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Classification: Section One Introduction to RBMview ™ Objectives   Introduce the RBMview program and familiarize the user with simple reporting options. Perform an RBMview lab to generate example reports from the Example.rbm database.

RBMview Introduction RBMview Features and Functions RBMview for AM uite! Machiner" #ealth Manager is a tool which provides a high$level overview of "our entire plant Reliabilit"$Based Maintenance %RBM& program. RBMview is designed to provide efficient processing of information to achieve the following goals.  Provide a central location for current and historical RBM information about e'uipment.  Provide a means to trac( and monitor RBM events such as alarms and problems.  Establish a magnitude or ran( of significance of information and events relating to e'uipment.  Present a high level view of the current status of e'uipment while allowing the user to drill down or navigate to the supporting information.  Provide a means to generate and trac( problems) wor( orders) reports and graphs related to e'uipment.  Enable two$wa" communication via an open industr" standard protocol Machiner" Information Management *pen "stems Alliance %MIM* A& +or( Integrator with ,omputerized Maintenance Management "stems %,MM & to re'uest maintenance action and obtain follow$up information. Note! +ith man" new features and functions) RBMview is the successor to the Master-rend ,ase #istories ,ompilation %,*MPI.& and the Automated Report /eneration %REP*R-& modules. Full Integration with AMS Machinery Manager RBMview is designed to be full" integrated with , I0s AM Machiner" Manager application suite. All AM Machiner" Manager technolog" anal"sis programs are designed to report alarms and problems directl" for trac(ing in RBMview. E ui!"ent #$istories#% Alar"s% &roble"s% and Faults

+ithin "our RBM program) each piece of e'uipment serves as the folder for all information pertaining to the piece of e'uipment "ou are trac(ing in "our RBM program. 1nder the e'uipment is all of the alarms) problems) wor( orders) etc. associated with a problem or other trac(able item associated with the piece of e'uipment. 2ou t"picall" will have one problem or wor( order open at an" given time for each piece of e'uipment "ou are trac(ing. -hese files can be open or closed. An open problem is one which "ou are activel" trac(ing. +hen "ou have completed all wor( necessar" to bring a piece of e'uipment bac( into an acceptable state of service the it gets closed. If "ou later discover new or reoccurring problems with a piece of e'uipment) "ou can reopen a closed problem or) preferabl") create a new one. -wo important RBMview events are alarms and problems. An alarm is reported to RBMview when an AM Machiner" Manager anal"sis program such as Exception Anal"sis %E3P*R-& detects that a measurement point has exceeded a predetermined level. 4or example) when Exception Anal"sis detects that a bearing vibration amplitude exceeds a preset level) an Alarm is reported to RBMview. Alarms can then be manuall" assigned to problems. Problems can be created within RBMview or reported b" (nowledge$based RBM applications such as , I0s Automated 4ault 5iagnostic Expert %6spectr&) Motor7iew and *il7iew. -hese applications automaticall" screen and diagnose data gathered on e'uipment. -he diagnoses can then be reported to RBMview as problems. +hen a problem is reported to RBMview) it is assigned to an e'uipment case histor" for trac(ing. Associated with problems are faults such as outer race defect or bro(en rotor bar. 4aults are selected from among an extensive list of predefined faults stored in the 4ramewor( 8nowledge database. -he (nowledge$base AM Machiner" Manager programs such as 6spectr automaticall" associate a fault with a problem. #owever when "ou create a problem from within RBMview) "ou manuall" associate a fault with the problem. Problems can be reported from an" database accessible to the software. Extra anal"sis and images can be added to the problems from within the RBM7iew program. 'or( Orders RBMview allows the trac(ing of wor( orders generated manuall" or b" an external information9enterprise s"stem. 5ata from manuall" created wor( orders must be manuall" entered into RBMview. 5ata from wor( orders generated b" an external information9enterprise s"stem can be lin(ed to RBMview via Asset Mapper. -he wor( order summarizes information such as the wor( to be performed and trac(s progress from creation date to completion date. Fault Fra"ewor( )atabase RBMview emplo"s a special (nowledge database %5B.oo(up.mdb& to store predefined descriptions for faults) observations) actions) and root causes. RBMview &rogra" Modules RBMview is built around the following program modules. E ui!"ent $istory *For"erly +ase $istory, Manager E'uipment histor" manager provides the basic functions necessar" to create and trac( problems and wor( orders.

Reports ma" include anal"sis data from multiple technologies . Embedded graphics files 2. Powerful 'uer" and filtering capabilities 3.lance Module -his module is included in the full version of RBMview.  :uer" filters allow pinpointing the items to be plotted.Status-at-a-. -his application enables the user to organize and manage the activities associated with correcting one or more problems on a single piece of e'uipment. -he user can!       Identif" problems associated with the e'uipment. . I Machiner" Anal"zers. $ow to use the RBMview &rogra" /he basic ste!s  . An enhanced version which supports additional graph t"pes is included in the full version of RBMview.reate and edit memos to document Events associated with repairing the e'uipment. Problems and Alarms 2.reate and trac( wor( orders.ra!hing Module -his module is included in the base$level AM Machiner" Manager pac(age.ollect RBM data on a piece of E'uipment using standard . I applications for diagnosing the problems. Maintain a financial status and audit trail associated with repair.aunch . Identif" the root cause of the e'uipment failure Re!orting Module ome of the features of Reports include! 1. . /raphing capabilities include!  Multiple graph st"les  /raph problems b" scheduling priorit") primar" component) e'uipment t"pe) fault t"pe) etc. E ui!"ent $istory "odule E'uipment histories provide an interactive archive of information about each piece of e'uipment "ou are trac(ing. tatus$at$a$/lance presents a concise high$level view of "our RBM program including! 1. +or( *rders 3. Asset Ma!!er "odule Asset Mapper) accessed through tatus$at$a$/lance) provides the tools necessar" to map external enterprise9information s"stem asset database entries to RBMview. . Asset Mapper +ith tatus$at$a$/lance) the user can drill down to view more detailed information) access existing e'uipment histories) and create new problems and wor( orders. .

5ouble clic( the icon to start the program. -he closed file can be reopened at an" time b" changing the tatus field from closed to open. -he following screen will displa". . -rac( the wor( order.lose the problem or wor( order. Note! +or( orders issued b" an external information9enterprise s"stem can be trac(ed b" RBMview. -o change the status) right$clic( in the right pane and choose closed or open. 6ow we will loo( at the program screens and examine some wa"s to use the software. . 1se RBMview anal"sis tools to generate actions and create problems and wor( orders.     5ownload and anal"ze the data with AM Machiner" Manager0s technolog" programs.  Perform the recommended service. +e will be concentrating on the document and report options available in RBMview. -his information will be displa"ed under the e'uipment histories tab in tatus$at$a$/lance.  . After "ou have started the AM Machiner" Manager program) clic( on the )ocu"ent0Re!ort tab to locate the RBMview program icon. *pen the E1a"!le2rb" database. -his information will be displa"ed under the wor( order tab in tatus$at$a$/lance. Report alarms and problems to RBMview via the lin( from AM Machiner" Manager.ompile all information about the e'uipment including alarms) problems) and bulletins into an e'uipment histor" for trac(ing in RBMview. After the wor( order is completed and the file is closed) RBMview maintains the histor" for future reference and trac(ing. -his information will be displa"ed under the alarms and problems tab in tatus$at$a$/lance.

-o streamline our learning process we will clic( the +ancel button on the 'uic( 'uer" screen and loo( at the toolbar options for reporting and e'uipment histor" management. +e will examine the report option first to loo( at some t"pical reports. If "ou prefer to use RBMview in the alternate mode clic( on -ools) and Preferences as shown below. . 1nder the /eneral tab put a chec( in the bloc( beside 1se *ld t"le creens. If "our program is in the :uic( :uer" mode) clic( on . -a(e note of the message that appears upon launching RBMview.RBMview has a new loo(. +hen 1sing the 6ew screens) the main RBM7iew screen will appear as follows.ancel to close it out. -he tatus$At$A$ /lance and E'uipment #istor" Manager modules are available from the :uic( :uer" screen) along with the option to open a new database.

lic( on the plus %. .-his screen is shown expanded to the &roble" . In the Reports module) there are three t"pes of reports! )etail% Miscellaneous% and Su""ary. . +hen "ou open RBMview the following screen appears.evel. . -he )etail option includes reports on E'uipment 5etail) Problem 5etail A) Problem 5etail B) Problem 4ollow up) and a +or( *rder 5etail report.lic( on the Re!orts button to view these options. All the Programs run in the following examples are available from this displa".& sign next to the 5etail option to view the available reports.

-o expand levels and displa" the e'uipment in an area) double clic( on the area name or single clic( on the .umulative . .) tatus Event ummar") -echnolog" Event ummar") and a +or( *rder ummar".evel&..ause.lassifications) and -op <= Root .lic( on the Su""ary option to view these options.. .? options%5atabase . #ere we have reports on Assigned Actions) 4ault 4ramewor( .. -here are three setup and selection tabs on the right of this screen) Facility% Misc2 Filters% and Out!ut.lic( on the plus %..ocal #ost displa"s the areas defined in this database. ad@acent to the name of the area "ou want to expand.ost Anal"sis) ..ontents) Problem .ost -able) Problem ummaries A) B) > .. ..ocal #ost.ount *ver -ime) -op <= 4ault . Expanding the ...lic( on the Miscellaneous report option. -he Su""ary report option contains reports on ..& sign under the 4acilit" cope tab to expand the ?.

. . +hen we choose to elect All) the All Items screen expands to show all options in the left hand field. -he Status filter loo(s for open) closed) or both. +e will examine the Misc Filters and Out!ut tab settings first. .lic( on the correct e'uipment to highlight it and then clic( on Sub"it to run the report.-o generate a report) "ou must select the appropriate report and expand the facilit" scope to include the e'uipment desired for the report. . -he filter can be set b" selecting Select All as shown) or b" clic(ing on Re"ove All and re$ selecting the appropriate user from the left hand field. .lic( O3 when finished.lic( on the Misc 4ilter tab to view these options. A filter allows the user to focus his search to specific areas of interest. +e will loo( at the selection options for both the anal"st and the tool next.lic( on Select in the Anal"st field. .lic( on the /ools filter to view these options. -he Source for the reports can be focused to both the anal"st and to the tool %-ool implies the RBM Anal"sis program used to generate the report) for example) 6spectr&. -he list of selections is shown below. . -he /i"e Sco!e filter allows the user to select from several options that will be useful to focus the search to specific times.lic( on 4ib0&eriodic and select it. #ere we will Select All. -he elect 1sers to Include in :uer" screen displa"s. #ighlight the one "ou want as the source of the report and clic( on O3.

. 4or this class ma(e sure the report is going to the &review 'indow.#ere the 6spectr item was highlighted. 6ext we will examine the Out!ut tab to loo( at these options.lic( on the Industry Area and on the first machine in the list) the Recirculation Pump AB. -he *utput options are Printer) Preview +indow) and Editor. . . . elect the area and e'uipment to run the Problem 5etail B report on.lic( on O3 to continue. 2ou ma" conceivabl" eliminate all "our reporting options and run a ?(now nothing? report. Note! Be careful with the filter settings "ou choose.lic( on the Facility tab to see the list of areas available. -he Reports screen as shown below will reappear. -he effect of this is to focus the report search to onl" problems reported through 6spectr.

E ui!"ent $istory Manager . 6otice that the extent of the report will depend on how far "ou expand the 4acilit" cope tree. -he report will be generated and sent to the selected output option.. -hese two example reports demonstrate the operation of the reporting functions in the RBMview module.lic( on Sub"it to run the report.lic( on )etail% E ui!"ent )etail) and on the Area name in the field to the right.lic( on Sub"it to run the report. All these reports can be run on the entire database) the area) or the e'uipment levels. +e will run the e'uipment detail report on the industr" area. Experiment with the various options for reports to find the best t"pes of reports for "our particular application. -his report was run on all open cases in the A< area.et0s loo( at another report that will prove useful. . . .

4rom the main menu of RBMview) clic( on the E ui!"ent $istory Manager button. Expand the tree to displa" the entire list of information as shown. +ith the tree full" expanded all of the Problems and +or( orders are displa"ed. Expand the tree b" clic(ing on the plus %.In this section we will examine the E'uipment #istor" Manager. -he E'uipment #istor" Manager screen will appear. E'uipment #istor" Manager is also accessible from Plot 5ata.& sign. ome of the editing functions will be explored.. +hen the database tree is expanded) the areas in the database show on the list. next to the Recirculation &u"! 56 to expand the tree to the next level. -he expanded tree is shown . .lic( on the .

. Right clic(ing on the problem allows additional editing such as Renaming) Inserting) aving) and 5eleting problems.lic( +ancel to return to the main menu. +ith the tree expanded) clic( on a wor( order. . +or( orders are an integral part of "our machiner" maintenance efforts.lic(ing on a Problem activates that problem enabling "ou to edit the problem as needed. -his page allows "ou to enter data such as a wor( order number) status) financial data) and audit data. 'or( Orders -he next section deals with the last level of data entr". -hese allow "ou to enter important information at the clic( of a mouse) instead of t"ping in from the (e"board.lic(ing on the down arrow beside each field allows "ou to choose from a recentl" used list. .lic( +ancel to return to the main menu. 2ou ma" also include information such as Primar" and secondar" component) fault location) *bservations) and recommended actions using the same convention.lic( on 4ault 5escription. -his launches the earch and election screen. After Right clic(ing on a problem choose from one of these options. . If needed) a new problem ma" be added at this point. ..

4ill in the numbers as shown and clic( on the A!!rove button. -he Esti"ated +osts will be for a repair that resulted from a run to failure mode. 4or this example) we will use the Actual cost to repair the e'uipment in a timel" manner. 6ext let0s fill in the +osts area of the +or( *rder. -"pe in as shown below. .+e will fill in the wor( to be done in the +or( 5one field next.

lic( on the date button and select the <B th of 6ovember as the date.lic( on the ?*8? button on the box to save the changes. .. 1se a date of <<$<C$DE for the plan date. A7E ! . .lic( on the ave button on the left upper button bar to save these changes. 6ow clic( on the Plan button. +e are now read" to fill in the . +e will use a date of <<$FD$DE for the complete date. -his can be interpreted as the ?.ompleted B"? date.omplete date.

Alar"s and &roble"s +e will examine the options in the Alarm and Problem tab first. . -hese views are available as tabs along the top of the tatus at a /lance window. Status At A .lance -he next RBMview feature we will review is the ? tatus At A /lance? module. Status-At-A-.lance presents three views of "our RBM program.lance icon to start the program. -he 7iews are!    Alarms and Problems +or( *rder Asset Mapper .-he wor( order is now complete.lic( on the Status at a .

RBMview uses the Asset Mapper function to map or create a correspondence between external information9enterprise assets and AM Machiner" Manager e'uipment and components.. Note! -he information @ust presented is not intended to be a complete review of the information in tatus at a /lance. for AreaG<.i(e the Alarms and Problems tab) double clic(ing on a wor( order opens it) allowing editing.omputerized Maintenance Management "stems %. Expand the Recirculation Pump AB to show the Alarm and Problem information. )ouble clic(ing on a problem launches the e'uipment histor" editor. Overview o7 the 8ueries Module . It is an overview.& next to the database name to expand the tree) then on the . It also will provide a tie to the plant .lance module provides a 'uic( method to loo( over the status of all the E'uipment in the database and to review the Alarms and Problems) and +or( *rders on that e'uipment. -his tab displa"s a tree of alarm and problem events generated b" other RBM applications and reported to RBMview. Asset Ma!!er .MM s"stem for overall control and trac(ing of wor( on the e'uipment. -he Status at a . RBMview communicates with various external information9enterprise s"stems including . Problems are generated b" the user or expert applications such as Automated 4ault Anal"sis %6spectr& or Motor7iew. Alarms are generated b" applications such as Exceptions Reporting and 5iagnostic Plotting. 'or( Order .lic( on the plus %. -he Asset Mapper shows an overview of each area and the e'uipment in it with an iconic assessment of the status.MM &.lic( on the Asset Mapper tab.

+e will not limit the search with the filters.lic( on the Search button. . . -he selection menu returns and allows the user to set several filters to focus the 'uer". . A 'uer" is a re'uest for information at various levels of the RBMview database.lic(ing on the down arrow in the :uer" field displa"s the options for the 'uer". -he available filters are the Start and End date) the Analyst) the !riority %lowest to highest&) and the Include +losed information.4rom the AM Machiner" Manager main selection menu) clic( on the 8ueries icon to begin. Also choices are made for starting and ending dates) the magnitude of reports) the anal"st) and whether to include closed reports or not. -he :ueries menu will displa".lic( on the &roble"s 'uer". .

lic( the +ancel button. +e will demonstrate how to set up a graph for one (ind of data in our database. +e will drill down on the 4acilit" and show the database tree.-he search has located several problems.eft hand area of the window) we will select the Available /y!es as a graph of 4aults b" 4ault -"pe. sign next to the database name to highlight all the areas. +e have clic(ed on the . sign ad@acent to the area to expand it. -o loo( at a graph on a machine) highlight the area it is in and clic( on the . -his will run the graph on all 4aults b" 4ault -"pe for all the database. Overview o7 . -his will allow the user to select the database level %database) area) e'uipment& to run the graph on. -here are setup options for man" t"pes of graphs) from H$5 bar graphs to F$5 pie charts on selected data and information from "our database. -hen clic( on the machine "ou want to graph. tart RBMview and clic( on the gra!h icon to start the graphics module.ra!hics Functions -he graphics option in RBMview allows the user to pictoriall" represent important data for the RBM database. . -o focus the search to an area or a machine) select the area and ma(e sure it is the onl" one highlighted. . +hen the graph setup screen appears) we see that it has I setup tabs) Facility% Event Filters% Miscellaneous Filters% 9 Miscellaneous )ata2 In the .

+e will be graphing the all 4aults B" 4ault -"pe for the entire database. . If "ou want to change these settings) clic( on the Select button to loo( at the search options for Faults. .lic( on the Misc2 Filters tab to view these. . -he +ord search is disabled unless chec(ed and the . #ere the setup for date and time filters) status filters) magnitude filters) and the data source for the anal"st and tool can be set.lic( on the Event Filters tab to view these options.lic( on O3 to return to the main settings screen.lassification earch is operated li(e an" other tree in the software. . +hen the fault search and selection screen appears) we have a +lassi7ication Search and a 'ord search option. +e will leave these settings as is for this demonstration. -he default is to show all e'uipment and faults.

-he graph Properties has <B tabs of various settings controlling all parameters of the graphics module. . -he last tool button is the /raph Properties button. Along with the tool bar of the graph are some options for the graph. -his is an example of the H5 Bar graph. . -he fifth button displa"s the F5 chart of the selected info. +e will examine these next. +e will again accept the defaults. -he third button &rints the graph. .+e will leave these set to All for our example.lic( on the Misc2 )ata tab to see these.      -he first button allows the graph to be saved as a &icture. %As hown below&   -he sixth tool button is the Filter option.lic( on O3. -he second tool button co!ies the graph to the clipboard. -he fourth button is the &rint &review button.

ase #istor" on the #/enter . 2.ase #istor" Manager to edit a case histor" on selected e'uipment in the 4ault.reate a H dimensional /raph using the /raphing options in < Su!!ly Fan# in the Fil" &lant Area to reflect a higher priorit" %<== or ?+hite #ot?& and add a new fault) +ou!ling Misalign"ent. 1sing the Fault2rb" database) edit the . +hen viewing the graph) loo( at the options in the &re7erences tool.RBMview :ab Objective  1se the RBMview .rbm database. . witch to the E1a"!le2rb" database and run a graph of #&roble"s by Fault /y!e# on Area =. 1.  . 1.