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PURPOSE The purpose to start this business is to serve people of new era with a different and the most competitive style. We want to help those people who could not spend time in their busy schedule to take healthy food by diet sandwich which is 100% nutrient, healthy. The prime purpose is to generate profit by providing superb customer services. We aim to be leader in providing quality food items that fit into a balanced diet. ur aim is to provide the hygienic and delicious tastes of sandwich that the customers have never tasted before. We want to add convenience in the lives of fast food lovers by providing them the most wonderful dining e!periences. THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY - REVIEW "ood service business is one of the largest industries in the country. This number has been increasing for the past seven years. #n the past five years the restaurant industry has out$ performed the national %&' by (0%. The reasons given by the "olkney )eport *&ovember 1++(, are 1) lifestyle changes, 2) economic climate, and 3) #ncrease of product variety. There are -00 new restaurants opening every month and over .00 more needed to keep pace with increasing demand.


TRENDS & STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES The predicated growth trend is very positive both in short and long$term pro/ections. Folkney states that 0as modern living creates more demands, people will be compelled to eat more meals away from home1. #n 1+22 T e N!"#on!l Re$"!%&!n" A$$o'#!"#on released the "oodservice #ndustry .000 report that forecasted how the industry might look in the year .000. 3ome highlights from the panel4s findings5
• •

6onsumers will spend a greater proportion of their food away from home. #ndependent operators and entrepreneurs will be the main source of new restaurant concepts. &utritional concerns will be critical at all types of foodservice operations, and food flavors will be important. 7nvironmental concerns will receive increased attention.

WHO EATS FAST FOOD The food concept and product image will attract ma/ority of the

The student $$ more and more young people have developed healthy eating habits. 3ome also go through a 8health food phase8 while in college. The health conscious person of any age or sex $$ this includes anyone on a restricted or prescribed diet or those who have committed to a healthy diet. Curious and open-minded $$ "if you try it, you will like it." Through marketing, publicity, and word$of$mouth, people will seek out a new e!perience and learn that nutritious food can be tasty, fun, convenient, and ine!pensive.


"ocusing on themes that have customer appeal. :anaging finances to enable us to open new locations. .fternoon snack *<1%. eats at a fast$food restaurant for an average of +. and ability to cook for themselves. the proposed fast food business is assumed to operate on a partnership of ? members which may e!tend in case of addition of new products that might add significant >usiness to the e!isting setup. The keys to success in achieving our goals are5 • • • • • 'roduct quality. < .WHEN DO PEOP(E EAT FAST FOOD    9unch *((%. 7vening snack *1(%. PROPOSED )USINESS (EGA( STATUS . INDUSTRY ANA(YSIS .lthough the legal status of business tends to play an important role in any setup. Trends are very important and we are tasking interest to provide lighter. 6reation of spectacular design and layout at each facility. healthier foods at moderate to low prices.    =inner *1+%. :ore and more people have less time.. times monthly.. 6ontrolling costs. &ot only great food but great service and a fun$entertaining atmosphere. the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth.%. :orning snack *(0%. The average person *over the age of 1. >reakfast *1. resources.lthough the restaurant industry is very competitive.

creative people who en/oy making the best sandwiches for customers • 7ncourage innovative product suggestions from customers and staff • 6harge a premium price but one which. *e *!n" o%& '%$"o+e&$ "o el. OPERATIONS P(AN "ast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Cighly efficient. 3peaking about our outlet. how we are going to get your product out of the production stage to the doorstep of you target customer. The operational plan is an essential component to our business plan and it tells the reviewer how we are going to get your productDservice out to market. cheeses. which will be catering to different kinds of customers according to their taste and preferences. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food. we have three sections in total in our store. fruits @ vegetables • )ecruit and train5 "riendly people with the right attitude to the customer *Athe customer is always rightB. ( . well$presented sandwiches always. ensures customer value$for$money • 'romote. make and serve fresh. a range of speciality and e!clusive breads baked according to proprietary recipes • 'urchase an e!tensive range of high quality meats. typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with fast preparation and served to the customer in a packaged form for takeout take$away or can be consumed at the store or the restaurant. days per week. " e+$el-e$ this strategy will also work as word of mouth promotion where the e!perienced customers will tell new customers creating a unique interest in the minds of potential customers. attractive.Critical Success Factors for the local sandwich shop could include5 • 7stablish and maintain an e!clusive relationship with a baker to supply on a daily basis. We have positioned our productsDstore as value for money and quality fast food but at the same time we are not serving our customers. That is. tasty. e!clusive. together with the product and the service.

! S!n/*#' 3ince itBs a fast food which can be prepared very quickly as half of the things used to produce something is already ready or prepared now preparing a 3andwich will start with having all the necessary vegetables on its place which means having our inventories on place. and making sure the meal is properly wrapped before delivery and set on a serving container.!&#n. ? . 7ach associate behind the service counter will be responsible for a certain aspect of the assembly line such asF placing the necessary ingredient in the bread. the associate behind the service counter will begin to assemble the customers order based on the sales data which will be displayed on a monitor.PRODUCTION PROCESS P&e. The assembly line will have placards or assembly instructions showing how each meal should look and what condiments need to be on the sandwich. There will also be an associate in the rear of the kitchen who will supply the production line with more products. This will ensure that each sandwich is done the same and will maintain quality. 0!n%1!'"%&#n. then the process of making the food thatBs the sandwich will start followed by the "inished product thatBs sandwich having #nventories n place Work in 'rogress "inished 'roduct #n order to meet the demand of inventories which we will be having we will be using sum of the production operation techniques which will see that we are making optimum utiliEation of resources and minimum wastage. adding the required condiments. Pl!n nce an order is received.

Gnless of course you prefer aged sandwich.&o'e$$ 1lo* R!* 0!"e&#!l$ C%""#n. Without this ability. The less obvious benefit is the higher quality customer service that arises from the H#T sandwich assembly. When 0Mummies Sandwich” waits for you to order the sandwich. F#ll#n. we do a few things to improve customer service. 13 I+. 0Mummies Sandwich” ordering costs would be sky$high because the costs associated with ordering would be the loss of customers tired of ordering fast food that really is not fast. 0#2#n. Se&-#n. - .&o-e/ 4%!l#"y The benefits of a better tasting 3andwich should be fairly apparent.e$ P&o/%'"#on .P&o/%'"$ F&#e/ C #'ken )%&. This higher quality customer service is sub/ect to our ability to actually produce faster. the fresher sandwich is going to be higher quality if made fresh /ust for you.e&$ S!n/*#' e$ S!l!/$ )e-e&!. 0U00IES SANDWICH has found something that allows us to improve quality and lower costs.

variety and moderation. ur goal is to provide you with the information you need to assist you in making sensible decisions about balance. >ut we will be delivering our products to our customers within a %eographical . ur varied menu and range of serving siEes make it easy to fit our food into a balanced diet and to create a range of meal combinations that fall within recommended guidelines for calories. phone or e$mail. .00D$ and he need to pay 1?% of the bill amount e!tra as delivery charges which will be lowered as the bill amount increases in percent. salads and other items available and distribute the menu to office buildings and factories.dditionally. The holding costs go from roughly . it4s as easy as establishing a working relationship with a catering service to supply the sandwiches on a wholesale basis.N%"&#"#on '!l'%l!"o& 0Mummies Sandwich” serves a wide range of quality sandwich that can easily fit into individual diet needs based on the principles of balance.rea of first ?km 5Ho+e Del#-e&y) from our 3tore if customers bill e!ceeds )s. I . =esign a menu featuring all the sandwiches. 3ome of our packaging now includes the 0Mummies Sandwich” &utrition 6hart. #nstead of having a shelf life of months or weeks. 6ustomers would simply place their lunch orders in the morning or the day before.0% per week to 100% per hour. fat and other nutrient W7 are also helping you learn more about our food by adding nutrition information on some of our packaging. variety and moderation in your diet. 23 (o*e& Co$"$ The holding costs for sandwich parts are fairly high because of its spoilage costs. lunch orders could be placed by way of fa!. the sandwich needs to be sold within 1? minutes or so. while building a customer base to purchase the lunch meals. #n terms of operating the business.

ly C !#n 0!n!. c. 2 .INVENTORY 0ANAGE0ENT SYSTE0 a. S%. we will be having tie ups with sum of the vendors of vegetables and grocery stores. E'ono+#' O&/e& 4%!n"#"y 5EO4) is the level of inventory that minimiEes the total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. so that our needed requirements doesnBt get hampered as we will be following H#T and 7 J methods to avoid unnecessary wastage of resources and money. The framework used to determine this order quantity is also known as Wilson 7 J :odel.. We will order on =aily basis with one order per day and as per our requirements say for e!ample in the morning we order we will see to it that with that order our requirement is fulfilled of the day. This saves warehouse space and costs. 6%$"-In-T#+e 56IT) is an inventory strategy implemented to improve the return on investment of a business by reducing in$process inventory and its associated carrying costs.e+en" 5SC0) is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers. b. #n order to meet our requirements we will be having tie ups with Kegetable Kendor and 1 %rocery store. Juick communication of the consumption of old stock which triggers new stock to be ordered is key to H#T and inventory reduction. &ow as a store of fast foods we are in instant need of vegetables and other grocery requirements as and when needed or required. This we will come to know through our 6hefs such as the presence or absence of a part. this will reduce the transportation cost for 1 more order or unnecessary order .

)3 'uram <.e$ Colle. %andhipuram PEE(A0EDU 5Ne!& Ho. :ore over them can get sandwiches any time. restaurants we have selected mainly three areas around the 6oimbatore. 'eelamedu *&ear Copes 6ollege. "or them 3andwich is the most suitable food to fulfill their desires. .IDENTIFYING THE (OCATION "or establishing fast food *sandwich. . RS PURA0 7 + . 3ince 'eelamedu is highly residential area home delivery will be very easy. Cence in addition to the student customers we can concentrate in office employees too. The student population density is more around the hopes college when compared to other areas in 'eelamedu. 3ince students are very busy in going to the colleges during morning they prefer to take healthy food in less time. The transportation cost will also very less.part from the educational institutes there are many offices present around the hopes college. . Copes 6ollege is present at centre of the educational institutes in 'eelamedu.s already mentioned earlier students are one of the main customers for sandwich restaurant. "or these reasons 'eelamedu was selected to establish a sandwich industry. They are 1.e)7 #n 6oimbatore 'eelamedu is one of the areas where large number of eduacational #nstitutes is present.. Cence ma/ority of the residents in 'eelamedu are student community.

>read etc. .part from this life style is one of the factors which have a huge impact on business. 3o by promoting the advantages of sandwiches we can get more customers in our restaurant. Cence the people in )3 'uram prefer to take sandwiches as one of their ma/or food in daily life. "or our sandwich restaurant the main target customers are health conscious people and open minded people. 3ince the cost for establishing sandwich restaurant is slightly e!pensive in )3 'uram the competitors are very less. ur Target customers in %andhipuram is mainly shoppers and shop owners. Cence based on the economical environment and life style of the residents )3 'uram was selected to establish our sandwich restaurant. 10 .)3 'uram is one of the areas in 6oimbatore where more educated people and more health conscious people are present. 3ince it is a main baEaar the residents of %andhipuram are very less but the passers by are more. GANDHIPURA0 7 %andhipuram is the heart of 6oimbatore city. 3o the transportation is cheap and easy. #f the snacks were healthy and easily available *like sandwiches. they choose to take. With respect to supply chain )3 'uram is very nearby to %andhipuram which is the :ain baEaar for the city where we can purchase raw materials like vegetables. )3 'uram people have a rich and modern life style when compared to others. )egular income can be generated by making agreement with shop owners for daily delivery. The main shopping baEaar in 6oimbatore is present in %andhipuram. ur operating strategy is to compensate the cost with the more volume of customers. The transportation of raw materials will also be very easy. %enerally people prefer snacks during their shopping.

!'e !n!ly$#$ 1o& " e 1ollo*#n. preparation L7mployee locker room and toilet L3ervice areas LWare washing OPERATING FACI(ITIES AND E4UIP0ENT TO RUN THE )USINESS 13 8#"' en E9%#.!&el$         aprons bandannas caps@ hats chef coats chef hats face masks finger guard kitchen gloves 33 Cook#n. e9%#.+en"             6ommercial "ryers Cot "ood 3torage 3team 7quipment 6ommercial vens Wood 6abinet 6arts Work Tables Tissue rolls 6utlery sets "reeEers %enerators :icrowaves Waste bins )estaurant Toasters 23 8#"' en !. 1%n'"#on!l !&e!$7 • • • • )eceiving L3torage L ffice D counter L're$preparation • • • • L"inal *Cot$food.+en" 11  ..APP(YING DESIGN PRINCIP(ES TO (AYOUT S.

packs of /ellies and ketchup. automatic potato peelers and automatic coffee brewers. • • U"#l#<!"#on o1 "#+e-$!-#n.l!$"#' *&!.e'"!"#on$7• U$e o1 . for each employee.&o/%'"$ !n/ .  3andwich %rills 3andwich 'ress :3 S"!"#on!&y    )egister rolls 3ales book Tape products Ho* *e *#ll +!n!. baking pans. U"#l#<!"#on o1 l!. A''e$$ "o R!* 0!"e&#!l$  The 0.$ kee. saladDcold food preparation area with access to raw materials5  "low in the dish washing process A''e$$ "o U"en$#l$ !n/ E9%#.e$" !n/ 1!$" "o kee.!. or one drawer for each ( linear feet of worktable M verhead utensil racks *ceiling$hung.o& 'o$"$ /o*n7 're$sliced cheese. and salad preparation areas for sheet pans. getting the customer to help them.$ l!. .ssembly line1 model is common in foodservice design5  .e "o $e&-e . "o o%& '%$"o+e&$ e2. hot$food preparation. . in hot$food and cold$food preparation areas @ near steam$/acketed kettles for paddles or wire whips M 3helving under each worktable for larger utensils M Wall$hung over shelf above each table M )acks for mi!er parts and bowls M 9arge racks in bakery.+en"5 Ware washers. e9%#.o&-$!-#n. and other large utensils 1.e& .+en"7 M Gtensil drawer in each worktable. e9%#. %. limited menu restricted to items with a short preparation time would make fast service possible and would also be useful in streamlining operations. post mi! beverage dispensers etc.+en"5 :icrowave.

M 3pecial storage racks for food processor blades and parts M 9arge rack or special storage room for catering supplies M Nnife rack in each preparation area 9ayout of our 3andwich 3hop 1< .

as well as create a local market that has not e!isted before. CO0PETITIVE STRATEGY There are three ma/or ways in which we will create an advantage over our competitors5 1( . ur store is on :ain 3treet or /ust off :ain 3treet. we will have growth through repeat business. H#.CO0PETITIVE EDGE L(o'!"#on7 9ocation is critical to success. there by taking advantage of walk$by and drive by traffic. we will draw customers from the competition. 9%!l#"y7 "ocusing on high quality food. #f the prices are reasonable and the food is good. >ut we also need adequate parking to make shopping at our store convenient for drivers. Con-en#en'e7 6ustomers are willing to pay a little bit more for good food and the convenience of being able to get what they want without having to travel out of town. ur customers will purchase our food because it is reliable and delicious.

quality. and track our ingredients. The consultants also conduct periodic restaurant operations reviews. 1? . who regularly visit our restaurants to advise managers on operations. :anagers are e!pected to correct any irregularities identified. with requirements and guidance that cover all the critical control points at the restaurant levelOfrom supply and delivery through storage. We have stringent standards and checks in place in critical areas throughout the food supply chainOfrom 8fork to farm. test. which include assessments of food safety procedures. and holding. and novelty 23 Cigh employee motivation and good sales attitude 33 #nnovative and aggressive service options FOOD 4UA(ITY ASSURANCE The bedrock of all our socially responsible supply efforts is our commitment to ensuring that all the foods and beverages we serve our customers are safe. "ood safety procedures are monitored by staff operations consultants. We do business only with suppliers that share this commitment and work with them to continuously monitor. preparation.8 ur perations and Training manual for restaurant managers includes a whole chapter on food safety.13 'roduct identity.

They will constantly be tested for our own high standards of freshness and purity. help ensure food safety. We standardiEe our product and service by restricted menu items.Sy$"e+$ & Con"&ol$ . P!'k!. perational issues such as scheduling.e&!"#on$ !n/ . service. This gives us many ongoing opportunities to minimiEe the environmental impacts of our packaging and to provide industry leadership in natural resource conservation. big emphasis is being placed on e!tensive research into the quality and integrity of our products. general safety procedures and maintenance are some of the matters which would be cautiously catered to. 6ups will be dispensed so the customer can select their desired drink while waiting for their individual orders to come up. the associate on the left side of the counter will call out the claim number for the customer to pickup.#n. :any of our menu offerings have unique packaging designs to provide insulation. departmental /ob functions. orders will be taken on the right side of the service counter where money will be e!changed and the customer will be issued a receipt containing the order selection and a claim number. and make them convenient for carryout. "ood costs and inventory control will be handled by our computer system and checked daily by management.&o/%'"#on The day$to$day operations of the restaurant from opening to close will be in accordance to industry standards and norms stipulated. To adopt 0 urs$ is$better$than$theirs1 strategy by using a combination of focus$differentiation strategy keyed to 1- . Ho* o&/e&$ !&e "!ken 3imilar to most fast food establishmentsB. ordering and receiving. D!#ly o. When the order is ready. ur plan conveys to any reader that management has a sound plan for operating the restaurant. 'ackaging design is a fundamental part of our top quality customer service. menu production.

C%$"o+e& $e&-#'e We plan to adhere to establishing service attitudes and policies for effective quality functioning and service provision. we plan to incorporate management controls. tasks and support systems into our plan.product quality. C!. A-e&!. to suit their requirements and taste. 3ales and marketing efforts are focused on the individual customer basis. .ll the customer complaints which would have to be handled and how we will go about getting customer feedback such as surveys or through mystery shoppers will all be a part of the process of adhering to quality standards.#"!l#<!"#on nee/$7 The estimated capitaliEation needed to open the business is appro!imately <0 lakhs and the planned sources for funding it are personal investments of partners.e& P Total 3ales D &umber of full time equivalent team members. FINANCE P(AN "inance department is responsible to arrange the cash inflows of the business. some startup restaurateurs open their doors unprepared to industry e!pertBs analysis. :any seasoned restaurateurs have established systems to help them control cost and maintain e!cellence.e& C%$"o+e& P Total 3ales D &umber of 6ustomer transactions This can be done by the year. 0!n!.e& F%ll "#+e Te!+ 0e+. #t also identifies the sources from where the finances can obtain to run the business operations smoothly. bank loan and credit union. to develop the superiority perception in customerBs view. week or day.e+en" 'on"&ol$ perating a restaurant on a day$to$day basis requires established systems and controls.e S!le . though. The important thing is sales members need a target to aim for and this is one of the most effective ways of doing this S!le$ . Gnfortunately. month. 1I .

.?000 100000 100000 3ales .2.)&e!k e-en !n!ly$#$ T!.(000000 1<00000 -0000 <II0000 ?.000 .?0000 I?000 I.le 17 In'o+e !n/ e2.-?000 10000000 I000 .2I-?000 1(00000 +0000 <200000 ??000 .<(000 .<(000 <.dvertising Telephones )ent @ utgoings Water 7lectricity Wages 'ostage #nsurance @ Workers =epreciation %as "uel .000 Qear < .-0000 I200000 ?000 .I0000 10?00000 I000 .?00 ?I000 1+?00 Qear .000 .I<00000 1<-?000 I?000 <II0000 ?.<(000 .<(000 <00000 +?000 +?000 Qear <1-0<1?0 1?I?000 100000 (000000 I?000 .<(000 <00000 2?000 2?000 Qear ? <00+2.0000 ?000 .-0000 10000000 -000 .I?000 10I?0000 +000 .?0000 I2000 I?000 12 Qear ( .?0 1?00000 +?000 <+00000 -0000 .<(000 -.en/#"%&e $"!"e+en" Qear 1 10000000 <0000 <0000 <II0000 1<000 100000 .

.I00 1?0+<00 0.? 'K#" S 1?% 'K 0.?0 0..R S <?% 7.1+0.<?000 .R S <?% 7.(+I 0...<+00 +0+000 <121?0 ?+02?0 0.? Qear ? (<1.I--2(.T *T.?0 1-0.=epreciation 7>T *$.+(?0 .? <00000 . .'urchases Total 7!penses 7>T T.+ <I months <000000 1?% 1+ .?I.+I-?1.?000 (?I+. 1(12.0 (?I+.=epreciation 6ash flow &'K 'rofitability inde! 'ay back period #nitial investment )equire rate of return (200+-2.+02<.?0000 1I?+<00 Qear < <.?00 +0+000 <121?0 ?+02?0 -.I00 1?0+<00 .000 21.+I-?1< <.200 1(0((20 .?000 <<01?1< 7>=#T *$.(<. 1.1-I2000 21?0000 .12.II+(.-?2 1.200 1(0((20 .<.+2?000 10((I?0 1+(0.(I+(..(+?0?00 +0.?0 .(I+(.+2?000 10((I?0 1+(0.?0000 .<.0 <00000 .2I ?1(0<+.?0000 .?0000 .?0 1-0.-02<.? 0.I?11(10<0.-00<.I<I.0( 1.? .T 1+?0000 +0+1000 I200000 .? .?0 <.T.I.I<2 .-02<.200 <00000 (01.( T!.2 .+-<<?.000 .? <21(?00 1<<?0I? .le 27 To"!l C!$ 1lo* Qear 1 +I1?00 -.2?2?<.?0 Qear ( (11(?00 <00000 <21(?00 1<<?0I? .(<1?000 2-.?00 -?<<?0 Qear .I0.<1.1 (01.-02?(?0 +(20+00 .000 21.?I.+?00 .0 Qear (+0(.

e&-#$o&7 versees. as well as delegation of tasks to ensure these guidelines are being maintained.n!"#on="y. 4%!l#"y 0!n!. V3P3 4%!l#"y7 3ets standards of quality to meet all state and federal health and safety guidelines. . 1 1 1> Cook$7 'repare food in a prompt.0ANAGE0ENT RE4UIRED TO RUN THE )USINESS 13 "ast food manager 23 Juality assurance manager De$#.'. < ( 1 .e&7 To assist K.hour. 4%!l#"y S%. and assists individual restaurant and its maintenance associates to ensure the company. To"!l No ? .0 . safe and clean manner to ensure complete customer satisfaction. as well as state and federal health and safety guidelines are being maintained or e!ceeded.e wner kitchen supervisor shift supervisor 6ook take away order taker dish washer 6leaner guard*1. of quality in obtaining all state and federal health and safety guidelines.

O. We will be providing fast food in area of ?km. We value your health than anything else. wner.+en"!"#on 6reate .0!#n"en!n'e7 6arries out all functions as assigned by quality manager or quality supervisor with a constant regard for fellow associates.wareness through intensive marketing . but not many. promptly 3hall adapt to the changing trends and deliver the best accordingly 3hall strive to maintain harmonious relationship with customers @ suppliers )&!n/ n!+e7 0%++#e$ S!n/*#' . comprehensive business plan includes a sound marketing plan. We give sandwiches that will not make you sluggish in the morning and that can kill your hunger during the noon.ttract people and impart the e!perience >reak even by the third year of establishment We -!l%e yo%& e!l" 3hall deliver what is promised.?e'"#-e$7 • • • Go!l$7 • • • USP 0=iet sandwiches1 is our G3'. We are here to break up the common perception that fast food destroys your health. open their doors to instant success. Se. investors and bankers want to know you have a proactive plan to grow your business. from our fast food hub. 0AR8ETING P(AN .1 . Se&-#'e /#11e&en"#!"#on We are providing the customers with diet sandwich so it maintains their health. This is a unique positioning were in the customer will perceive us different from other fast food outlets. will give you a light feel for your dinner. Qou canBt rely on instant popularity and simple word$of$mouth marketing /ust because some restaurants. We care for the calorie that our sandwiches add to your health. and customersB well being.

3egmentation helps to cater each individual segment that has commonality. segmentation helps better in targeting our segment. T!&. Cere lies our greatest challenge and also opportunity. We will have customiEation that is our customers will get their choice of taste. We here by segment our customers into elite *who are youngsters between age . 0!&ke"#n."or any business it needs to identify the segment they are going to segment the population. We make them feel that we make them trendy. with more varieties. We cater mainly to these two segments that will take care of our sales. +#2 P&o/%'" ur main product is sandwich. trendy. We are specialiEing in producing sandwiches that are not going to affect your health. Qou have a population with a commonality which you can tap. We segment people between age group who are so conscious about their health.e"#n. .. nce we are done with our segmentation we are in to how we will target our segment.. Po$#"#on#n. Gnlike a common segment where you have wide range of population with different needs. To our elite segment we would like to position our sandwiches as tasty. youthful with the fast foods but with concern for their health. We use product differentiation strategy were we differentiate our product we make the customer to feel that we are not offering them the ordinary sandwiches that everyone offers. They are the ones who are really health conscious but need our sandwiches to cope with their fast moving schedules. We focus our two segments so that they feel their needs are satisfied to the fullest possible. . and premium *people between age group <0$(?.0$<0. They are the customers who we are looking for. To them we are going to position our sandwich as a 0S!n/*#' o1 " e#& +oney@ e!l" !n/ "#+e1. &ow the biggest challenge in front of us is how we are going to position our products in front of our segments. nce we could position ourselves to our elite customers here comes our premium customers.

#e$7 ur marketing efforts will be concentrated on take$out and delivery. ne our advertisement campaign succeeds sure our sandwich will stand on its own. Pl!'e This is where we are one step ahead of our competitors. growing market. 1. . ) s puram. that will make us the leader of a new style of dining. We assume that the market will respond. new products may be added to maintain sales. #t is our campaign that is going to bring out the innovation that we have brought in sandwich. 6ustomers will not feel the difference in our price even if it is high as it appears to be a different one. ur goals are to create a reputation of quality. 3ince we are going to differentiate our product from the others we are going have this strategy.s the market changes. We would like to go for food festivals.. #n 6oimbatore our outlets are in three places. P&o+o"#on The foremost activity and most important among the marketing mi! is promotion. and grow quickly in the ne!t ? years. sponsoring events in colleges. consistency and security *safety of food. through "m and hoardings. S"&!"e. We need to create the awareness among the people about our sandwiches. r else it will be considering as yet another sandwich in the market that has evolved to add fuel to e!isting health problems. (ONG-TER0 DEVE(OP0ENT GOA(S DIET SANDWICH is an innovative concept that targets a new. 'eelamedu <. We see to that we are nearer to our customers. the areas of most promising growth. .P&#'e We are going to use cost plus pricing strategy. %andhipuram .< .

co. we e!pect some competition in the form of other independent units.sandwichpanel. there is risk involved.ukDbusiness$planning.l!n o1 ! 1!$" 1oo/ )%$#ne$$ by . we will look to e!pand it. REFERENCE7 Se'&e"$ of small business success &ewell : *1+2?. Re"!#l .com http5DDwww.( .virtualrestaraunt.php .interstellar$solutions. we will keep a close eye on sales and profit.fter year 1. R#$k e-!l%!"#on7 With any new venture. The success of our pro/ect hinges on the strength and acceptance of a fairly new market. 6hain competition will be much later.bdul Hamil 3harify www. #f we are on target at the end of year 1.fundinguniverse.score.0#le$"one$7 .fter the restaurant opens.comDsample$business$plans www. .org www.