strewn around everywhere which is a sight for sore eyes. Moreover, the stench itself would cause unease among citizens who need to go about their daily business. For example, rotten food, soiled diapers and so on would be an unbearable sight if not collected and disposed of properly. Secondly, garbage collectors should be held in high esteem as their job of maintaining the hygiene of society is a crucial one. This means that without them, diseases would spread rampantly. In addition, the overall health of society would suffer as garbage that is uncollected is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and insects. For instance, piles of uncollected rubbish is the perfect place for dengue and malaria carrying mosquitos and many more. Last but not least, a garbage collector's job is very meaningful to society because in this modern era, humans have managed to produce so much rubbish per day that without them, the sheer amount would drown the whole city in a week! Imagine how much plastic packaging each of us throws away within a day. Take for example all the empty plastic bottles, Maggi mee wrappers, plastic packaging from the supermarket and even paper products like cigarette boxes and newspapers among others. In short, society would be seriously crippled if garbage collectors did not do their job. Therefore, I truly believe that garbage collectors provide a very meaningful contribution to today's society. Thank you.

Here are the questions from the mid year session last year. Try it out!

computer and electronic games has an impact on . 2) If you were given the opportunity to serve as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for one term. How can this be done? B) The community C) The school or college D) The government Task B) Which of the following plays the most significant role in making Malaysia a safer place to live in? Discuss. A) Every individual can play a role in maintaining safety. A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. 7) Electronic media such as the mobile phone. A) You think that it is important to seek the opinion of your parents. 6) Everyone has a role to play in making Malaysia a safer place to live in. There are many things that you should do. Why? B) opinion of your friends C) opinion of your teachers D) opinion of your career guidance counsellor Task B) Whose opinion is most important in deciding where and what to study for your university degree? Discuss. 5) You are preparing for your first job interview. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character? A) Parents B) Teachers C) Friends D) Famous personalities Task B) Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character. 3) What do teenagers expect from their parents? A) Increase their allowance B) Give them more freedom C) Be more understanding D) Spend more time with them Task B) Which of the following do teenagers expect most from their parents? 4) You and your friends are deciding on the choice of universities and programmes of study available. Suggest what can be done at different levels to achieve this. what would be a great achievement to leave behind? A) Economic prosperity B) Excellence in sports C) World class education D) Excellent health facilities Task B) Discuss which of the following would be the greatest achievement that you can leave behind as a Prime Minister of Malaysia.1. You would like to seek the opinion of others before you make your final decision. What are some of these? A) Get information about the job B) Obtain information about the organisation C) Dress appropriately for the interview D) Improve on your communication skills Task B) Discuss which of the following is the most important preparation for a job interview.

C: Cand.young people of today. B) Daily habits C) social relationships D) World view Task B) Discuss what aspect of a young person's life is most affected by the electronic media. D: Behaviour of family members Income levels of family members Education levels of family members Occupation of family members . What aspects of their lives are affected? A) Electronic media can affect the study habits of youths. 13 )Which of the following is the most important factor that can affect the reputation of a family? Cand. B: Cand. A) Someone who is very rich B) Someone who is very intelligent C) Someone who is very powerful D) Someone who is very famous Task B) Which of the following do you regard as the most successful person? 11) What factors can influence a student's academic performance? A) Study habits B) Sleeping habits C) Leisure activities D) Network of friends Task B) Discuss which of the following has the greatest impact on a student's academic performance. 12) It is important to be a good neighbour. 9) What are the costs-cutting measures that can be taken by a family to reduce expenditure? Give some suggestions. What could be the reason? A) For health reasons B) To be fashionable C) Because of their job D) Because of social pressure Task B) discuss which of the following is the main reason why people want to lose weight. Elaborate. more people arre trying to lose weight. What are some of the qualities needed? A) Polite and rescpectful B) Friendly and caring C) Helpful and responsible D) Tolerant and understanding Task B) Discuss which of the following are the most important qualities needed to be a good neighbour. B: Cand. 10) Who do you regard as a successful person? Give your view. A) Use public transport A) Spend only on what is needed C) Carry out their own repair and maintenance work D) Recycle and reuse household items Task B) Discuss which of the following is the best way for a family to reduce expenditure. 8) In today's society.

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