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Playing Cards And Birthdays
Today's playing cards are so commonplace that it may seem to be a stretch that they have meaning beyond their role in game-playing. However, playing cards are based on an ancient system similar to the Tarot. Each birthday of the year is associated with a main playing card, the Birth Card, and each tells its own story.

Find the aster playing card associated !ith your "irthday # the Birth Card$
Find yo r month and day of birth in the table below to determine the card that r les yo r day of birth.

- - . / / 0 0 (1 (1 (( (( () () . .%an ( Fe" &ar Apr &ay %un %ul Aug Sep Oct No' Dec ( ) ) * * + + . .

(. . (- (- (.(* (* (+ (+ (. (/ (/ (0 (0 )1 )1 )( )( )) )) )* )* )+ )+ ). ). (.

and the . "irthdays. )/ )/ )0 )0 *1 *1 *( %an Fe" &ar Apr &ay %un %ul Aug Sep Oct No' Dec *( Associations "et!een playing cards.inter 2n the Tarot. 0iamonds are 3entacles. and (ac#s) symboli*e the $" months of the year. and astrology$ The !" cards of a dec# of playing cards neatly correspond to the !" wee#s of a year.ands. and /pades are /words. Cl bs are . seasons. The " colors %red and blac#) represent the positive+masc line energies %blac#) and the negative+feminine %red) energies. .)- )- ). elements in astrologyHearts-. ). The $" co rt cards %&ings.ater-/pring Cl bs-Fire-/ mmer 0iamonds-Earth-Fall /pades-1ir-. s its of playing cards represent the . ' eens. Hearts are C ps. The .

2n order to find val e in life. comm nicative. 4n the negative side. sens ality. materialistic. self-ind lgence.T23 S45TS O6 D575N3 8A6&3NTS 2earts /ensitive. caring. and pleas re. . they may be too foc sed on the process and lose sight of the need for higher meaning. and they can finagle their way o t of a 6am with their clever minds by stretching the tr th. they e5press self-discipline and the ability to apply themselves. Clu"s C rio s. 7egatively. analytical. material world. They rarely hold a gr dge beca se they are able to rise above emotions and actions and find e5planations or e5c ses for others' actions. ideas. affectionate. Dia onds 3ractical. Spades Theoretical. 0iamonds are the s it of the physical. They can be overly attached to money and to possessions. and sit ations in terms of how sef l they are. 4n the negative side. they loo# at things. 3ositively. down-to-earth. They can be r led by their emotions. creative. emotional. They assess the world aro nd them on the level of the five senses. Co rts are the s it of comm nication. 3eople belonging to the Cl bs s it believe in the power of intentions and ideas. Hearts are the s it of yo th. /pades are the s it of e5perience. s pportive. they may search for the tr th and for meaning. people. They are hard-wor#ing people with strong wills. and they can hold a gr dge. reso rcef l. h manitarian. they can be la*y and emotionally manip lative. They may be in love with words. sens al. creativity. they can se words as weapons. love. clever. romance. They can be very concerned with power.

and dependable. spontaneo s. T!os Twos are considerate. or else they can be prone to worry and indecision. peacef l. Se'ens /evens are sensitive. Too m ch change in their lives feels overwhelming. 3ights . f n-loving. creative. versatile people who see# variety. and harmonio s life.T23 N4&B36S Aces 1ces are leaders. They need channels for their ideas. loving. 2f e5pressed negatively. and too easily bored. cooperative. they can be overbearing. Fours Fo rs are gro nded. realistic. impatient. h moro s. committed. int itive. reserved. and dynamic. 2f e5pressed negatively. sociable. They can be micro-managers. advent ro s. and lac#ing in willpower. conf sed. and agreeable. They can be too dreamy to the point of e5pecting too m ch from others and from life. They can be complacent. 1mbitio s. Threes Threes are creative. They loo# for stability and sec rity. They are independent people who easily initiate new pro6ects. very ca ght p in details. and enth siastic. Si9es /i5es see# balance. They are home-loving. allowing their lives to get into r ts as they wait for things to happen to them. and freedom-loving. receptive. restless. overly s b6ective. Fi'es Fives are intelligent. and self-centered. enterprising. indecisive. and self-absorbed. They are m ltitas#ers who are witty. energetic. motivated. they can be inconsistent. faithf l. self-e5pressive. reso rcef l. 2f e5pressed negatively. They are restless. they may be dependent. They go o t of their way to lead a balanced. nreliable. 2f e5pressed negatively. and sec rity-conscio s. artistic. idealistic. caring. they can be withdrawn. and spirit al. and clever. hard-wor#ing.

Tens Tens are ambitio s. However. controlling. bossy. They have strong e5ec tive ability and they nat rally ta#e the lead. mischievo s. They are sentimental people who can sometimes get too ca ght p in ta#ing an escape ro te in life. intelligent. charming. and dependable. and helpf l. s ccess-oriented people who possess so nd minds. and a healthy level of competitiveness. The Court Cards %ac:s (ac#s are yo thf l. however. They are good at organi*ing and e5ec ting. They can. and a thoritative. and m ltiple talents %thin# 86ac# of all trades8). and impatient. they can be demanding. realistic. they may try to get o t of ta#ing responsibility for their lives and they can lac# clear goals. romantic. and creative.ueens ' eens are the matriarchs. h manitarian. . They have good people s#ills. and rebellio s. 2f sed negatively. They are determined people who wor# hard. strong. witty. They are receptive. intelligent. willf l. are good with money. impatient. . creative. They have n s ally clever minds. imp lsive. m ch enth siasm. They are creative people who have a sense of the dramatic. strong convictions. int itive. and some can be given to sing their ingenio sness to 8get their way8. Nines 7ines are genero s. b t they can sometimes overdramati*e their lives. <ings &ings are pro d. they can be demanding. 2f sed negatively.Eights are goal-oriented and strong. and dramatic. be too controlling and st bborn.

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