Funny Shortcut to Remember Periodic Table(all blocks) Engineering Entrance , nonacademic , academic THE S-BLOCK ELEMENTS (LEARN

ALONG THE GROUP) Group 1 (Li Na K Ru Cs Fr) Sentence: LiNa Ki Ruby Ce Friendship Group 2 (Be Mg Ca Sr Br Ra) Sentence: Beta Mange Car Santro Bap Razi THE P-BLOCK ELEMENTS (LEARN ALONG THE GROUP) Group 13 ( B Al Ga In Ti) Sentence: Baba Ali Gaye India Til lene BAl Gaye India to Thailand Group 14 (C Si Ge Sn Pb) Sentence: Chemistry Sir Gives Sanki Problems Chale Shiv Ge Sang Parbati Group 15 (Ni P As Sb Bi) Sentence: Nitin Phalguni hAs a Sabudana Biscuit Nahi Pasand Aise Sab Bhai Nahi Pyaare Aise Sab Bigad (jaayega) Group 16 (O S Se Te Po) Sentence: O S(Us) Se TePo Oh! Style Se Tel Polish Group 17: (F Cl Br I At) Sentence: Free Class Bears Indian Attitude First Class Biriyani In Austria Fine Colour & Brightness In Aiwa-tv Fir Cal Bahar aaI Aunty Faltu Class (mein) Boring Instructor Aata (hai) Group 18: (He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn) Sentence: HeNe Agar-Kare Xero Run pe out.. He (man) Ne Arnold (schewwarznegar) Ko Xinda Ronda cHeNe mArKer Xentury Runs! Explanation : Chinese products are well known for their low quality. Chinese = c hnee(in Hindi) Above is an exclamation: Xentury nam ka ye Chinese marker chalta a hai!!. THE D-BLOCK ELEMENTS( LEARN ALONG THE PERIOD/SERIS) Period 3 ( Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn ) Sentence: Sachin Tendulkar Very Crazy Man, Fer Condom Nahi ChuZna Science Teacher(Ti) Vineeta Criplani. Man Fer Control Nai Kyun(Cu) Zaani Science Teacher(Ti) (is) Very Cruel ! Mange Fees Coi Nahi Cure Zane. Science Teacher(Ti) (is) Very Cruel !(Gives no) Free Coaching (to) Nitin(, my po or) CouZin Period 5 ( Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd )

If this helped u.) 2nd part: ( Pu Am Cm Bk ) Sentence: Pulkit ke Aam Cum Bhike 3rd Part: ( Fm Md No Lr ) Sentence: Family aMdani mein No Laraiee One more way: Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr THode PAhelwaan (unse) N(i)Ptenge PUrane aAM kam(Cm) B(i)Kenge C(a)Fe (me) aise( Es) F(ar)Mao M(a)Dam nashta(No) lao(Lr) (Thanks to Romeo Raj for this. I hope you find this useful. I have taken the first letters of Am Cm& Bk** **In Li rakam I have taken first letter of Lr for Li and Second letter of Lr i. for rakam** Since this ain't very effective I made something new.e. There are divided lanthani des into 3 parts as following:Th Pa U Np // Pu Am Cm Bk// Fm Md No Lr 1st part: ( Th Pa U Np ) Sentence: Thoda Pyar UN parents (se bhi karo. Explanation: **In PaUNe I have taken the first letters of Pa U& Np. do not hesitate to share this on r .** **In ACBar .Sentence: Ye Zara Nawaab Maut(Mo) Tak(Tc) Rooh(Ru) Rahegi Padhaai Aage Chhodo (it is actually a sher) Yeh Zindagi Nahi Mohabbat Teri Ro Rokar Pukaregi Aaj(tujhe ye)Chandni Period 6 ( Lu Hf Tu W Re Os Ir Pt Au Ag ) Sentence: La HafTa Warna Re us(Os) Iron (rod se) Pitega Aur hospital jAeega Period 7: (Ac Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Ds) Sentence: Arrey R D Sharma (ki) Book (mein) Hote (hain) Maths (ke) Difficult (sa waal) THE F-BLOCK ELEMENTS( LEARN ALONG THE PERIOD/SERIS) Lanthanides: (Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu) There are divided lanthanides into 3 parts as following: Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm /// Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho /// Er Tm Yb Lu 1st part: (Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm) Sentence: Celina (aur) Priety Ne dande (se) Pammy (aur) Simmy (ko mara) 2nd part: (Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho) Sentence: Europe Gaya (to) TB (aur) Dyarrohoea Ho (gaya) 3rd Part: (Er Tm Yb Lu) Code Erre (array) Tamatar Yellow (aur) bLu Actinides (Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Fm Md No Lr) Sentence: (time) Tha PaUNe Paanch ACBar ce Fakir Miyaaan Ne Li rakam. it is actually Akbar.

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