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GENERAL REGULATIONS 1. Test Dates 1.1 MUET is administered twice a year, i.e. at mid-year and year-end. 1.2 The tests for Listening, Reading and Writing are administered on a specific day while the tests for Speaking are administered over a period of two weeks. 2. Test Component MUET comprises four components: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The duration and weighting of each component are as follows: Paper Code 800/1 800/2 800/3 800/4 3. Test Scores Test scores are reported as follows: Test
Component LISTENING SPEAKING READING WRITING AGGREGATED SCORE Band Achieved 45 45 120 90 300 Maximum Score Obtained Score




Listening Speaking Reading Writing

30 minutes 30 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes

15% 15% 40% 30%

4. Description of Aggregated Scores

260 – 300


Highly proficient user

Very fluent; highly appropriate use of language; hardly any grammatical error

Very good understanding of language and context

Very high ability to function in the language

220 – 259


Proficient user

Fluent; appropriate use of language; few grammatical errors

Good understanding of language and context

High ability to function in the language

180 – 219


Satisfactory user

Generally fluent; generally appropriate use of language; some grammatical errors

Satisfactory understanding of language and context

Satisfactory ability to function in the language

• a -Applying a concept to a new situation.Deriving meaning of words. inappropriate use of language. Aim The Malaysian University English Test (MUET) seeks to measure the English language proficiency of candidates planning to pursue tertiary education at Malaysian universities.summarising information. many grammatical errors Fair understanding of language and context Fair ability to function in the language 100 – 139 2 Limited user Not fluent.understanding language functions.Recognising main ideas . • .Distinguishing fact from opinion. fairly appropriate use of language. interview. documentary. (v)synthesis • . • • .Identifying roles and relationships. • d . meeting.Distinguishing the relevant from the irrelevant.Following the development of a point or an argument. • d . . (iv) analysis • u . news.Drawing conclusions.Recognising supporting details . sentences from context. (iii) application • p . talk. briefing. (vi) evaluation . Assessment will cover the following: (i) knowledge . advertisement. Assessment Objectives Component 1.Predicting outcomes. Possible genres: Lecture.140 – 179 3 Modest user Fairly fluent. attitudes or intentions. (ii) comprehension • d . phrases. very frequent grammatical errors Limited understanding of language and context Limited ability to function in the language Below 100 1 Very limited user Hardly able to use the language Very limited understanding of language and context Very limited ability to function in the language 5.recognising and interpreting speakers’ views. . discussion. • .Recalling information . . telephone conversation. Listening Test Specifications Candidates are assessed on their ability to comprehend various types of oral text of varying length and level of complexity. . announcement.making judgements. 6. instructions.

sentences from the context . expressing relationships. suggestions and recommendations expressing agreement and disagreement seeking clarification. 9. • developing and organising ideas • using appropriate markers and linking devices • using anaphora appropriately together with other cohesive devices. 6. Assessment will cover the following: (i) accuracy • using grammatically correct language • using correct pronunciation. 14. 13. 4. 3 Reading defining. • deriving the meaning of words. 2. 7. describing. (v) use of language functions 1.Assessment will cover the following: (i) comprehension • skimming and scanning • extracting specific information • identifying main ideas • identifying supporting details. 3.2 Speaking Candidates are assessed on their ability to make individual presentations and to take part in group discussions on a wide range of contemporary issues. phrases. 5. 8. 12. stress and intonation (ii) fluency • speaking with confidence and fluency (iii) appropriacy • using language appropriate for the intended purpose and audience • using varied vocabulary and expressions • using varied sentence structures • observing conventions appropriate to a specific situation (iv) coherence and cohesion. 11. 10. asking for and giving information persuading drawing conclusions stating and justifying points of view presenting an argument Candidates are assessed on their ability to comprehend various types of text of varying length and level of complexity. explaining comparing and contrasting classifying giving reasons giving opinions.

Possible genres: Articles from journals. advertisement. interview. making judgements 3. recognising and interpreting writers’ views. level of complexity (content and language). • Paper 1: Listening (800/1) No 1 2 3 4 5 Item Weighting Duration Number of texts Basic criteria for text selection Possible genres Description 15% 30 minutes 5 Length. text type Lecture. instructions. documentary 20 (i) Information transfer (ii) Short-answer questions (iii) 3-option multiple-choice questions (iv) 4-option multiple-choice questions As in the test specifications 6 7 Number of questions Possible question types 8 Skills tested . briefing. electronic texts. drawing conclusions 4. meeting. academic texts. announcement. talk. (v) evaluation 1. newspapers and magazines. attitudes or intentions. appraising information 2. (ii) application • predicting outcomes • applying a concept to a new situation (iii) analysis • understanding language functions • interpreting linear and non-linear texts. discussion. news. telephone conversation. (iv) synthesis • relating ideas and concepts • − within a paragraph − between paragraphs • summarising information.understanding linear and non-linear texts • understanding relationships : o within a sentence o between sentences • recognising a paraphrase.

narrative 45 (i) 3-option multiplechoice questions (ii) 4-option multiple-choice questions As in the test specifications 5 Possible genres 6 Rhetorical style 7 8 Number of questions Possible questiontype 9 Skills tested . electronic texts Analytical. level of complexity (content and language). persuasive. academic texts. newspapers and magazines. descriptive.Paper 2: Speaking (800/2) No 1 2 3 4 5 Item Weighting Duration Number of tasks Topic Task format Description 15% 30 minutes 2 Contemporary issues Task A: Individual presentation Preparation : 2 minutes Presentation : 2 minutes Task B: Group interaction (4 candidates to a group) Preparation : 2 minutes Discussion : 10 minutes As in the test specifications Description 6 No Skills tested Item Paper 3: Reading (800/3) Paper 3: Reading (800/3) No 1 2 3 4 Item Weighting Duration Number of texts Basic criteria for text selection Description 40% 90 minutes 6 (at least one text with graphics) Length (200 – 700 words). text type Articles from journals. argumentative.

Paper 3: Reading (90 minutes) This paper comprises 45 multiple-choice questions based on passages from texts which may be taken from journals. The group will be given 10 minutes for the group interaction. candidates will try to come to a consensus. descriptive. magazines. Paper 4: Writing (90 minutes) This paper comprises two writing tasks: transferring information from a non-linear source to a linear text ( 40 % ) & a piece of extended writing. There is a total of 20 questions consisting of information transfer.( 60 % ) . short-answer questions. Candidates are required to sit for all the four papers. newspapers. Paper 2: Speaking (30 minutes) Candidates will be required to perform two tasks: individual presentation and group interaction. letter. and academic and electronic sources. Questions are in the form of 3-option multiple-choice and 4-option multiple-choice questions. After listening to everyone in the group. 3-option multiple-choice questions and 4-option multiple-choice questions. Candidates will also listen to the other candidates while they are making their presentations and take down notes for the group interaction. candidates will be given 2 minutes to prepare points to support or oppose the other candidates’ views. For the group interaction (4 to a group). article. argumentative Question 1: Interpretation of information based on specific stimuli provided (no less than 150 words) Question 2: Extended writing based on a given topic (no less than 350 words) As in the test specifications 7 Skills tested TEST FORMAT MUET comprises four papers. candidates will be given 2 minutes to prepare for the given task and 2 minutes to present. For the individual presentation. Paper 1: Listening (30 minutes) Candidates will be required to listen to recorded texts twice and answer questions on them. Details of the four components are as follows. persuasive. essay Analytical.Paper 4: Writing (800/4) No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Item Weighting Duration Number of questions Possible genres Rhetorical style Task Description 30% 90 minutes 2 Report.

we can increase the speed of getting the necessary and relevant information within seconds and this will increase our productivity. elaboration and examples. If you were to just answer that this electronic communication trend is good and that you can chat with your friends and keep in touch. Everywhere we turn today. Therefore. Anyway. For example. but focus on how it will affect society not just in your country but globally. In my opinion. This is because in today's age of globalisation. enhances communication and creates a borderless world community. you need to focus not just on the effects of the concept to yourself and the people around you. Generally. In this essay. in answering academic essays. Moreover. First and foremost. I am fully convinced that this growing trend is the way of the future. What is your opinion of this growing trend? Discuss. EXAMPLE. the age of Information Technology is upon us. the world is crowded with people busy typing SMSes on their Nokias or iPhones or someone is staring unblinkingly at a Facebook or Yahoo page on the computer screen. these e-communication tools increases the access to important information which is why the new generation is fully accepting this growing trend. and we can either learn new skills and adapt to this new technology. namely its efficiency. How do you train your mind to be more critical and mature in approaching the question? Well. The world today is turning more to electronic communications such as the e-mail. and it brings countless benefits to mankind. more and more people are relying on e-mail. Facebook. we need information at the tip of our fingers. have a read of the sample answer below. Whether you like it or not.MUET WRITING PAPER 800/4 QUESTION 2 * 1 introduction * 1 ending * 3 main points as its body * rough length of essay : 600 words * relate not only to self but to global as well * list topic sentences clearly in thesis statement * in each body paragraph. you need to really focus on a higher level of thinking which befits a Band 6. I will discuss three positive effects of electronic communication. Facebook and Short message System (SMS). or be forever lost and stuck in the older generation. You should write at least 350 words. then you really haven't explored the question in a mature and critical way. . Short Message System (SMS) and other types of electronic communication tools because of its high efficiency. university style response. gone are the days of using 'snail mail' or regular letters using stamps and envelopes and many more examples of 'old' technology because it is simply too slow and inefficient. with the use of these tools. provide 1 topic sentence.

we will be left behind by the tide of development. we are able to connect with people on an international basis using Facebook. Our government can encourage the proper usage of electronic communications by increasing communication amenities and broadband accessibility especially in rural areas so that they can enjoy the same facilities as city-folks therefore balancing the development of our country towards achieving Vision 2020. it will never be enough. But how much money is enough? Is it ever enough? To some. Last but not least.Secondly. Take for example. Furthermore. enhancing communicative skills and shaping a borderless community. more concerned with making money and what money can buy. I truly believe that this statement is true and that people are . Tagged. respect and tolerance for the global community through efficient and clear e-communication. communication can be enhanced and there will be less problems of miscommunication. MUET WRITING 800/4 QUESTION 2 “People are becoming more materialistic. e-communication creates a borderless community in the world we live in today. nothing is free. This means that when we use SMS.” What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words. the world would be a better place because there is a sense of 1-World commitment. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy. Friendster. In a nutshell. an SMS can give clear instructions in just a few words and this communicates what needs to be done quickly and directly. Yahoo and others. this growing trend has many positive effects not just to individuals but the global society in terms of efficiency. This is due to the fact that the boundaries that separate each country becomes less relevant when information is transferred without limitations. In my opinion. Hotmail. e-mails and websites like Facebook. I still firmly believe that this latest trend is the best way forward and if we do not catch up. In addition. we are able to communicate clearly and directly to our target audience. [60 marks] They say that money makes the world go round. these tools will enhance global unity and create a more peaceful world. The side effect however is that people are becoming more materialistic. Thus. when the intended message can be spread clearly using short and clear information like in SMSes and emails. Hence. people today find that the message is more important than the form it comes in as an e-mail in short but clear sentences is just as good or even better than a long and formal letter. And indeed it does as without money. life would be very difficult as in today’s society. In my opinion. For instance. this form of technology enhances communication among people today.

materialism affects our spiritual and moral beliefs. In a nutshell. This is because today's generation are geared towards making more and more money so that they can enjoy the carefree lifestyle that is so popular these days. In fact. therefore the crime rate is bound to increase. internet banking hacking and others that are driven by materialistic criminals. materialism is a common agenda in the 21st century as more people are working hard to afford things beyond their reach. overspending due to materialism may cause the downfall of a country’s economy and their morality. people now are striving to earn more income in order to afford things that are more expensive and branded. First and foremost. . I will discuss how materialism has affected modern society’s way of life on an individual level. using plastic money or credit cards. expensive gadgets like Iphones and Tablet pcs and so on which in my opinion is a waste of money when regular goods may prove to be good enough. In my opinion. Our government can encourage society to be less frivolous and wasteful in spending by running campaigns such as ‘Consumer Awareness’ and ‘Buy Malaysian Made Products’ in order to educate our younger generation for the prosperity of our nation. Take for example. the crime rate is increasing because criminals these days have developed many ways to gain more money from society. or when they take loans they cannot afford to repay. people spend their hard earned money on material objects like genuine LV and Coach handbags. overspending due to materialism will have an adverse effect to the country’s financial stability. For example. the country’s economy as well as our spiritual and moral beliefs. Moreover. while a society’s spending habits helps our economy to grow. Secondly. when people lose sight of their spiritual and moral beliefs and believe instead in the greed of materialism. when society starts spending in a materialistic manner it will surely have a domino effect on the country’s economy. Therefore. Last but not least. they may forget that what matters most in life is quality time spent with family and friends and not the quantity of their material goods.becoming more materialistic in nature. This is due to the fact people who are materialistic may become ‘amoral’ whereby they disregard their spiritual and moral upbringing and instead turn to crime to satisfy their materialistic needs. For instance. when a society overspends. both positive and negative effects. credit card fraud. While this may spur individuals to work harder to improve their standard of living. Thus. Hence. This means that the spending power of society will help boost the economy and create more business opportunities for the booming trade. USA today is facing an economic crisis because banks have approved home loans to people who aspire to own bigger houses than they can actually afford and this is causing the collapse of the country’s economy there. I still firmly believe that materialism has a strong hold on today’s society. However. kidnapping for ransom. In this essay. there are more reports of snatch thefts. then the country’s debt margin will be higher. burglaries. while individuals become more focussed on their pursuit of material wealth and improving their standard of living. each individual is affected by materialism to some extent in this day and age because hedonism is becoming an uprising trend.

You should write at least 350 words. Take for example. In addition. Furthermore. stealing. friendships will almost always play second fiddle because family always comes first. the quality of our life is the single most important criteria in life if we are to live a meaningful and wholesome life.MID YEAR 2011: MUET WRITING 800/4 QUESTION 2 1 ) The most valuable thing in life is friendship. pristine health is still the most valuable asset in our lives. when people consider friendship to be the most valuable thing in life. raping. then he has done a serious misdeed against himself and will most likely regret his actions later in life. murdering and others. Secondly. For example. if we are paralysed. First and foremost. Do you agree? Discuss. quite often prescribed by their individual religions. then there must be a problem among the family members that has caused their relationship to be strained. For instance. This is due to the fact that each person needs to have a code of ethics. abusive parents or siblings and so on. if an individual has set his principles to do good. hearing or ability to speak or even a simple case of a fever or allergic reactions. and elaborate on why family and the individual’s principles in life are ranked higher. we will be hard pressed to do even the simplest of tasks like feed ourselves or relieve ourselves without the help of doctors. This is because. Moreover. However. I will outline how life itself is more valuable than friendship. people tend to turn away from family if the family member(s) themselves are the ones to cause them to react negatively such as divorced parents. I completely disagree with the statement that the most valuable thing in life is friendship as there are certainly more important and priceless things in life besides this. Last but not least. this code will guide each person to live their lives according to the good and right principles. without good health. In this essay. . more often than not they may come from a troubled household. Hence. lost our sight. That person would be very socially challenged as he or she would miss the camaraderie and life experiences that come with friendship. then no amount of friendship especially negative influence from friends. if a person values friendship so much to the point where he is willing to break his principles. can shake his hold on his principles and cause him to commit undesirable deeds like smoking. we should value our health.[60 marks] It is true that no ‘man is an island’ meaning that no one in this world can live alone without friendship. one must surely value life itself or in other words. a person’s principles in life is by far more valuable than friendship alone. Therefore. if we do not value our family above others. we are no one without our family as indeed blood is thicker than water. nurses and caregivers. while friends can stand by us in our time of need. then the quality of our life is greatly reduced and no amount of friendship can make us healthy again. Thus. This means that however you analyse it. before one can enjoy the beauty of friendship.

Our government can encourage people to prioritise health. How will this affect the society? Give your opinion. widening the gap between the rich and the poor and affecting the population trend in the long term. Secondly. First and foremost. it is undeniable that the rise in fuel prices leads to the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor. the fuel price increase had definitely caused more hardships to society today. the recent sugar price hike caused a furor among the Malaysian society as it costs more fuel to travel to and from the supermarket and when arriving. and the poor get poorer. 2 )The rising fuel price has pushed up the price of other consumer products. For example. family and principles in life by organising awareness campaigns especially in primary schools where the younger generation should learn about priorities in life because they are the leaders of tomorrow. a supportive family and strong principles. life becomes empty and meaningless.[60 marks] Money is always an issue in today's era of materialism. In my opinion. flour. sugar and so on will be in great demand and some warehouses will store or hoard the items to further increase the price of the product. Last but not least. In addition. I would like to touch on the effects this price increase has on society today. Thus. it is clear that the fuel price hike will further stress on the differences between the rich and the poor which is such a tragedy. the rich people will still be able to afford such things but the poor will face greater challenges as the popular saying goes: "The rich get richer. when money is used to purchase consumer products that are necessary for survival. it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that I still firmly believe that friendship is not the most valuable thing in life. namely increasing vice activities. then less money will be spent on health and dental check-up." For instance. most places had run out of stock even though the government had allocated 2kg of sugar to one person. Therefore. This means that new families will consciously decide not to have too many children in order to increase their quality of life. In my opinion. new families with less children . You should write at least 350 words. reports of smuggling of these items prove that this vice activity is on the rise. This is due to the fact that people are greatly affected by the price of basic necessities such as food and fuel in particular. Moreover. In this essay. Furthermore. Most people need it for basic survival while the lucky few indulge in luxuries without worrying about money.In short. friendship is the rainbow of life as it colours our horizons with invaluable experiences but without good health. educational purposes and others. society will immediately be affected by the rise in fuel prices because consumer products will be more costly and this leads to an increase of vice activities. I strongly agree that the rising fuel price has pushed up the price of other consumer products and this will definitely affect the society. This is because basic necessities such as rice. society is now more aware of birth control and family planning so this will greatly reduce the population as most families will have 1 to 5 children instead of more. in the long term the population trend or demographics of the society will be greatly affected. in the newspapers today. Take for example.

AND ALWAYS ANSWER THE ESSAY QUESTION FIRST BEFORE TRYING TO WRITE THIS REPORT. WRITE IN 3 PARAGRAPHS (MINIMUM. No opinions just fact and figures. Up to you. EXAMPLE : REPORT.WRITE ONLY INFORMATION THAT IS OUTSTANDING (KEY FEATURES. TITLES ARE CONSIDERED 1 WORD (BUT I COULD BE WRONG) 10. TRY TO LINK ALL THE INFO AND EXPLAIN IT IN A SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE WAY. 1ST SENTENCE WRITE THE TYPES OF GRAPHS/DIAGRAMS/HEADLINES ETC. 4. GOOD LUCK. 7. transport and many more. but usual format is 3-4 paragraphs. Precision. there are many short term to long term effects of a fuel price increase which includes more crimes like hoarding and smuggling will occur and this leads to the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor as well as a change in the society's demographics. I still strongly believe that the rising fuel price has pushed up the price of other consumer products and this will surely cause a negative impact to society. no marks for working this is not mathematics. 9. the demographics of the whole country will be affected and this in turn will reduce our workforce which will affect our country's productivity and prosperity. BODY . The government must find a way to stabilise the fuel price at a reasonable rate so that it does not affect the productivity of this country towards achieving the aspirations of the nation for Vision 2020. NOT FEATURES. In short. 8. ALL WORDS AFTER 200 IS NOT CHECK/READ/EXAMINED. Just write down the figures that you've calculated.. 3. 5. ability to cramp all data in 200 words. 4. Write less than 200 words 2.will surely spend less on basic necessities like food. 1. WRITE THE TITLE AND UNDERLINE 2. clothes. Hence. EXAMINERS WILL NOT READ AFTER THAT SO STICK TO THE WORD LIMIT. CONCLUSION IS JUST ONE SINGLE SENTENCE AS SUMMARY. usage of correct words. 2ND SENTENCE WRITE THE MOST OUTSTANDING POINT 5. BODY CAN BE MORE THAN 1 PARA) 3. YOU NEED TO BE SELECTIVE IN CHOOSING THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES ONLY) 6. . MUET WRITING 800/4 QUESTION 1 1. FEATURES JUST MEANS EVERY SINGLE POINT.

In conclusion. This is followed by other healthy oils with lower fat like canola (7%). the highest world oil production is palm oil increasing steadily from 25 million tonnes in 2000/01 to 35. In general. The unhealthy oils are very high in fat and very low in polyunsaturated fat such as palm oil (51%) and coconut oil (91%). According to the line graph. The article states that we cannot be sure about how healthy the oils we eat are because it may contain too much trans fats leading to heart diseases and cancer. beating soya oil by a small margin. Among the 5 types of oil. olive and soya. palm oil is the most produced oil while the least produced but healthiest option is sunflower oil.SAMPLE 1: The Various Types of Cooking Oil Used in the Kitchen The stimuli present a line graph on 'Global production of cooking oil (2000-2006)'.5 million in 2005/06. olive (15%) and soya (16%). Based on the bar graph. a bar graph on 'Fat content in commonly-used cooking oils' and an article excerpt on the healthiness of oils. . the healthiest oil is sunflower because it contains the second lowest fat (12%) content and the highest healthy polyunsaturated fat (71%). coconut and palm oil should be avoided because fo the high fat content while the healthiest oils are sunflower. sunflower has the lowest production stabilising at just under 10 million tonnes from 2000 to 2006. canola.