ATOM, ELECTRON, PROTON, NEUTRON: 01. The atomic wt. of two elements A and B are 20 & 40 resp. if X g of A contains Y atoms, how many atoms are present in 2X g of B. 02. Which of the following contain/(s) same no. of proton (a) NH3 (b) H2O (c) HF (d)PH3 [6.0224x1023] [y atoms]


CRA NO: 1.2

03. Calculate the total number of electrons present in 1.6g of CH4. 04. Find (i) Total number of neutrons and (ii) Total mass of neutrons in 7 mg of

C (assume that the mass of a neutron= mass of hydrogen atom) [24.088 x 1020, 0.004 g]

05. Calculate the total number of electrons present in 18 ml of water 06. Calculate the number of electrons, protons and neutrons in 1 mole of O2 ions

[10 x 6.022 x 1023]

[10 x 6.022 x 1023,8 x 6.022 x 1023, 8 x 6.022 x 1023] 07. Maximum no. of hydrogen atoms are in (a) 16 gm CH4 (b) 31.2 gm of C6H6 (c) 34.2 gm C12H22O11 (d) 36 gm glucose [a]

08. The wt. of NO having the same no. of oxygen atom present in 9.2 gm of NO2 is (a) 9.2 gm ATOMIC MASS UNIT 09. Simplify for x, mass of
No atoms of 2

(b) 6 gm

(c) 12 gm

(d) 24 gm


C+1.2 g of


C0.1 No atoms of


C = x mol of


C. [0.5 mol]

10. Mass of one atom of X is 6.6421023 g. What is its atomic mass? How many moles are contained in 40 kg of X? [1000 mol] 11. Mass of one atom of an element X is 2.3248110 12. Mass of one atom of an element A is 3.985410 [2.509210
22 23

g. Express this is amu. g. How many atoms are contained in 1 g of the element of A?


atom] [6.721020 atoms]

13. Analysis of chlorophyll shows that it contains 2.68 per cent magnesium. How many atoms of magnesium does 1 g of chlorophyll contain?

14. A certain compound has the molecular formula X4O6. if 10 g of X4O6 has 5.72 g X, atomic mass of X is (a) 32 amu (b) 37 amu (c) 42amu (d) 98 amu [25] [A]

15. How many atoms are there in 100 amu of He? MOLECULE, COMPOUND: 16. We are given 10 gm of P4O10 calculate (a) No. of molecules (c) No. of O atoms (b) No. of P atoms (d) No. of e,p, & n

find its minimum molecular weight [941. A. of atoms present in a box containing 7 gm atoms of C12H22O11 and 3 moles of NH3 would be (a) 327 N0 (b) 315 N0 (c)317 N0 (d)327 x 1024 (e) none 28. Insulin contains 3. Its density is 0. 3 mole of ammonia contains (a) 18 gm hydrogen (b) 42 gm nitrogen (c) both (d) none [b] 27. Equal moles of water and urea are taken in a flask.17 gm] (b) 18 kg of NH4+ (d) 30 gm ions of Ca+2 [2. The non protein substance is called heme. of O atoms and its weight in 50 g of CaCO3. Calculate the total charge in coulomb on the following: (a) 20 ions of Al3+ (c) 10 mmoles of CO32 22.5 x 1023] [640. of H atoms as there are in 171. [1/6. & C are mixed in the molar ratio of 1:2:3.077] . what would be the wt. of KCl in 70 gm of mixture? [49 gm] (b) 8 gm atom of nitrogen (d) 10 gm ion of SO32 30. A mixture contains 30% NaCl and rest KCl. Find the charge in coulomb on 1 g ion of N3 MINIMUM MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 23.2 mg contains 3. GM MOLECULE.4% S. Calculate the no. How many grams are contained in 1 g atom of Na (a) 13 g (b) 23 g (c) 1 g (d) 1/23 g [b] 26. Haemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying molecule of red blood cells consisting of protein and nonprotein substance. Calculate the minimum molecular weight of that drug. B. 1021 molecules are removed. of moles of Dexedrine in 62.50 mol of Dexedrine [0. How many moles of CO2 are left? 18. what is the molecular wt of heme? g/mol] [617. GM ATOM.17. Total no.949 gm/ml. C. A drug is stable in a dimer form only. Calculate (a) no. What would be the wt.466 mole] [18. MOL FRACTION: 29. A mixture contains 30% NaCl by mole and rest KCl.0 gm mole of P4 (c) A mixture of 10 gm moles of glucose and 20 mole of sucrose PERCENT BY WEIGHT. What is mass percentage of urea in the solution? [23.93 20. find the mole fraction of A. A sample of heme weighing 35.87 g sample (b) total no of atoms in 18. If a heme molecule contains one atom of iron.3/6] 32. Calculate the total no.19 mg of iron.04 g of Dexedrine (c) volume of 4. [0.1 g of water CHARGE ON IONS: 21. Percentage of nitrogen in one molecule of drug is 7. GM IONS: 25. From 200mg of CO2.15 ml] (d) weight of Dexedrine that contains exactly the same no.2%.2/6. of atoms in the following (a) 28.894 x 105 coulomb] 24.00288] [24 g] 19. B. Dexedrine is a solid with molecular formula C9H13N. of KCl in 70 gm of mixture 31.

5581022 SO24 ions] 35. How many year it would take to spend Avogadro number of rupees at the rate of 10 Lacs rupees per second? [1. 42.Cr=52) (e) number of SO42 ions in 14.021025 Na atoms. We are given an alloy of Cu & Zn.p & n. in the following (a) 18 gm water +14 gm atoms of nitrogen (c) 1. What will be the weight of magnesium which combines with 1. A metal M of atomic weight 54. (c) gm atoms of Cu (d) total no.86g of nitrogen? 47. How much Mg is present in Mg (NO3)2 that contains 20gm of nitrogen 40.(atomic weight of Au=197) MISCELLANEOUS PROBLEMS: 34. has a density of 7.0112 x 1023 ions of [Cu(NH3)4]2+ (e) 1 x 1022 molecules of CuSO4. Calculate the atomic mass of silver if its one million atoms weight 1.79 x 1016 gm 38.86 g] . of S atoms present in 5 millimoles of Na2S2O3.5056 x 1021 ions of [Cu(NH3)4]2+ (b) 18 gm NH4+ (d) 19 gm of H3O+ 37. 30 hydrogen atoms. H=1) (d) number of formula units in 159 g PbCrO4 (Pb=206.65 gm % by weight of Cu is 85% calculate (a) weight of Zn (b) mole fraction of Zn millimoles of sodium nitrate and No/6 molecules of NO2. [1. Calculate the total no. weighing 7. of gm atoms 41.23 x1023cc] 46. Copper forms two oxides. of oxygen atoms present in 3. The nucleus of one atom X is supposed to be a sphere with a radius 5 x10 atomic nucleus if the atomic weight of X is 19. 6. of oxygen and nitrogen atoms present in a mixture containing 8.644 x 1023 g. Calculate the no.494 No. 7 nitrogen atoms 8 sulphur atoms.] .CARAT: 33.2 gm of calcium 10 43.9099 x1010 year] 44.5H2O 36. For the same amount of copper.5 gm/cc) must be measured out to contain 1x1025 CCl4 molecules? [1. Find the density of the matter in the [6. twice as much oxygen was used to form the first oxide than to form the second one. Calculate the following: (a) number of atoms in 2. (1000) 45. 12 oxygen atoms and 7 x 1021 gm of other atoms.61 lt.3 g Cr2(SO4)3 (O=16.2 mg of SO2 to the no. of gold particles in 20 carat ring whose weight is 400mg.4081023 Br atoms. S=32) [6. 2. 3No molecules. Calculate the apparent volume occupied by one atom of the metal.5H2O 39. One atom of an element X weighs 6. 13 [4. Write the weight of following in gm (a) weight of 4NA ‘O’ atoms (c) weight of 7 gm ions of [Fe(CN)6] 4 (b) weight of 5 mole of sucrose (d) weight of 3. of e. Calculate the ratio of no.3 kg 23 11 Na (Na = 23) (b) number of atoms in 32 kg Br2 (Br = 80) (c) number of molecules in 51 g of NH3 (N=14.94. 0.42g/cc. Calculate the molecular weight of a compound that consists 40 carbon atoms.02x1013g/ml] 48. Calculate the number of gram atoms in 40 kg of it. Three atoms of magnesium combine with 2 atoms of nitrogen. How many litres of pure liquid CCl4 (d=1. Calculate the total no. What is the ratio of the valencies of copper in the first and the second oxides?(2:1) 49.

Ratio of carbon to hydrogen atom is maximum in : (a) 16 g CH4 54.Assuming that the black stuff is carbon. A dot at the end of this sentence has a mass of about 1microgram.2 g C12H22O11 (d) 36 g C6H12O6 56.91x1021] 51. 52. If each molecule is assumed to contain one atom of phosphorus.6x104amu] (b) 31.Weight ratio of Fe:C in Fe2(Fe(CN)6) is: (a) 3/7 (e)None 57. calculate the approximate number of atoms of carbon needed to make such a dot. (b) 7/5 (c) 7/3 (d) 5/7 .6% Fe by weight and has a density of 7. How many iron atoms are present in a stainless steel ballbearing having a radius 0. How many moles of e are there in 1kg bunch of electrons. The product analyzed 0.75g/cc. Which of the following has the highest mass: (a) 12g of C atom (b)13 g H atom (c)9000 mmoles of NH3 (d)80 g moles of H2SO4 (b) 7/10 (c)1 (d)11/10 + [3.086% phosphorus. Ratio of n:p in NH4 is: (a) 7/11 (e)none 55. [5 x1016] [4. what is the molecular weight of material? 53.1 inch? The stainless steel contains 85.2 g C6H4 (c) 34. A sample of potato starch was ground in a ball mill to give a starch like molecule of lower molecular weight.50.