This was sort of supposed to be a cross between Delirium from Sandman Comics and the Tardis as a woman.....

It is only a draft and may need tweaking to fit... part of the idea was knowing random snippets of stuff that might not have happened yet (i.e. precog/vision ish!
Sunistemi ? is exactly that; an amalgam, a “set of diverse elements”, a patchwork mélange of the Magical Realm. e!"he!#t has conflicting and patchy “memories”, gleaned from the remnants of creat$res, free%floating ideas, knowledge and memories, other $nfort$nate individ$als that fell thro$gh the &racks' and raw Magic (inding all together.
#ts original Master, possi(ly this “)ady” *see (elow+ , im($ed a “shell” with the essences of spirits, memories and a ghost, to (e a strange type of ,amiliar. -ne day, when the familiar was o$t h$nting!learning, something happened. .hen it ret$rned, there was nothing left ($t a charred r$in' and a dying old servant in a ditch' &$rrently "$nistemi is in a cross (etween a semi%defa$lt “I serve My Lady/Mages in General” persona and *may(e+ one or two other (odies, *them (eing the ones s$(s$med with eno$gh s$(stance (efore the incident with the /&s+; other personas *some have shapes, some don’t+ incl$de0 %

1. "emi%2efa$lt *pro(a(ly not the Old Default tho$gh+
3. Random others; a partic$lar one for most of the time, for talking with, others to chip in occasionally, not s$re which have forms and which don4t yet; # did different colo$rs (elow to show different personalities... 5. 67nimal6 of 8irt$e%ish *travel, h$nt, com(at+ % not s$re which one yet...? 9. 7 ($nch of random ideas, creat$res and “st$ff” that crop $p in any persona

"The fire flickers brightly; it gives off light, heat, and yet it does not burn? How does the Master do such things?” "The Lady bids that This One learns, serves, Protects. Learn words and capabilities of other servants {“yes, even the old one that smells and does not understand”} The Lady feeds This One Her Magic that runs from Her when the cycles are right The shade of a man is ... there! inside This One now. I… yes, I… make him mine, and he is Me is Her is everything'” “Where is my Lady!? Her Place is in Ashes ' "canning the ruins# "he is $ot Here. I taste the spent air/stones/wood/blood# %onfirmed. $ot the blood of the individual designated My Lady. "earching... Learning This One must go but… I am h ngry… I sense the &lace 'etween closer than ever and it calls with a !ho sand "oices of those who are #ost and need (eeping safe and I must learn $rom them' Tracking: blood… Cross-referencing Data…I know this scent…” "Fifty years I’ve served the Master, an and boy, and she still scares e! I should have stuck by her when they ca e! but then I’d be dead instead of stuck in this godforsaken hole with a broken neck! heh, I’ "ust as dead wherever I a !” "I remember… I fell asleep in Church again. My aunt dragged me home and beat me, so I hid the next time e had to go, in the lightning tree… she left ithout me and I fell asleep again… there as a storm coming…! "I remember dipping my head to drink from a pool… drops of cool water beading
on my whiskers… the smell/taste of fish… it mingles with the pine scent, and I growl at my reflection and the shimmering Door to the Place Between behind me…”

"#ook$ I get that it%s slightly sticky radiant energy that is flavoured by the

my stomach churning. :)a$ghing. and now you are not all blue and sparkly… and I am bursting at the seams… I need to e%ect… what is it called? #n e)halation…? no…* :. spinning ro$nd and ro$nd' falling in an $ngainly heap on the floor': "I remember rubbing legs with salt and ice-water.. This &lace is a place to Rest for a while… I eat… what is this? %onfusion' uncomfortable.substance it coalesces in$ but if you say the only way to unlock it is the Gift interacting with the mono permeable boundary of the substance$ then is the Gift part of a &agus% spirit$ or his soul'() "I chase the pretty butterfly across the clearing… I catch and eat it. I pluck out the thorn in my palm… blood running down my knee… here’s a bright light… and…! "This &lace is Interesting and I loo( around and taste the Sky and the radiance and the Stones. and the sky turns to all the colours I know… and some I don’t…” “I run from the castle and into the forest. . wait. . my dress rips on the briars… blood on my hands.!his has not ha.xtremely lo$d and long (elch. there are occasional things seen in the <exhalation=: "#h.arkles0 #n a slightly more serio$s!sane voice0 "'and you would have suffered the same 'ate if not for This One( This One stepped in between. I hate his stupid alliance and I’m not getting married to a stupid boy-who-isn’t-a-man with a piggy nose and sticky-out ears! I fall.arkles… WAIT- . that+s better….spots -C item and attempts to lick it. heart pounding. I don+t think that+s happened yet… where are we again? (oooooh! What1s that?.ened yet… This &lace is reaching for him now and/and/and The Lady Said: This One Must Protect lest he suffer as &ou did /he did My Lady! and the Man with the nearly happening )l e /. the flavour was strange and too filling and it isleaking' "I sense the instance o$ the Changing of the *orm $rom !here to H%&% Here here '(W… the Place in )etween where the Magic $lows like lightning lodestone +umping magic man looks like a spotty cat *oins here/there/everywhere + many di$$erent $lavo rs' does he know where My Lady is? ") watch and learn and I learn… Too Late! e is too weak in This &lace to hold imself together… I see is !ower react with This &lace" the #rcs of $agic split into a hundred pieces and %oin together bigger faster blue sparkles and plunge into his !ower it breaks im apart… all the sparkles they fly butterbye' mmmm… bl e s. I hate my Father. :wrinkles nose: "'no. to rid them of the creatures that burrowed….