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Emirati students granted US patent for foot-controlled car-steering system | The National ABU DHABI // A team of young engineers have been granted a US patent for their system that allows a car to be driven without using hands. The car has three levers on the floor that enables the driver 1

For a small school, they have big dreams of saving the planet from climate change | The National It is a small school with the big dream of saving the planet. The corridors of the 33-year-old Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangladesh Islamia School may be neither pretty nor contemporary, but the rows o 1

Energy drinks should carry a prominent health label, UAE forum hears | The National ABU DHABI // Energy drinks should carry a prominent health label warning of the dangerous consequences of consuming too much caffeine, experts have advised. The caffeine content in energy drinks can v 1

A unique name for Abu Dhabi's 12,000 streets in 2015 address pledge | The National

Abu Dhabi // An address for every home in Abu Dhabi has moved a crucial step closer. Planners behind the ambitious project officially launched it on Tuesday, with the aim of every building in the capi 1

Space tourism tickets on sale in Dubai as 100s sign up to be first commercial space travellers | The National DUBAI // Only 560 people in the history of mankind have had a chance to see the Earth from outer space, but that number is about to increase dramatically. And one of those future astronauts will be fr 1

Sheikha Lubna pays tribute to UAE women | The National

ABU DHABI // The role of women in industry and the success that they can achieve was showcased at an inspiring event in the capital last night. A female-only audience was captivated by the words of th 1

UAE cyclists call for more respect from motorists | The National Abu Dhabi // Commuter and recreational cyclists have called for motorists to be more respectful and aware of bikers on the road. "What you have to contend with here is the drivers who really just don' 1

School starts at home for smarter kids | The National

Some two-thirds of schools in Abu Dhabi were recently rated as in need of improvement. What can parents do to enhance their child's education? They would do well to take note of Amanda Ripley's findin 1

Five good reasons to go vegetarian | The National It seems that our hunger for meat is increasing year on year. Statistics from the Worldwatch Institute show that in 2010 the average consumption of meat per capita within industrial countries was 80 k 1

UAE to introduce senior citizen cards for elderly in Dubai | The National

DUBAI // Emiratis in Dubai who are aged 60 or over are to be issued senior citizen cards entitling them to discounts and priority treatment for government services. Thukher cards will provide special 1

More Emiratis should be groomed to lead all sectors of the country, says a Human Resources expert | The National In order for Emiratisation to be successful, UAE nationals should work their way up the career ladder rather than be fast-tracked into a leading position, an expert said yesterday. Speaking at the sec 1

Students told to broaden horizons [National, The (United Arab Emirates)]

SIP Print Call Recording - Single - and multi-site VoIP call recording solutions for SMBs, large enterprises and government installations with 15-200 recorded seats per location. 1

Super recognisers help Scotland Yard fight crime | The National LONDON // Paul Hyland almost never forgets a face. He's a "super recogniser", and that's giving an unusual kind of help to his employer: Scotland Yard. Several years ago, for example, London police we 2

Brazilian man in legal fight to keep nine tigers | The National MARINGA, Brazil // Dan slurped desperately on his pink nursing bottle and spilt milk all over the place, while his brother Tom patiently waited to take a swim in the family pool.


Large increase in Emiratis being treated for substance abuse and addictions, Abu Dhabi rehabilitation centre says | The National ABU DHABI // An addiction recovery centre for Emiratis in the capital has treated 13.5 per cent more substance abuse addicts so far this year than in the whole of last year. 3

Penguin researcher visits Dubai | The National DUBAI // It may seem an unlikely destination for a penguin researcher, but Dubai is playing a key role in a study of the birds. Dr Brent Stewart, a leading American marine scientist, has spent the pas 1

That Tablet on the Restaurant Table Will Make You Spend More Chili's Grill Bar has spent the last six months testing tablets that allow diners to order beverages and desserts or pay their entire bill without having to flag down a waiter. 1

40 per cent of UAE drivers happy to have kids on drivers' laps | The National Almost four in 10 residents think it is acceptable for children to travel on drivers' laps - and a quarter are happy for them to travel with their heads out of a car sun roof, a survey reveals. 1

UAE Government 'embraces social media' | The National DUBAI // The Foreign Affairs Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, has more than 800,000 followers on Twitter and is second among leading officials only to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Prime Ministe 1

Hundreds of kiosks planned for Abu Dhabi's outdoors | The National ABU DHABI // Hundreds of street kiosks are to be installed in a bid to make the capital's outdoor areas more pedestrian-friendly. The kiosks will not only sell food, beverages and other convenience it 1

Being chubby has its benefits It is not just the health and number of fat people that draw concern these days. The science underpinning the very notion of fatness is looking pretty sick as well. Researchers are starting to concede 4

Alarm bells over future of Arabic language By the end of this century, more than half of the world's 7,000 languages could have vanished, according to National Geographic's Disappearing Languages project. Could Arabic be one of them? With abou 4

Islamic and Arab culture lost in UAE's foreign schools DUBAI // Students at branches of foreign schools and universities are being educated in courses that exclude Islamic and Arab culture at the risk of national identity, academics say. They are being ov 3

Decoding the Shehhi dialect puzzle RAS AL KHAIMAH // Sheikh Shaiban bin Mohammed speaks of weddings, bullets and the glorious past, insisting he is speaking Arabic - and yet only his sons can understand him. "It's only an accent, a dia 3

UAE's Shehhi dialect at risk of disappearing, scholars say RAS AL KHAIMAH // The Shehhi dialect, widely spoken in mountain communities on the northern tip of the UAE, could disappear within generations, say scholars. The dialect, derived from a South Arabian 5

Meet the first all-Emirati, all-girl rock band AL AIN // The opening riff of the Deep Purple classic Smoke on the Water pounds out across a college hall. It's a common enough scene, as the song has been a standard entry on the playlists of countle 12

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Forget the horses, whisper near the camels Horses forgive but camels never forget. They are philosophical creatures whose thirst for revenge can barely be quenched. Harm one and expect to die. That is the warning from Ali Al Ameri, an animal p 3

Happy landings for RAK airport Ras Al Khaimah International Airport is marketing itself as a cheaper and easier landing site than Dubai International, pledging to transfer passengers to Dubai hotels quicker than if they were to fly 4

UAE doctors call for curb on soft-drink consumption

DUBAI // Doctors have urged consumers to curb their appetite for soft drinks to reduce dangerous levels of diabetes and obesity. UAE residents each consume an average of 103 litres, or about 300 cans, 3

Julphar looks to a healthy future in the UAE and abroad The UAE pharmaceutical company Julphar is scouting for a larger market beyond the Middle East as part of its ambitious expansion plans. Based in Ras Al Khaimah, it is among the few companies in the se 3

Steer clear of anger for a cool run in Dubai

DUBAI // It's often said that we can be blinded by anger. When it comes to the country's drivers, psychologists warn that may quite literally be true. One hundred and one people were killed and 1,362 3

Driven over the edge: Stats show Americans falling out of love with cars, driving The Delaware County Daily Times is your source for all Delaware County 24-hour breaking news, local news, sports, entertainment and more. View daily weather updates, watch videos and photos. Keep up w 2

Lots of flying for today's fish supper

Sometimes you will go to the ends of the earth for a great meal. At least, you will if you are anything like the Socotra Comorant. Scientists have discovered that the seabird, which is a native of the 3

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One child in three is overweight or obese, UAE study shows ABU DHABI // One in three children is overweight or obese and at risk of early diabetes and hypertension, a new study suggests. Researchers studied 1,440 children and teenagers aged 6 to 19 and found 2

Instant gratification - but at what cost? Let's run a quick - and it has to be quick, for reasons that will become clear soon - thought experiment. It's 1995 and you want to buy a book on the history of innovation. What do you do? You wait, o 3

FNC to push for shorter hours in UAE schools ABU DHABI // Long hours are wearing out pupils and teachers, an FNC member is expected to tell the Education Minister tomorrow. Dr Mohammed bin Ham (Abu Dhabi) plans to tell Humaid Al Qatami that sinc 3

What would you pay to save the coral? UAE residents asked DUBAI // Residents are willing to pay up to Dh10,000 to support efforts to protect coral reefs, a study suggests, but a sense of responsibility for the earth decreased among wealthier respondents. Ric 3

Rising tide of protest over Palm Jumeirah jet skiers in Dubai DUBAI // Palm Jumeirah residents are calling for a crackdown on jet skis and motorboats racing through their waterways. They say jet skis enter the frond areas at high speed and endanger the safety of 3

Three key laws to save lives on UAE roads ABU DHABI // Laws for mandatory seat belts and child car restraints must be strengthened and coordination between emirates improved if the country is to meet targets for the UN Decade of Road Safety. 1

UAE address system: Every one of Dubai's 130,000+ buildings now mapped DUBAI // Smart address codes have been allocated to every one of the more than 130,000 buildings in Dubai. The allocation of the codes marks the completion of phase one of Dubai Municipality's Geo Add 2

259 pieces of elephant ivory seized in UAE WAM Published: 00:29 May 22, 2013 Image Credit: WAM The Ministry of Environment and Water seized a shipment from Africa containing 259 pieces of elephant ivory. The shipment, coming through Jebel Ali 3

Year of Emiratisation: Low private sector pay and long hours remain obstacle - The National Barriers are still holding back Emiratis from joining the private sector despite 2013 being designated the year of Emiratisation. Nationals cite low wages and long hours as reasons dissuading them fro 2

False expectations make Emirati marriages fail, experts say DUBAI // Many young Emiratis do not understand the concept of marriage, according to a group of social services employees and psychology experts. Afra Al Basti, Director General of the Dubai Foundatio 3

Closer eye needed on oil spills in the UAE ABU DHABI // More efforts are needed to study the impacts of oil spills in the UAE, a conservation expert said yesterday. While the country has not experienced any significant pollution events in rece 2

Life remains a struggle for the Arabian oryx Providing the Arabian oryx with a safe haven in the UAE isn't enough to ensure that the vulnerable species will thrive, according to a research project that assessed herds of the reintroduced species 3

Abu Dhabi recycling initiative spreads ABU DHABI // About 90 per cent of villa communities on Abu Dhabi island are now covered by waste-recycling programmes. Special bins are being distributed by the Centre of Waste Management as part of a 3

World's most expensive luxury home on wheels coming to Dubai? DUBAI // The maker of the world's most expensive motorhome, available in a gold finish, has lined up a number of prospective buyers in the UAE. The eleMMent Palazzo is 12 metres long, weighs 20 tonnes 3

Camel hot dogs, now at a Dubai cafe near you - The National Jassim Albastaki's Cafe2Go in Dubai has made a name for itself as one of the only purveyors of coffees, teas and shakes made with camel milk. Such has been his success after opening branches at Al Mar 3

42% of UAE residents want tighter web controls, study shows More than four of every 10 UAE residents believe there should be tighter regulation of the internet, a study shows. Despite restrictions placed by service providers and the Telecommunications Regulato 3

Poor literacy in Arabic is 'the new disability' in the UAE, FNC told ABU DHABI // Hundreds of children are unable to read or write Arabic in an epidemic of illiteracy that is "a new disability", the Federal National Council was told yesterday. FNC members from an educa 2

UAE weddings: trend of big-budget days may be changing A recent plea by the Sharjah Marriage Fund for restraint in the cost of weddings has highlighted just how much some Emirati families are prepared to spend on the big day. But that trend may be changin 3

UAE weddings: trend of big-budget days may be changing A recent plea by the Sharjah Marriage Fund for restraint in the cost of weddings has highlighted just how much some Emirati families are prepared to spend on the big day. But that trend may be changin 3

UAE pearl industry to rise from the depths after lost decades Pearls harvested from the warm, briny waters of the UAE will on Sunday morning be sold at auction for the first time in the country's history at an exclusive sale to be held at the Dubai Pearl Exchang