) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ Date:

TIME TABLE - B.TECH. P Group* [I/II Semester (NIT COURSE)] EXAM. AUTUMN 2013 TIME: 01.30 PM – 04.30 PM Date Day Sem. Subject 15/11/2013 Friday I/II Basic Electrical Engg. 20/11/2013 Wednesday I/II Applied Physics 25/11/2013 Monday I/II Language (Professional Communication in English) 28/11/2013 Thursday I/II Applied Chemistry 06/12/2013 Monday I/II Engg. Mechanics TIME TABLE - B.TECH. Q Group* [I/II Semester (NIT COURSE)] EXAM. AUTUMN 2013 TIME: 01.30 PM – 04.30 PM Date Day Sem. Subject 13/11/2013 Wednesday I/II Engg. Graphics 16/11/2013 Saturday I/II Basic Electronics 22/11/2013 Friday I/II Basic Mechanical & Civil Engg. 27/11/2013 Wednesday I/II Computer Fundamentals & Information Technology 05/12/2013 Monday I/II Environment & Ecology Students should also note the schedule for the papers of Applied Maths I and Maths II are common to both P and Q Group. TIME: 01.30 PM – 04.30 PM Date Day Sem. Subject For both P and Q groups 02/12/2013 Monday I Applied Maths-I TIME: 08.30 AM – 11.30 AM Date Day Sem. Subject For both P and Q groups 07/12/2013 Saturday II Applied Maths-II 23/11/2013 Saturday I/II Engg. Graphics Supplementary for both P and Q groups * P & Q are group of branches which students of following departments study in their I/II semester of B. Tech. Branch Elex./Electrical/BT/BM/ IT /CH ME/MT/CI/MI/CSE Sem. P Q I Q P II

Prof.(I/c), Examinations

AUTUMN 2013 TIME: 08.(I/c). Fundamenta ls of Elect.. Date: Branches CHEMIC AL Maths-III MINING MET.30 AM Date Day CIVIL MECH ELE ELEX.TECH III SEM (NIT COURSE) EXAM. Inorganic Process Technology Mechanics of Solids & Fluids Bio Chemistry Anatomy & Physiology Computatio nal Mathematic s Basic Electronics Computatio nal Mathematic s Digital Logic & Design Principles of Managemen t Problem Solving & Logic Building Using C Fundamenta ls of CSE 25/11/2013 Monda y Surveying – I Numerical Technique Numerical Analysis & Comp. RAIPUR. Methodolog y Digital Electronics & Logic Design 06/12/2013 Friday Mechanics of Solids Machine Drawing Devices & Circuits . Technology & Electronics Introduction to Materials Science Metallurgic al Thermodyn amics BIOTECH Maths – III BIO-MED IT COMP. Numerical Analysis & Computer Prog. Digital Logic Design Electronic Measureme nt & Instrumenta tion Network Analysis & Synthesis Programmin g with C Bio Physics Bio Chemistry Bio Medical Transducer & Measureme nt 28/11/2013 Thursd ay Building Materials Mechanics of Solids – I Electric Ciucuits Generation of Electrical Energy (Conventiona l & Non Conv. Furnaces & Refectories Minerals & Ores Beneficiatio ns Stoichiomet ric Calculations Bio Mechanics Object Oriented Prog. Examinations .I Fuel. (C.NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Prog.G. Geology Applied Thermodynamics Industrial Process Calculations Mining Surveying.) Electrical Machine . SCIENCE Maths-III 15/11/2013 Friday Maths-III Maths-III Maths-III Maths-III Maths-III Maths-III Maths-III 20/11/2013 Wednes day Fluid Mechanics – I Material Science Solid State Devices Signals & Systems Strength of Materials Computer Prog.I Material Technology Introduction to Mining Object Oriented Prog Network Analysis Prof.30 AM – 11.) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ TIME TABLE-B.I Geology – I Cellular & Molecular Biology Data Structure 03/12/2013 Tuesda y Engg. C++ in Chemical Engg.

TECH IV SEM (NIT COURSE) EXAM. Systems Theory of Computatio n 29/11/2013 Friday Civil Engg. RAIPUR. Materials & Semicond. CHEMIC AL Mechanical Operations Chemical Engg.NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. AUTUMN 2013 TIME – 01. (C. Testing of Materials BIOTECH Microbiolog y BIO-MED Microbiolog y IT Probability. Drawing Measurement & Control Digital Electronics & Logic Design Electrical Measurement & Instrumentati on Electrical Network Analysis & Synthesis Fuel Technology Instrumenta tion & Measureme nt Applied Physical & Organic Chemistry Recombina nt DNA Technology Digital Electronics 04/12/2013 Wednes day Building Construction Manufacturing Science Devices & Circuits – II U/G Coal Mining Numerical Analysis Thermodyn amics & Reaction Engineering Bio Medical Instrumenta tion Computer System Architecture Principal of Comm. & C++ Discrete Structure 26/11/2013 Tuesda y Surveying – II Mechanics of Solids – II Comp. Devices Electromagne tic Fields ELEX. MINING Mining Environmen t–I MET.(I/c) Examinations .I Analog Circuits Operating Systems Prof. Processes Food Bio Technology Biomedical Signal & Processing Computer Organizatio n Principles of Comm. Organizatio n& Architecture Electromag netic waves & Antennas Basic Electrical & Electronics Geology – II Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy Engg. Probability & Stochastic Process Analog Comm.) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ TIME TABLE-B.G.30 PM Branches Date Day Monda y Date: CIVIL Structural Analysis – I MECH Internal Combustion Engine ELE Electrical Power System Electrical Engg. Materials Physical Metallurgy Plant Bio Technology Numerical Analysis Data Structure Object Oriented Concept & Prog. Thermodyn amics Process Economics & Mgt. System 07/12/2013 Saturda y Transportation Engineering Kinematics of Machines Microproce ssors Surface Mining .30 PM – 04. Statistics & Queuing Theory Discrete Structure COMP. Of Nonmetallic Material Principal of Non Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy Transport Phenomena in Meta. SCIENCE Microproce ssor & Interface 18/11/2013 21/11/2013 Thursd ay Fluid Mechanics – II Fluid Mechanic Engg.

30 AM – 11.(I/c) Examinations . AUTUMN 2013 TIME – 08. Mining Survey – II MET.30 AM Branches Date Day Wed nesda y CIVIL Structural Analysis . SCIENCE Operating System Date: 13/11/2013 16/11/2013 Satur day Structural Engineering Design – I Fluid Machinery Computer systems Architecture Enzyme Technology Microprocessor Microproce ssors Computer Graphics & Multimedia 22/11/2013 Frida y Transport Engineering II Industrial Engineering Analog & Digital Communicati on Digital Signal Processing Heat Transfer Operations Mining Legislation & Safety – I Drug Design & Pharma Tech.G. (C.II MECH Finite Element Method ELE Digital Signal Processing ELEX. Biological Control Systems Design Analysis of Algorithms Data Base Managemen t System 27/11/2013 Wed nesda y Geotech Engineering – I Machine Design –I Power Electronics Microcontroller & Embedded System Numerical Methods Underground Metal Mining Bioethics & Biosafety Basic Clinical Science-I Principles of Communic ation Systems Microelectr onics & Integrated Circuits Computer Graphics Principle of Programmin g Language 02/12/2013 Mon day Environmenta l Engineering –I Computer Graphics Analog Electronics Digital Communication Plant Design & Costing Pollution Control Engg Foundry Technology Optional – 1 (A) Solid definition of metal & alloys) (B) Powder Metallurgy Immunology Database Manageme nt System Elective – I (A) Ecommerce (B) Operation Research Theory of Computatio n 05/12/2013 Thur sday Engineering Hydrology Manufacturing Science-II Control System Engg Elective – I (Internet & web technology) Process Safety & Hazard Management Mining Machinery – I Fluid Flow Operations Operations Research Prof.NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. RAIPUR.) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ TIME TABLE-B. Heat Treatment Technology Metal Joining Processes (Welding. Brazing and Soldering)) Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy II (Steel Making and Continuous casting) Deformation theories of metals and alloys BIO-TECH Animal Biotechnology BIO-MED Biomedical Equipments IT Computer Networks COMP. Analog Integrated Circuits and Applications Automatic Control Systems CHEMICAL Fluid Mechanics Mass Transfer Operation – I MINING Numerical Analysis & Computer Prog.TECH V SEM (NIT COURSE) EXAM.

Economics& Ind. MINING Mining Environment -II Mineral Processing Mining Machinery-II MET. Management Science BIO-MED Medical Image Processing Mgt. (C. Design – II Env. Data Comm. – II Industrial Management Power System Protection & Switchgear VLSI & Microelectronics Mining Legislation & Safety-II Materials Modeling & Simulation Material Characterizatio n Tech. Elective – II (A) Industrial Economics and Manageme nt (B) Multimedia and Virtual reality Complier Design 07/12/2013 Satur day Elective – I (Advance Concrete) Elective – I (Robotics) Elective – I (Biomedical Instrumentati on) Elective – II (Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic) Elective – I (Non – Conventiona l Energy Sources) Mining Management Optional – II (Non Destructive Testing) Heat & Mass Transfer Bioinforma tics Parallel Processor & Computing Prof. SCIENCE Analysis & Design of Algorithms Computer Network Unix & Shell Prog. Automobile Engineering Microprocess ors Microwave & radar Engg. Mining Economics Biostatics & Probability Bioelectrici ty Software Engg. Engg. COMP.TECH VI SEM (NIT COURSE) EXAM. Mgt. Engg.(I/c) Examinations . 29/11/2013 Frida y Geotech Engg. System Basic Clinical Science-II Cellular & Mobile Computing Software Engineering 04/12/2013 Wed nesda y Construction Planning & Mgt. Database Mgt.G. RAIPUR.30 AM Branches Date Day Mon day Thur sday Tues day CIVIL Structural Engg.NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.30 AM – 11.) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ TIME TABLE-B. Date: 18/11/2013 21/11/2013 26/11/2013 Wireless Comm. Metal Forming Processes Secondary & Special Steel Making BIO-TECH Bioinformati cs Analytical Techniques in Bio Tech. – I Transport Phenomena Chemical Process Equipment Design-I (Mech. Science Telemedici ne IT Compiler Design Information Theory & Coding Internet & Web Tech. & Networking Digital System Design CHEMICAL Mass Transfer Operation-II Chemical Reaction Engg. Aspects) Organic Processes Tech. AUTUMN 2013 TIME – 08. – II Quantity Surveyng & Cost Evaluation MECH Dynamics of Machines Turbo Machinery Energy Conversion System ELE Utilization of Electrical Drives Electrical Machines – II Power System Analysis ELEX.

30 PM Branches Date Day Wed nesd ay Satur day Frida y Wed nesd ay CIVIL Structural Engineering Design – III Water Resources Engineering – I Structural Analysis III Prof. Elective I Microbial Technology Unit Operation Microcontr oller Database Manageme nt System Elective 1 22/11/2013 Elective – IV Telecom switching and cellular system 27/11/2013 High Voltage Engg. Optional IV Elective 1 Elective IV Prof. AUTUMN 2013 TIME – 01.(I/c) Examinations . (C.30 PM – 04.NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. SCIENCE Artificial Intelligence & Expert System Network Programmin g Elective I Elective II (Professiona l) Date: 13/11/2013 Genomics 16/11/2013 Operation Research Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Elective II Strata Control Blasting Technology Prof. Information Theory and Coding Elective – III CHEMICAL Process Equipment Design – II Chemical Reaction Engineering – II Process Dynamics & Control Petroleum Refining Processes (Elective II) MINING Rock Mechanics MET.TECH VII SEM (NIT COURSE) EXAM. RAIPUR.) 492010 No/ExamCell/TimeTable/2013/ TIME TABLE-B.G. Elective – II MECH Heat & Mass Transfer ELE Electrical Machines – III Management Concepts & Techniques Elective II ELEX. Corrosion Engineering Phase Transformation and Phase Equilibrium Optional III BIO-TECH BIO-MED Biomaterial s IT Manageme nt Information System Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Elective III COMP.