IGBC Exam – Section 3: Certification Process

Green Certification involves the following steps:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Feasibility Registration Credit Interpretation Requests (if required) Pre Certification (if required) Implementation in Design & Construction Submittals to IGBC IGBC Preliminary Review IGBC Final Review (clarifications) Acceptance Appeal (if required)

Step 1: Feasibility Study
Green Building is an integrated effort between Client, Architect, MEP Engineers, Landscape, Contractor and every stake holder in the project. The study is conducted by Green Building Consultant Discussion of Rating System, Strategies to achieve credits, achievable points, incremental costs and benefits, Responsibilities, and timeline. Green Building processes and any questions / concerns

Step 2: Registration
Registering during the early phases of project design will ensure maximum potential for achieving certification. Establishes contact with the IGBC and provides access to essential information, software tools and communications. Upon registration, project contacts receive LEED India templates & Reference guide

Register a project on www.igbc.in
1. Create an account on www.IGBC.in 2. Log in and go to “Register Your Project” 3. Select the appropriate rating system 4. Register the project 5. Registration Fees: See IGBC website


which reflects a realistic set of project goals and intentions. Precertification is not a confirmation of. or does not answer the question sufficiently. Precertification is not LEED India Certification Precertification provides the owner/developer an unique advantage to market the space to potential tenants and financiers LEED India for Core & Shell certification review will still occur with IGBC's established two-phase review (Preliminary & Final) Pre-certified projects are required to report the progress made once in every 6 months to IGBC. . forms the basis for an award of Precertification. Note: For projects the first two CIRs are included with registration. 3. If a similar credit interpretation has not been logged. 2. till the final rating is awarded. For each additional CIR. Step 5: Implementation Credits are defined as “Design” and “Construction” credits based on the stage at which these need to be implemented and documented The project team is to incorporate the green strategies to achieve the various standards of the Green Building Rating System Appropriate documentation / photographs to be documented Green Building Consultant to provide list of required documents and formats / templates. This documentation. Consult the LEED India Reference Guide in regards to credit intent. submit a new CIR. projects need to pay Rs.Step 3: Credit Interpretation Rulings Project teams may encounter difficulties applying a LEED India prerequisite or credit to a specific project: For issues not addressed in Rating System. Review the LEED India Credit Interpretations Rulings (CIR) page for previously logged CIRs on relevant credits. If a question arises. requirements and calculations. project teams should 1.5000 Step 4: Pre Certification Precertification is granted to projects on review of the early design stage documentation. or a commitment to achieve LEED India Core and Shell rating or IGBC Green Homes.

g. the IGBC issues a Preliminary LEED India Review document noting Credit achievement anticipated (CAA). Pending Denied In addition. Step 8: IGBC Final Review Final Review – Submission of “Clarifications” The project team has at least 30 working days from the receipt of the Preliminary Review to provide corrections and/or additional supporting documents (e. up to six prerequisites and/or credits shall be selected for physical audit. cut-sheets and other backup) as a supplementary submittal to the documentation. Within 30 working days..Step 6: Submittal to IGBC To earn LEED India certification. the applicant project must satisfy all of the prerequisites and a minimum number of points to attain a LEED India rating level. . The project team submits two complete copies of ALL project documentation (in CD) and the corresponding fee (cheque payable to Confederation of Indian Industry) Project brief including the following: Site plan Typical floor plan Typical building section Typical or primary elevation Photo or rendering of project Filled-in LEED India Letter Template Requested submittals for each prerequisite and credit Note: All drawings should be submitted in PDF or JPEG format Step 7: IGBC Preliminary Review The LEED India templates and other submittals for each prerequisite and credit are reviewed for compliance. calculations. Within 30 working days of receiving the re-submittal and notifies the project about the certification status.

an Appeal LEED India Review will be issued to the project If appeal is pursued. to verify installation of envelope (wall. the LEED India certification is final. please note that a different review team will be assessing the appeal documentation. IGBC will henceforth carry out physical verification in two phases: 1. Upon the project`s acceptance or if it has not appealed the rating within 30 days. During construction.20. glass) 2. It would be helpful to include a narrative for each appealed credit to describe how the documents address the reviewers` comments and concerns. Typical building section. roof. Typical or primary elevation. Typical floor plan. The appeal fee is Rs. A review of these items will occur within 30 working days after which. Other features prior to award of the rating This is to ensure that the rigor and the brand of LEED / IGBC rating systems are preserved. re-submittal. The project may then be referred to as a “LEED India certified building” The IGBC presents the project team with an  Award letter  Certificate  Metal LEED India plaque indicating the certification level Step 10: Appeals If the project team feels that sufficient grounds exist to appeal a credit denied in the Final LEED India Review. the project team has 15 working days to accept or appeal the awarded certification. Please submit two copies of the appeal information (in a compact disc) to LEED India Certification Manager at the IGBC.On Site Inspection by IGBC To ensure implementation of all features considered during the design stage. be sure to include the following information: Project brief including the following: Site plan. . and appeal submittal documentation for only those credits you are appealing. Filled-in LEED India Letter Template Original.000 per credit appealed. Step 9: Acceptance Upon communication of the LEED India certification. Photo or rendering of project. it has the option to appeal. Hence.