Disruptive Innovation in B2C Context 1. Product, Price, Place and Promotion 2.

Wrong notion that disruptive innovation happens only on one of the parameters 3. Lens of disruptive innovation changes btw B2C and B2B. Price is one of the main drivers in B2B unlike B2C. Minimum Government, Maximum Governance 5 T’s framework for India growth Trade Tourism Tradition Technology Textile Areas of Concern for India 1. Economy: CAD is all time high. Growth has stalled. Balance of payments. Growing hawala transaction through Participatory Notes and Mauritius companies. Black money hoarded in overseas banks 2. Policy Making: Stopping arbitrariness of allocation 3. Political Instability: Era of Coalition Govts. Country needs direction and stability 4. Leadership: No decisive leadership at the helm of affairs. Corruption: Rampant Corruption. Cases of 2G, Coal Scam etc 5. Defence: No retaliation towards Ch and Pak. Raj Babbar being the chairman of defence committee in the parliament 6. Internal Security: Growing threat from Naxallites and IM 7. External Affairs: Poor relations with SL, Pak, Bangladesh and China. Surrounded by hostile neighbors. 8. Energy: 9. Infrastructure: Since the fall of the NDA govt, golden quadrilateral roads have come to a standstill Plausible Solutions 1 . Economy: Curb Corruption by amending laws. Impetus to the agriculture sector. Stop Participatory notes. Public-Private partnership in Infrastructure (Roads, Ports, Airports, Railroads). Industry status to Agriculture. Revoke NAC and their ponzi schemes (MNREGA, Food Security Bill etc). Stop arbitrariness in decision making to encourage foreign investments in manufacturing, healthcare, auto, aviation. Encourage savings and strengthen banking sector. Prosecute corrupt officials without providing adjournments

2. Defence: FDI in defence to provide access to better technology. Strengthen the army and react with might when forced to 3. Foreign Affairs: Develop good relations with Sri Lanka and China to ensure that they don’t support Pak during conflict. Also maintain soverignity in the process of diplomatic ties with USA. Explore further ways to work with Isreal to exchange technology and know-how about handling terrorism 4. Impetus to Entrepreneurship by creating funds to lend to entrepreneurs in rural India Areas of Opportunity for India 1. Demographic Dividend 2. Agriculture: 3 Crops can be produced in a year. Can create surplus and export the surplus 3. Energy: Nuclear power plants, Clean tech Solar, Hydrogen Fuel Cells 4. Textiles: One of the highest producers of cotton and textiles 5. Manufacturing: High tech manufacturing (Chips), Auto Parts, 6. Technology: Migration to next generation technologies 7. Affirmative Action: