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com/ © 2012 .45 Cravings Quick Tips 4 45 CRAVINGS QUICK TIPS Lets Get Started facebook.kevin KevinZahri.

facebook.. So the next time you feel the urge to munch. • Ice cream cravings are linked to calcium deficiency. Now there are a couple things you ought to know about complex carbohydrates 1. Take control.which ultimately results in higher cravings.kevin KevinZahri.. If you have a weak spot for chocolates or sweets. The sugars in fruits are digested differently than the empty calories of white sugar. popcorn etc as these will raise sugar levels (insulin as well) . it contains ZERO calories . They provide slower and more consistent release of energy as your body needs to time to break down the complex carb chains into usable sugar. I personally stick with carrots! They are crunchy and low in This way your home is “craving safe”. So don’t overdo them. 3 4 7 9 Water. don’t bring these back home.. All Day Long Drinking neutral water will calm your cravings for sugar . Also.45 Cravings Quick Tips 5 1 Eat very 3-4 hours! This is arguably the best way to keep your cravings in check. complex foods like whole grain bread contain more calories than their “white”counterparts. 2. Sometimes the best remedy for cravings is you! Be strong. For instance: • Water cravings (night) are due to salt it can’t make you gain weight. For instance cravings for chocolates differ from that of water. your cravings never really have the chance to kick in! 2 Go Complex Make sure to work in complex carbohydrates into your diet. Exercise also reminds you of your commitment to stay in shape. 6 Know Your Insulin Killers Avoid refined sugars like sweets. Also their fiber slows the absorption of the sugars. stay committed and say NO! Your mind is the master of your body.making less interested in sugary drinks and foods. make sure to have healthy snacks available. Don’t Bring it Back Home. no matter how much water you © 2012 . Our body has its way of telling us what we lack and more importantly need. Just Say No! What causes craving? Cravings tends to be rather specific.. pick up your running shows and run! 8 Healthy TV Cravings? If from experience you know that your cravings typically kick-in at night while you watch TV. Why? Coz by eating every 3-4 hours. Its because of this sugar-insulin relationship that you can munch on sweet and fruits without ever really feeling full! Exercise Works Wonders. • Chocolate? Mostly due to lack of love or hormonal imbalances. Pound for pound. 5 Fruits Can Help. Exercise releases endorphins which can naturally suppress your appetite.

45 Cravings Quick Tips 6 10 Carry Emergency Supplies. eat the protein bar instead and wait 30 minutes before acting on the craving.kevin KevinZahri. More often than not the craving will pass and you will be in control again. When you feel a carbohydrate craving. carry emergency supplies of nutritional protein bars or other healthy snacks in your handbag or brief case. This truly works! Especially when out of town and in unfamiliar © 2012 .

14 16 Never Start With Desserts When sugar cravings kick in. 12 20 Minute Rule! From the moment you take your first bite. Many include the Bvitamins and minerals. at times Let’s face it. which is also play a role in food cravings. sport is a great stress buster! Take your stress to the driving range or pick up kick boxing. Just like walking through a mine field. Since it is not about perfection. 17 Supplement Can Help.. So even if you have succumb to your cravings.. © 2012 . try to find alternative hobbies.45 Cravings Quick Tips 7 11 13 15 Track Your Foods . For me. B-complex: Also important co-factors in building brain chemicals and are generally lacking in our diets. GABA. take it slow and eat a balanced meal. know where the danger lies. One of the best ways to manage your cravings is to keep track of your food choices. Balance blood sugar: Chromium & vanadium help to stabilize blood sugar. but only sometimes. Surrender . Instead of releasing stress with desserts. here are some: Amino acids: Tyrosine. We you are not going to win the battle against cravings every single time... Now you know that you won’t be getting any food for a while! So plan ahead by either bringing healthy snacks along or have a small meal before you hit the Know Yourself. this way you can decide if you can afford to “surrender” and give in or fight your cravings. Plan Ahead. It is all about balance. magnesium and calcium have all been shown to help with food cravings. Multi-vitamins can help quell cravings. and glutamine can help by aiding the production of brain chemicals (like serotonin) that help modulate both mood and cravings. 18 19 Get Yourself some loving How often have you seen characters in movies indulging on sweets and ice cream every time they are heartbroken? Way too many! So get yourself some TLC to balance your hormones and emotions.. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you.. always start with something balanced meal. Minerals: Chromium. facebook.kevin KevinZahri. phenylalanine. Sometimes its ok to give in and go nuts . Supplements that can help ease your cravings. Say you are heading to your cousins wedding. If you have cravings for chocolates (like me). Are You Stressed? Stress plays a huge factor in your cravings for food. there is nothing else we desire BUT no matter how much you want that ice cream sundae. Stay in control. make sure you avoid going to places where your cravings can literally explode. remember it takes about 20 minutes for you to feel kenyang.

we all need our occasional guilt trip to with donuts. This way you can still enjoy your cravings without having a major pig out.45 Cravings Quick Tips 8 20 Destroy the Bag Trick. So let yourself have a few chips than destroy the © 2012 . goreng pisang or chips but let’s not get carried away.kevin KevinZahri. facebook.

I. I personally do take artificially sweetened drinks as well but I try to balance them out with normal sugar from time to time. eating protein with a carbohydrate will reduce the cravings caused by eating the carbohydrate alone. chicken breast is way better than a drumstick or wing. How? I guess people don’t like putting in nasty foods in their minty fresh mouth :) 22 25 27 28 Avoid artificial sweeteners? Although artificial sweeteners are calories free these may actually increase your natural craving for sugars. simply increase it to 100g per day. Easier said than done but soups and salad can help with cravings as give you that illusion of a large portion which physiologically keeps your cravings in check. 23 Protein Is Cool! Protein is key to controlling carbohydrate cravings and creates that feeling of fullness.. Lastly.e. that contact movement of your jaw muscles actually burns calories. and hey. That constant chewing distracts from cravings . A recent study has shown that sleep deprivation increases your cravings for sugar. although not much. Those wanting to lose wait and control cravings can simply up their daily protein calories intake by 25%. facebook. 29 Chew Away .. Just how smokers have this insatiable need to have something in their mouth when trying to quit . But be sure to get your protein from ultra lean sources so you don’t pick up unwanted calories and saturated fats. keeping you breath minty fresh indirectly eases up on your cravings. find a hobby or do whatever it takes. distracted. So say you were consuming 80g before.. keep yourself active. To avoid these. How? They slow down digestion without dramatically raising sugar levels. The caffeine in these products is a natural appetite suppressants. try sugar free chewing gum... what about those fibers? 26 Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Including some 20-25g of fibers in your diet can dramatically help you keep your cravings in check. Tea/Coffee Kills Cravings Although caffeine should be limited.45 Cravings Quick Tips 9 21 Keep yourself minty © 2012 . Trick 24 Are you Bored? Boredom leads to pointless cravings. Just like chewing. tea and coffee can actually help to curb your appetite.kevin KevinZahri. Eh. Another reason to get your full 8 hours of sleep each day.

cekodok. but typically look like goreng pisang. roti canai. when faced with triggers. To control your © 2012 . So stay away. donuts. its important to recognize your triggers and to keep your distance coz most of the time. cheese.45 Cravings Quick Tips 10 30 Know Your Triggers! Do you know your trigger foods? facebook.kevin KevinZahri. they vary from person to person. chocolate chip cookies etc. french fries. soft drinks. they are too good to resist. pizza.

simply waiting can work wonders 2. I am sure you know what will happen if you will! Exactly. Sometimes waiting it out is the best cure.. and if you have the choice. facebook.. you can follow the rules of five D’s to manage your Nuts are great to help suppress your appetite but note that the hunger-reducing effects of nuts tend to take about half an hour before you feel them. 33 Reduce Determine.. Throw out whatever junk you love but know you can’t resist.. go out and do whatever you can to distract yourself. go for the green apples. determine if you can afford to indulge? 5.e. From experience. This is arguably the best way to keep your cravings in check. Wait it out . sugars found in apples do not influence blood sugar levels as much as starchy carbohydrates do . Also. Never shop with cravings Never go grocery shopping when your cravings have kicked in. © 2012 . 36 38 cravings. just stay away. so go out and distract yourself.. My tip: Have a slow-digesting complex carbohydrate + protein snack before you hit the lanes. Decide and commit to your decision. As my previous tips mentioned. Did you know that a normal adult only 2300 milligrams of sodium (salt) per day? That is about one teaspoon of salt. Plus reducing your salt intake will help reduce water retention which is also crucial in regulating your blood pressure. Delay. Reducing your salt intake can help reduce your cravings for sugar. If you know you can’t resist temptations . 3. If you have fasted before (i. Apples! A large apple packs some 5g of fiber. than you know that cravings come and go. Why? Coz by eating every 3 hours.. 37 39 Go a lil Nuts! Practice the 5 Ds! In summary.45 Cravings Quick Tips 11 31 34 35 Don’t bring it back home.. If faced with a temptation. Clear out that fridge Be honest and acknowledge your cravings. your cravings never really have the chance to kick in! 32 GO Out! Most cravings kick in when you have little to do at home (especially when watching TV) . They contain less sugar.. chocolates etc). Your shopping cart will be filled with craving foods (ice creams.kevin KevinZahri. Ramadhan). Keep active. so eat them before you reach the point of being extremely hungry or you’ll be tempted to eat more than just the nuts. 4.. 1. You’ll thank yourself later. Distance.

but some tips may not. So experiment and over time with experience. Whey is also a great anytime snack when you are on the road. you will be able to master your cravings! 45 Experiment! facebook.. Secondly. As mentioned in my very first tip. never skip a meal. This may increase the amount of carbohydrates you want to eat. spciy helps to elevate your © 2012 .. Popular among athletes. change is not always going to be easy. When you’re tense your body produces more of the hormone cortisol.90 coming from protein alone and the remaining 30 calories from carbohydrates and fat. A single serving contains just about 120 calories . you may have your own “secret” tricks of dealing with your appetite. Instead of making drastic changes. opt for small but permanent changes to your lifestyle. continue to make positive changes to your diet and remove bad cravings.45 Cravings Quick Tips 12 40 42 44 Spice It Up! . Example: If you crave for roti canai and are used to having a couple every morning. Consuming spicy foods also helps to suppress the appetite. Than over time. in order to suppress your cravings you need to be eating some 5-7 meals per day. whey protein helps you release appetite suppressing hormones that curb your cravings. Some of the tips outlined in the ebook may work wonders for you . resulting in tiredness and massive food cravings. Skipping a meal makes your blood sugar drop. start by either alternating days or sticking to just one canai instead. 41 43 Get a Massage Whey Protein Don’t skip breakfast Better still. Change Isn’t Always Easy When it comes to dealing and managing your cravings..kevin KevinZahri. Also. at the office or anywhere My last tip is to experiment! Everyone is unique and so is their ability or ways of dealing with cravings..