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I was born in Kenya, one of the best-known countries in Africa.

Born in family of nine siblings and raised in an extended family.!

! !

My school life was characterized by singing songs of unity about Kenya, and that was experienced by my classmates and schoolmates as well.! When I was reading my history text books, I learned of the likes of Nelson Madiba Mandela, the anti-apartheid hero of South Africa, Dedan Kimathi of Kenya, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda and Patrice Lumumba of Congo.!

! All these leaders had different leadership styles that made their countries what they are today.! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Most of these leaders only concentrated on uniting their countrymen and left the rest of Africa’s countries to be either united or disunited by other Africa leaders and the colonialists.! The formation of Organization of Africa Union was a good step towards uniting Africa for a common course. Since 1963 when the Union was formed, we should have done a lot as a continent. Why is it necessary for African countries to unite? It is vital since we have most of the world’s natural resources. The irony of it is that we are the top financial lenders.! The thorny question that comes into my mind has never been answered. Can Africa feed and sustain itself? It is possible if we unite for a common course and remain true to our commitment.! In reality when African countries unite, that does not mean that we will not collaborate with other governments from other countries. It means that we will be able to be more productive and efficient in our work. We will be pushing for a common agenda, not only in Africa but also in the world in general.! What will this unity entail? We will have a common currency and one center of power with representatives from all the Africa countries. The representatives will elect a common leader on behalf of the citizens of Africa.! We are aware that the African Union exists, but it is a toothless entity that cannot make decisions for its member states when in political or economic crises. When Kenya was burning in 2007/2008 the entity did almost nothing.! We need to create a united Africa by establishing a legitimate and powerful entity that will help Africa solve its problems.!

! Why doesn’t Africa have a representative in the Big Five Nations that governs the United Nations?! !

Instead we have agreed to live as enemies of ourselves. We have also agreed to accept that our diversity cannot be used as a tool to strengthen ourselves. When you look at Africa and hear about Africa you are ashamed of your motherland. We have left other people to present our stories the way they wish to. In Africa there are more good things to be documented. The challenge is in our hands. We can represent our continent as a good place to invest in. We can show the unending efforts of the local people in agriculture and other sectors.!

! ! !

What do we think people feel in relation to a United Africa? People have different opinions that are important. There are disadvantages of Africa uniting. What are some of the shortcomings?! It is time we stand together and address our challenges together. We have the brains, manpower and skills to do so. Africa can be made better, and once we have transformed Africa it would be possible to transform the other continents.!

carrot.(picture 2) ! Belanja kendalian: gaji pekerja (draw or find picture which a person giving money to his or her worker)! Belanja bukan kendalian: kerosakan. In this struggle lives will be lost and property destroyed. rugi jualan aset semasa .chiken)! Liabiliti semasa: pemiutang (picture of customer)! Liabiiti bukan semasa: pinjaman bank (picture included)! Hasil kendalian: hasil jualan (nasi lemak. but we shall come out victorious. The struggle starts with you and then it spreads to the other people in Africa and outside.! ! ! ! ! Kantin Sekolah! Aset semasa: tunai (print or draw cash)! aset bukan semasa: bahan-bahan(onion.It is time for us to be true to our existence as a common people and liberate ourselves from modern slavery and exploitation.mee goreng)! Hasil bukan kendalian: untung pelupusan aset bukan

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