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This is a lower percentage than Tourism in Malmö generates turnover of SEK 6. employment increased by just over 1. In 2011. from SEK 1. Omsättning på branscher i Malmö 2012 in 2011. slightly more than for total turnover that was nearly twice as high.3 billion in 2011 to SEK 1.640 jobs or 48%. Hotel guests were primarily Day visits are financially important for Malmö responsible for the increase in turnover in resand represented approximately 44% of total taurants. which means a higher proportion of seasonal jobs OVERNIGHT STAYS Of tourists staying overnight in Malmö. The first category contributes spent considerably more per person per day to high turnover in the accommodation and than in 2011. TOURISM GENERATES EMPLOYMENT The full-time equivalent employment generated by visitors to Malmö in 2012 is calculated to be 5. This is an increase of 550 jobs on 2011. hotel guests accounted for 29% of all overnight stays in Omsättning fördelat på branscher Malmö. 26% 19% Shopping 2 19% .9 billion in 2012. hotel guests accounted total of SEK 6.9 billion i 11% 14% 11% 14% TURNOVER BY SECTOR 4% IN MALMÖ 2012 11% 14% 4% 26% 26% Omsättning fördelat på branscher i Malmö 2012 26% 4% Accommodation Restaurants Logi Shopping Restaurang Livsmedel Transport Aktivitet Food Transp Activit 26% Accommodation 19% 26% Food Shopping Restaurants Transport Activities Figure 2. an increase of 12% on 2011. faster transport options. (See Figure 1).086 I MALMÖ IN MALMÖ 2012 2012 TURISMEN TOURISM TURNOVER FROM TOURISM IN MALMÖ 1992-2012 (SEK MILLION) Omsättning av turismen i Malmö (miljoner kr) 7000 6000 5882 6949 full-time equivalent jobs are calculated to have been created by tourism 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 1332 938 395 1067 + 12% • (+ 550 jobs) full-time equivalent jobs in 2012 compared with 2011 -92 -93 -94 -95 -96 -97 -98 -99 -00 -01 -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -09 -10 -11 -12 Total Commercial Others Figure 1. contributes to the high turnover in activities and transport. In the past ten years. hotel guests generated a total financial inflow corresponding to 27% of total turnover from tourism in Malmö. Tourism in Malmö is distributed relatively evenly over the year. In 2012. The sector that increased most in 2012 was DAY VISITORS restaurants.8 billion in 2012. Total consumption generated employ. The increase – BROKEN DOWN BY SECTOR in employment was primarily in the restaurant trade.TOURISM IN MALMÖ 2012 • 5. which depend heavily on leisure travellers and the summer/winter seasons.086 full-time equivalent TURNOVER jobs. The number of overnight stays with family or friends is more than twice the number Overnight and day visitors to Malmö spent a in hotels. hotel guests accounted for the majority of turnover.640 • people or 48%: the increase in full-time equivalent employment from 2003 to 2012 in 2011.fördelat as they spent more. +1. The travel categories to Malmö that dominate financially are people staying overnight in hotels Statistics from 2012 also show that hotel guests and day visitors. with relatively few variations during the year. ment equivalent to 5. Despite this. The high proportion of day visitors also turnover in 2012. partly because of better. This is in Malmö 2012 contrast to many other municipalities in Skåne and the rest of Sweden. The geographical catchment area for day visits to Malmö has been extended.086 jobs. From 2003 to 2012. turnover restaurant sectors and the latter in transport and from tourism in Malmö has increased by 52% shopping (see Figure 2).

There is no reliable data on the number of international day visitors. producing nearly 4. the number of international bed nights in hotels was 326.8 million visitors stayed overnight in Malmö in 2012. 1. In the period from 1993 to 2012. CARS Cars are generally the most common means of transport in Sweden.202. travelled to and from Malmö Airport in 2012.000 in 2012. This category has increased a great deal over the years. An additional 5. THE ÖRESUND BRIDGE In 2012. and a 100% increase over 10 years. which run 24 hours a day. which is well above the figure for Sweden as a whole. Swedish visitors accounted for approximately 65% of all visits in 2012 and international visitors for approximately 35%. nearly 11 million people crossed the bridge by train.TOURISM IN MALMÖ 2012 In 2012. per person per day How do visitors travel to Malmö? AIR TRAVEL Over 2. Visitor numbers have levelled out over the seasons and Malmö has very clearly become a destination for visitors all year round. In 2012. an increase of 5. every 10-15 minutes during daytime. Many people travel to Malmö for the day. These day visitors come to visit Malmö or break their journey in Malmö and spend money in the city before travelling on.8 million nights in 2012. an increase of 22%.5% compared with 2011.1 million day trips were made. Since the official opening of the City Tunnel in December 2010. In recent years. Swedish hotel guests spent an average of SEK 1.8 • • 2.230 1. a small increase on 2011.612. and the City Tunnel has increased accessibility to Malmö. Swedish leisure travellers staying in hotels spent SEK 1. 3 . 17. This was an increase of 8% on 2011.966 were on domestic flights.740 TRAINS AND THE CITY TUNNEL In 2012. In 2012. This produced a total of nearly 2.34 nights per visit. 1.359.166. This is also true when visitors from the rest of Sweden travel to Malmö. Swedish day visitors spent SEK 557 per person per day 5. Swedish visitors have made just over a million trips a year with an overnight stay in Malmö.1 • million day trips to Malmö took place unchanged from 2011.3 million overnight stays in 2012 per person per day In 2012. There are also the Öresundstrafiken trains. Swedish business travellers staying in hotels spent SEK 1.000 train passengers crossed the bridge every day. Malmö saw an increase of 220% in international overnight stays. In 2012. Of the total number of passengers. and slightly fewer at weekends. capacity has increased considerably.104.410 vehicles and 30. 2.1 million passengers.34 IN MALMÖ 2012 TOURISM million visitors stayed overnight nights stayed by visitors on average per person per day • • Swedish visitors accoun ted for 65% of visits International visitors accounted for 35% of visits In 2012.3 million overnight stays. They stayed an average of 2. International bed nights with family and friends were calculated to be 1.393 were on international flights.564 4. and 901. which may be because Malmö has a diverse ethnic population mix. there were approximately 120 longdistance trains arriving at and departing from Malmö on weekdays.

when one of the world's leading cruise lines decided to use Malmö as one of its cruise destinations. they accounted for approximately 64% of hotel rooms booked. The result is a decrease in relation to 2011. a large number of overnight stays in Malmö are with family and friends. However. a decrease of 5% on 2011.8 million overnight stays. which is 3.121 bed nights more than in 2011. and they are all open all year round. 2013 Figure 4. the seasonal variations are very high. there were a total of 1. This network works to attract cruise ships to Malmö. from or through Malmö by either scheduled or chartered bus.375. which may be due to poorer summer weather in 2012.TOURISM IN MALMÖ BUSES Many people travel to. Figure 3.219. In 2012 there were 62. 4 . there were a large number of overnight stays with family and friends. THE HOTEL YEAR 2012 – PEAK DAYS Stockholm PEAK FIGURE 96% Göteborg 99% Malmö 98% Sweden overall 77% NUMBER OF DAYS WITH OCCUPANCY OVER 90% 2012 34 32 45 26 51 68 46 44 40 49 31 33 53 50 28 12 21 30 57 54 46 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Accommodation for visitors to Malmö In 2012. HOTELS Hotel occupancy in Malmö is relatively evenly distributed over the year because there is a high proportion of individual business travellers and an increased volume of guests in the summer and at weekends. The total number of buses arriving and departing on scheduled services has now reached around 450 a week. In 2012. 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 NUMBER OF DAYS WITH OCCUPANCY OVER 70% 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 179 196 208 195 204 216 202 168 177 166 141 179 187 185 130 127 155 177 194 190 173 17 19 11 2 19 31 23 Source: Besöksliv nr 9. In addition to commercial overnight stays. For Swedish overnight stays.984 overnight stays in hostels. this was an increase of 13% on 2011. the number of bed nights at hotels in Malmö was 1. outside the major urban areas.071. There were 91. these amounted to 2. There has been a significant increase in scheduled bus services to and from Malmö. A number of tour operators also offer bus trips to events in Malmö and group travel starting in Malmö.800 overnight stays at Malmö's only campsite. In 2012. Malmö Camping & Feriecenter in Sibbarp. GROWTH IN BED NIGHTS AT HOTELS IN MALMÖ 1991-2012 Utveckling av gästnätter på hotell i Malmö 1991-2012 (1000-tal) ('000S) 1300 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 -91 -92 -93 -94 -95 -96 -97 -98 -99 -00 -01 -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -09 -10 -11 -12 SHIPS There has been a cruise network in Malmö for a number of years. HOSTELS There are six hostels in Malmö with a total of 456 beds. hostels and campsites.000 commercial overnight stays in Malmö at hotels. A major breakthrough took place on this market in 2012. As in most places in Sweden. The first ship called in spring 2013. In 2012. Individual business travellers and conference guests are the group that uses the highest number of rooms in Malmö’s hotels.

427 beds.915 rooms and 7.5% in the number of room nights sold compared with 2011. there were a total of 1.459 overnight stays. the average occupancy was 70.121 overnight stays.219. In 2012.9%.701 16.459 BED NIGHTS (+ 4. with a slight increase in late summer.0%) Swedes accounted for 73% of bed nights at hotels. The periods in which overnight stays at hotels in Malmö grew much faster than the national average were 1998-2001 and 2009-2011. This can be compared with the national average of 50. Economic trends. according to information from Statistics Sweden (SCB). In December 2012.1%. On weekdays (Monday-Thursday).111 6. The British are relatively evenly distributed over the year. For all days of the year. Stockholm 66. More than 50% of German bed nights in Malmö take place during the period JuneAugust.017 Change % on 2011 -8% +4% -8% -8% -15% +1% -4% -3% -6% -13% Figure 5. In terms of the number of overnight stays in hotels.960 +124 -378 -274 -454 -1. German visitors to Malmö are the second largest international group of visitors.TOURISM IN MALMÖ 2012 32 • •6 •1 beds IN DECEMBER 2012. exhibitions and public events. In the period 1999–2012. which indicates that they are primarily leisure travellers.690 Change in number on 2011 -4. rising and falling.1.889 18. In terms of the number of overnight stays in hotels.731 11.637 -2.530 -2.078 9.427 beds Nationalities of hotel guests In 2012. British visitors to Malmö are the third largest international group of visitors.739 47. 2012 Number of bed nights in hotels in Malmö 2012 50. Hotel capacity in Malmö fell slightly during the year. THE TEN LARGEST INTERNATIONAL MARKETS IN TERMS OF OVERNIGHT STAYS IN HOTELS IN MALMÖ.612. the hotels in Malmö had total occupancy of 62% in 2012. +/. with a decrease of just over 1. are reflected very clearly by hotel occupancy.550 10. hostels with 456 Danish visitors to Malmö are the international guests who accounted for the most bed nights in hotels in 2012.2 million and was roughly unchanged in relation to 2011 (see Figure 3). Malmö had 32 hotels with 3.806 27. .0%) 2012 was a stable year for overnight stays at hotels.507 +1.2% and Göteborg 65%. THERE WERE: hotels with 3. and the number of international guests was at a marginally lower level than in 2011. congresses and conferences. the total number of bed nights increased by 61%. sports competitions.572 -1.071 overnight stays in hotels in Malmö. INTERNATIONAL 326.612 BED NIGHTS ( .253. Market Denmark Germany United Kingdom Norway USA Italy Netherlands Finland France Japan 5 . and a small increase on the 2011 increase of 3. campsite with 300 spaces and 32 cottages with 120 beds There is a clear link between the high occupancy at hotels and the number of business meetings. international visitors for 326.200 overnight stays during the year.172 7.915 rooms and 7. Danish bed nights are evenly distributed over the year and it is estimated that approximately 50% are business travellers and approximately 50% are leisure travellers. The average price per room sold was almost unchanged at SEK 865. This is the highest number ever. SWEDEN 892. The number of bed nights amounted to over 1.374. Swedish visitors accounted for 892. hotels in Malmö experienced an increase of 0.

0% 12. Turspelen and Gräv 2012. with new hotels and. Göteborg 3.0% 3.0% 8. AVERAGE ANNUAL Total Bednights 2007-2011 (percentage growth) 16. Världens Fest. In 2012. ICCA's Scandinavian Chapter.0% 10. Between 2011 and 2012.840 bed nights for Malmö.7% 3.1% 4.4% TOTAL BEDNIGHTS 2007-2011 (PERCENTAGE GROWTH) 18.5% 3. nationally and internationally.8% 8.9% 2. This has been highlighted by.925 congress delegates.9% 5. Malmö improved its position in the sustainability ranking from sixth to fourth.1% 4. large meetings and projects such as Kommek.0% 5.0% 6. Stockholm 4.4% 4. with several thousand participants at each meeting.8% Average percentage growth rate = 2.TOURISM IN MALMÖ 2012 The meeting year in Malmö 2012 was a stable meeting year for Malmö.9% 3.4% 4. Köpenhamn 7.Part 1 RATES – PART 1.0% 2. Cities are the most attractive destinations and it has become more common to take short breaks. Malmö 5. Uppsala 2.9% 3.5% 2. new exhibition and meeting facilities. In 2012.8% 2.6% 5.4% 5.7% 4.9% 3.7% 6. cheaper transport options. Malmö welcomed several exciting. Oslo 10. We are travelling more and more.0% 0.3% 5.0% 4.5% *Leuven Bremen St. Malmö has had a constant increase in the number of ICCA meetings and has climbed the ranking as a meeting city in recent years.0% 8. Average Annual Growth Rates GROWTH . SUSTAINABILITY TOP 10 POSITION ON THE ICCA SCANDINAVIAN SUSTAINABILITY INDEX Malmö is working long-term to improve its sustainability.1% 4. generating 15. which produces an annual sustainability index of meeting cities in Scandinavia. Reykjavik 6.0% 12. 1. 18 ICCA meetings were held in Malmö. The increase in travel. Århus 8.0% 4. Pölten Münster Leipzig Verona Bruges Hannover *Bologna Augsburg Regensburg *Novi Sad Reykjavik Klagenfurt Heidelberg Ljubljana *Maribor * 2011 figures based on a sample of cities including predictions (for detailed information see Annex) Source: 8th OFFICIAL EDITION European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012 Figure 6.0% 16.0% 14. is based on better. Malmö also continues to develop fast as a meeting city.8% .5% 3.2% 2. 6 *San Sebastian *Bergen *Faro *Bilbao Padua *Porto Weimar *Genua *Vilnius *Evora Split Graz Malaga *Malmö *Ghent *Basel Linz 1. SECOND DIVISION CITIES – INTERNATIONAL BEDNIGHTS. Åbo 9. among other things. these 18 ICCA meetings attracted 5. INDEX 2012 (nr 2) (nr 1) (nr 4) (nr 6) (nr 14) (nr 3) (nr 10) (nr 16) (nr 5) (nr 7) (Previous year’s position in brackets) MALMÖ IS CLIMBING THE ICCA RANKING AS A MEETING CITY Every year. Trondheim Growth of tourism internationally and nationally The trend is clear. The trends of recent years show that tourists are travelling more frequently and on shorter trips Second Division Cities – International Bednights.5% 2.7% 3. Together.0% 6.2% 4. ICCA ranks the world's meeting cities on the basis of the number of international congresses the cities report to the organisation. in particular. Travel to the cities of Europe has generally grown in recent years and cities are becoming important magnets for tourism in Europe. despite the economic situation.7% 6.

This covers people who are resident in the country in which they are travelling. increased by 7. One room night – one or more people who have stayed overnight in one room. such as for the whole of Sweden or a county.” people were employed full-time in the Swedish tourist industry • 275. in terms of their size • Strong collaboration • Clear communication • An innovative climate • Dissemination of knowledge • Sustainability 1. but. but are not resident here. billion SEK was contributed by tourism in VAT revenue 3. Malmö is in the benchmark group called 'Second Division Cities'. Overnight visitors/tourists – people who have at least one overnight stay. This will generate increased financial revenue and more jobs in the visitor sector in Malmö. the export. large range of attractions and very good physical accessibility in most cases. an increase of 3. Day visitor – a person who has visited a destination without staying overnight. Incoming tourism – people who visit Sweden/Malmö.TOURISM IN MALMÖ 2012 • 167.6% compared with 2011. the number of arrivals and the cities' occupancy rates. and the consumption by international visitors in Sweden. and provide impetus to ensure that Malmö constantly develops attractive offers. Malmö Tourism must strive to achieve: than previously.5 billion. Tourism is also the only export sector that contributes direct VAT revenue to the treasury.900 people were employed in the tourist industry. Outgoing tourism – covers people who are resident in a given country. which gives cities a competitive advantage as a result of their concentrated. This is an increase of 28% since 2000. 167. This produced VAT revenue of SEK 14.0% • of GNP was generated by tourism BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Malmö Tourism works actively to make Malmö more attractive to both visitors and Malmö residents. In 2012.5 billion SEK was generated by tourism billion SEK in consumption by inter national visitors SOME OF THE TERMS WE USE IN THE REPORT One bed night/one overnight stay – one person who has stayed overnight for one night. 7 . the total turnover from tourism in Sweden increased by 3. Visitors who stay. European Cities Marketing1 (ECM) publishes annual benchmarking reports that are based on comparative material with the focus on the number of commercial overnight stays.900 IN SWEDEN 2012 TOURISM and tourism volume. The task is to display Malmö's attractive offerings. as adopted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Definition of tourism The international definition of tourism.5%. is: “Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure.8% compared with 2011. What these cities have in common is that they are financially and culturally well known. are smaller than the cities in the other group. In the report quoted. business and other purposes. • 14. In 2012. Malmö joined a few years ago.5 • 106. but are travelling to another country. 32 countries are represented in ECM. eat and shop in Malmö. in different ways and in different contexts. which consists of 65 cities. ECM is a network organisation of which over 100 of the biggest cities in Europe are members. Domestic tourism – used as a term only for larger geographical areas.5 Malmö Tourism's task The ultimate objective for Malmö Tourism is to attract more visitors to Malmö.

Photos: Fredrik Johansson (1).com 8 .malmotown. Skånetrafiken and from companies in the visitor sector in Malmö. Jens Lennartsson (6). Oskar Falck ( www. Johan Persson (5). Statistics Sweden has also conducted a survey of international visitors to Sweden (IBIS) on behalf of the Tourist Delegation. Marie Holmberg and Johan Hermansson. MALMÖ TURISM Lugna gatan 84 211 59 Malmö Tel +46(0)40 34 10 00 E-post: malmo. the Swedish National Association of Cottage and Campsite Owners. Travel statistics are kept by the Swedish Transport Administration. Cruise Ferry info. • Facts on Swedish tourism are available at www.Sources • European Cities Marketing (ECM) • Statistics Sweden's trade statistics • Statistics Sweden's accommodation statistics • TEM 2012 Economic and employment effects of tourism in Malmö • Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth .se This report was produced and published by Malmö Tourism. June 2013. City of Malmö. Text and data processing: Camilla Ekberg. information was obtained from the Öresund Bridge Consortium. Legally responsible publisher: Johan Hermansson. 7). Finally.turism@malmo.the agency responsible for business development • The Tourist Database (TDB®) • Tourist Economy Model (TEM®) • VISITA • SCR. Layout and production: Pendit. was responsible on behalf of Nutek for statistics about overnight stays at campsites Since 2008 this responsibility has been with Statistics Sweden. on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. 4). Swedavia. etc. Jenny Leyman (3.tillvaxtverket.