LESSON PLAN Subject Date Class En!"lment 'heme '"$ic -ea!ning Stan&a!&s : English : 12th August 2013 (7.30 a.m. – 8.30 a.m.

) : 1 esta!i : 2# $u$ils (12 b"%s an& 12 gi!ls) : ("!l& ") *n"+le&ge : ,nit 7 – -"". at /e : 1.1.1 Able t" listen an& !es$"n& t" stimulus gi0en +ith gui&ance: c) b"&% $e!cussi"n 2.2.1 Able t" !ea& an& a$$l% +"!& !ec"gniti"n an& +"!& attac. s.ills b% matching +"!&s +ith: (a) (b) (a) (a) g!a$hics s$".en +"!&s m"0ing han&s an& )inge!s using +!iting a$$a!atus +"!&s

3.1.1 Able t" &em"nst!ate )ine m"t"! c"nt!"l ") han&s an& )inge!s b%: 3.1.2 Able t" c"$% an& +!ite in neat legible $!int: #.1.2 Able t" !ecite nu!se!% !h%mes1 ja22 chants an& sing acti"n s"ngs +ith c"!!ect $!"nunciati"n an& !h%thm. 3"cus 4!e0i"us *n"+le&ge 5bjecti0es : -istening an& s$ea.ing : 4u$ils ha0e lea!ne& s"me $a!ts ") the b"&% such as hea&1 sh"ul&e!s1 .nees an& t"es. : % the en& ") the less"n1 $u$ils sh"ul& be able t": i) ii) iii) i0) !ea& the $"em ") 6All ") /e7 b% using 4"+e!4"int 4!esentati"n +ith c"!!ect $!"nunciati"n label an& s$ell $a!ts ") the b"&% base& "n the +"!& ca!&s c"!!ectl% such as e%es1 ea!1 han&1 a!m1 )eet1 n"se1 an& m"uth. match the $ictu!es +ith the c"!!ect +"!&s base& "n +"!.sheet $!"0i&e&. sc!amble the +"!&s base& "n the +"!.sheet $!"0i&e& c"!!ectl%.


'eache! !ecites the $"em +ith acti"ns an& as. #$" Notes CCTS" !ainst"!ming 3!ien&liness Presentation (%5 minutes) Poem" All ") /e 1. 3.s s"me ?uesti"ns base& "n the $"em an& the $u$ils ans+e! ?uesti"ns "!all%. 2. 9.Stage/Time Set Induction (5 minutes) Content Simon Says game E8am$le ") inst!ucti"n: Teacher: Sim"n sa%s t"uch %"u! hea&. 4u$ils !ecite the $"em +ith acti"ns. >. 'eache! !ecites the $"em t+ice an& as. 2. 3. #. (teache! can 0a!% the b"&% $a!ts) c) . 'eache! gi0es inst!ucti"ns ") Sim"n Sa%s game."+ man% han&s &" %"u ha0e: (teache! can 0a!% the b"&% $a!ts) E' ected ans(ers" a) E%es1 )eet1 han&s1 m"uth1 ea!s1 li$s an& 7. Pu i!s: ('"uch thei! hea&) Teaching and Learning Activities 1. 'eache! c"!!ects the $u$ils7 $!"nunciati"n. CCTS" @ene!ating A&eas Teaching aids" AC'B -CD #$" C""$e!ati0e &uestions" a) (hat a!e the b"&% $a!ts that use& in the $"em: b) Sh"+ me %"u! han&s. #. 'eache! as. 4u$ils !ecite the $"em gi0en +ith c"!!ect $!"nunciati"n. 'eache! $!aises $u$ils )"! thei! g""& c""$e!ati"n.s $u$ils t" !ecite it c"ntinu"usl%. 'eache! sh"+s $u$ils sli&e sh"+ <All ") /e= $"em (A$$en&i8 A). arm . 'eache! !elates the game +ith the t"$ic. 9. 4u$ils a!e as. 'eache! g!eets $u$ils.s the $u$ils t" )"ll"+.e& t" listen t" teache!7s inst!ucti"n an& &" the acti"ns.