Experiment : Centripetal Acceleration

Aim: To examine some of the factors affecting the motion of an object undergoing uniform circular motion. Apparatus Rubber stopper, glass tube, mass carrier, stopwatch, string(fishing line), tape, metre rule, stopwatch., 50 g slot masses. Method 1. Record the mass of the rubber stopper(in kilograms) - see above the results table. 2. Attach the rubber stopper to the fishing line approx.1.5 m long and then thread the loose end of the string through the glass tube. 3. Attach the mass carrier to the loose end of the string as shown in the diagram. 4. Place a piece of tape on the string as shown so that the distance, r is 0.4 metre. 5. Hold the glass tube and move it in a small circle so as to get the rubber bob moving in a circular path. The mass carrier will provide the centripetal force to keep the bob moving in its circular path. Adjust your frequency of rotation so that the tape just touches the bottom of the glass tube. This will keep the radius of the bob’s orbit steady. 6. Record the time for the bob to complete 10 revolutions at a constant speed. Do this 3 times and then use the average of these as a correct period. Use the radius and the period to calculate the tangential speed of the bob. 7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for radii of 0.60m, 0.8m and 1.0 m. 8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 using masses of 100g and then 150 g 9. Tabulate your results. Mass of rubber stopper:________kg

Repeat this for the 150g mass. Calculate the average value of g using the 8 values calculated in 3.0 0.4 1. calculate the speed(tangential velocity) of the bob and complete the table. g from each of the graphs drawn. For each of the radii used with 50g mass. Complete this in last column of table. i.(4 graphs to be drawn) Questions 1. v2 =……….8 =0.Force(N) 50gram Mass =0. is the hanging mass) Combining equations 1 and 2… Make v2 the subject of the formula.8 0.8 0. 4.4 1.050 X 9. Ans: __________________________ Show working in blank space above 3. is the mass of the bob) …2 (M.6 0. What sort of relationship is suggested between v2 and r? Ans:________________________________ 2.6 0.8 0. What quantity(s) does the slope of v2 verses r represent? Hint: ( m. Calculate a value of the gravitational acceleration.0 0. construct a graph of v2 verses r (4 graphs to be drawn) 3.0 0. 2.6 0.4 Period(10 Revolutions) (sec) Average Period(s ec) Speed( ms-1) Value of g (ms-2) calculated from graph 150gram Mass = Analysing the Results 1. Ans: __________ Errors: What are the possible sources of error in the experiment? Ans__________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ . From the results above.e.49 N 100gram Mass = Radius(m) 1.