INTERIOR DESIGN VI SEM PART – A Answer ALL the Questions 1. Give any two definitions of 'interior design'. 2.

How is the design of interior spaces influenced by typology? 3. Write a short note on the interior spaces of urban houses in ancient Rome. 4. Bring out the salient features of interior spaces during the Victorian era. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Explain how the design of the wall ceiling and floor finishes can affect the perception of proportion of an interior space. Explain importance of colours in Interior Design. List the various movements, which influenced the development of interior design. What are the different types of lighting? Mention any two suitable wall treatments for a computer laboratory.


10. Sketch out the important ergonomic considerations that determine chair design. PART – B 16 = 80) 11.a) Give a brief overview of the interior design process. (or) b) Discuss the vocabulary of design with reference to interior spaces bringing out case studies. 12. a) Give an overview of the new design movements at the beginning of the 20th century that broke away from the eclectism and adverse effects of Industrialization prevalent at the end of the 19th century. (Or) b) Folk arts and crafts of India enrich life by offering not only physical comfort but also providing necessary meaning to everyday life. Discuss, bringing out the various traditions. 13.a) Discuss the important considerations involved in the design of an interior of a Jewellery shop. OR b) Discuss the role of landscape in interiors, list the various elements of Landscape design and give examples for each. Show hoe they modify the Character of interior space. 14.a) Discuss the important styles of floor and wall painting of folk India and Describe their utility in the contemporary interiors. OR b) ) Furniture design evolves over the ages with changing technology (materials, Construction, etc.) And life styles (way of living, size of spaces, etc.). Discuss. 15.a) Bring out the functional and aesthetic characters of materials for ceiling, wall, Flooring with a few methods of construction. OR (5x

Elaborate with examples various types of lighting and its effects in different typed of interiors.b) Explain how lighting functionally transforms an interior space. .