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Efficient Engineering EPLAN Software & Service is a market leading supplier of first class engineering solutions. EPLAN is a synonym for innovative strength.EPLAN Efficient Engineering Internationally. More than 50 sales and service centers provide worldwide support spanning over six continents. Users are fully supported through a broad spectrum of services including training. EPLAN Software & Service belongs to the Friedhelm Loh Group. more than 18.000 customers and 60. progress and investment security in this strong business group. .000 customers from all engineering disciplines related to automation technology for machine and plant design rely on the performance of our products and on the know-how of our over 500 employees. fluid and process control technology design engineering for over 25 years now. As a 100% Rittal subsidiary.000 installations worldwide. EPLAN Software & Service EPLAN Software & Service is the global standard in software and service concepts for electrical. The primary objective is to provide integrated. EPLAN Software & Service has become a worldwide leader in technology solutions. continuity. Worldwide engineering – global presence With 18. consulting and customer solutions. the global software provider has been demonstrating the success of consistent practice orientation with international presence for over 25 years. mechatronic oriented workflows and efficient process support to our customers.

Integrated Engineering Platform technology – integrated and mechatronic The EPLAN product portfolio is based on a continuous development platform for direct data exchange from different disciplines: EPLAN Electric P8 – The Global Standard in Electrical Design Engineering Software With a freely selectable graphical/ object orientation. basic. routing.) redundant data entry a thing of the past. EPLAN Platform – Your key to success The revolutionary EPLAN Platform technology allows you to take part in the future of global engineering. 2D-/3D-views perfect for manufacturing. making (e. Virtual 3D-models. The EPLAN Platform – disciplines united. The platform provides core functions that are equally required in electrical CAE as well as in fluid or PCT engineering – combined with a unique bridge to mechanical engineering. integration and collaboration enabled! . the software puts your global projects on the fast tracks to success.and detail-planning phases. variant technology and reverse engineering. EPLAN Cabinet – Engineering Design Software for enclosure construction and high level automation in enclosure production Engineering Design Software for enclosure design. The CAE software delivers continuous process system documentation with data alignments from pre-. Machines and systems are divided into mechatronical functional units for interdisciplinary engineering with future factor.g. EPLAN PPE – Instrumentation & Control Design Software for Process Automation Engineering Professional planning and design of instrumentation and measurement control systems with EPLAN PPE. All systems are fed from the same data source. drilling templates and NC coupling slash your production costs. EPLAN Engineering Center – Integrating discipline-specific technical data in a superior platform to facilitate modular system design A new working method in engineering causes costs to drop. EPLAN Fluid – Control & Design Engineering Software for Fluid Power EPLAN Fluid combines CAD functionality with unique logic allowing you to automate your complete Fluid documentation – with links to electrical and mechanical designs.

gas and nuclear power plants Hydroelectric power plants Transformer substations Gas-insulated high-voltage switchgears Medium-voltage .INDUSTRIES Overview for power generation. transmission & distribution A unique portfolio of innovative EPLAN products for engineering energy systems ensure safe and efficient power generation and transmission. Coal.

Wind power plants Solar plants Transmission systems Generator switches Low-voltage systems systems .

Which data sets are the latest up to date?" with EPLAN. Can I change this situation to raise and ensure enduring quality?" with EPLAN. EPLAN Software & Service offers a unique comprehensive solution for power generation and distribution through the EPLAN Platform with its powerful. enclosure layouts and functional engineering. you can generate the documentation automatically! For over 25 years. machine. you know it! "We often design new plant extensions on the basis of existing project documentation and adapt these templates subsequently through manual revision. you can! "We have a vast amount of plant documentation and engineering master data in our company. EI&C technology and P&ID. efficiently and by avoid reinventing the wheel each time?" with EPLAN.Does any of these challenges sound familiar to you? "Errors in our design work fall into a recurring pattern – somehow they keep surfacing over and over again. High-quality plant documentation plays the central role in the entire process and the plant life cycle engineering. How can I accomplish this more effectively. comprehensive engineering with proven track record SOLUTIONS Optimum plant planning and design with EPLAN The foundation for reliable power supply is already laid in the engineering of plants and distribution systems. we offer industry-specific solutions for power supply with our long history of proven expertise in power plant. fluid power design. error prevention and productivity increase in power generation and distribution engineering can be achieved. EPLAN has been demonstrating how quality improvement. Moreover. . purpose built modules: electrical design engineering. mechanical and automation engineering.

incompatible tools for electrical. The solutions EPLAN Software & Service fully supports you in the migration to the EPLAN Platform with customized solution concepts and offers extensive services delivered by our certified EPLAN consultants: Integration of and migration to EPLAN engineering tools Importing and conversion of existing documentation and engineering data Standardization of engineering or maintenance process Definition of supplier concepts and guidelines . With advanced EPLAN engineering solutions the overall plant documentation can be integrated into your existing PDM workflow for maximum efficiency. PDF. fluid power and P&ID designs? Create a single collective project file with the EPLAN software platform! Inability to quickly access current plant documents to minimize downtimes? Integrate your existing documentation with minimum effort and maximum interconnection into the process control environment. Well specified supplier requirements ensure consistent documentation format and content for smooth startup and maintenance. The challenges Grappling with inconsistent design methods of various suppliers due to lack of documented guidelines? Standardize with EPLAN and create the basis for a new communication standard. Have EPLAN convert automatically. In complex systems such as power plants or substations with a huge amount of schematics. Challenges and solutions Despite the use of PDM systems there is often no consistency in the documentation because of various document types. DXF etc.)? Migrate existing data into EPLAN. a central task is to include and update all the universal documents that are affected by each change. Difficulty in handling countless existing documentation in various different formats (paper. Using separate.EPLAN Engineering solutions for network operators Standardization on EPLAN allows a perfect link between suppliers and production plants.

GLOBAL STANDA in performance and quality for power generation. Central access to all existing projects. Efficient drawing functions and pre-engineered. In addition to the native EPLAN format. control & electrical systems Professional planning and design of instrumentation & control systems for process automation with EPLAN includes associated documentation and specifications for plant structure. PCT loops and device data. making it easy and fast to exchange projects wiht any involved parties. all neutral output formats such as PDF. pre-stored design elements facilitate fast creation of high-quality central planning documents. Of course. you can optimally integrate your projects in your IT structure. The integrated P&ID module is used to create plant overviews. Instrumentation. transmission & distribution EPLAN Project Management With the EPLAN Platform's Project Management tool. . PDF/A ensures the long-term archiving of valuable project documentation at all times. PCT configurations and related reports. The Project Reference module checks supplier's delivered projects against reference projects for conformity to your specifications to ensure that the quality of the overall plant documentation is maintained. DWG/DXF and other graphical formats are supported. the management and workflow organization of EPLAN projects can also be integrated into your existing PDM concept. structured management of project header data and project statuses simplifies the handling and archiving of extensive project data.

Enclosure layout Whether its the 360° views. With EPLAN you can create your field types such as output. baseplates for enclosures or panel layout diagrams with embedded enclosure legends – EPLAN provides you with a consistent and capable solution. Consistent data through all types of documents is automatically managed and updated by EPLAN to ensure accurate as built documentation at anytime. transverse and longitudinal couplings. grounding switches. disconnectors. Network and interlocking diagrams With EPLAN you always have an overview through global network. . current and potential transformers. measuring field. important instruments in planning and maintaining complex plants. when creating single-line higherlevel function overviews with items such as power circuit breakers. rapidly and simply by selecting the corresponding symbols from a preview window and dragging-and-dropping them on the schematic.and interlock diagrams. 2D/3D panel layouts are created as integrated part of the plant documentation.RD Single-line EPLAN supports you.

A common data base can easily be build up from which all devices incl.Primary devices (Circuit breakers) EPLAN supports easy engineering of components such as power circuit breakers. These components are handled very flexibly via EPLAN's parts management and variants tools. Graphical evaluations (Reports) Documentation such as terminal diagrams. bills of materials or tables of contents are taken care of effortlessly since EPLAN creates and automaticly updates them all. The overview can be used to see the assignment and reference of the individual functions. disconnectors. so that different representation types are simply implemented by a quick drag and drop from the device navigator on the plant documentation. High quality plant documentation is completed by automatically generated overview pages with no additional effort for the engineer. cable and connection lists. thus preventing excess use of auxiliary contacts. Secondary devices (Protection relays) Is having protective devices with distributed representation displayed on a structure diagram and on an overview important for you? Then EPLAN offers the necessary data concept. current and potential transformers. engineering data can be managed and reused for future project planning Portal. grounding switches. .

the workflow and the organizational structure in the company plays a decisive role in optimizing processes. EPLAN provides the possibility of establishing innovative engineering methods rapidly and without frictional losses from the very beginning. All the internal departments as well as external suppliers are integrated in the engineering process – from the first draft of a plant to the maintenance and servicing: Data transfer and conversion services Standardization of engineering workflows Planning support and on the job training Development of design guidelines and global engineering manuals Engineering services and tailored software development . Engineering workshops and workflow analyses form the basis for a tailored system implementation.SERVICES with individual attention Services – rapid implementation and effective use of consistent engineering solutions are the prerequisites for your success. With diverse training programs. for even faster productivity Using synergy effects sensibly In addition to the engineering software itself. Synergy effects can only be used optimally if routine and standard tasks are minimized for all those involved in the engineering process.

de (Cologne).000 customers and 60.000 installations worldwide.eplan. www. continuity. EPLAN Software & Service belongs to the Friedhelm Loh Group. 06/2010 www. More than 50 sales and service centers provide worldwide support spanning over six continents. 40789 Monheim am Rhein . Main Office: EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. As a 100% Rittal . progress and investment security in this strong business group. the German based software provider has been demonstrating the success of consistent practice orientation with international presence for over 25 years.EPLAN Power Engineering Efficient Engineering Internationality without limits Our customers work around the globe – so do we With 18. EPLAN is a synonym for innovative EPLAN .de Concept: ttm-marketing. KG An der alten Ziegelei 2 . Germany Phone: +49 2173 3964-0 Fax: +49 2173 3964-25 info@eplan.