MoWaiter Announces Partnership with Cynovo MoWaiter will attend CES with Cynovo-BOOTH # 37120, South Hall

. Portola Valley, CA (USA), January 27, 2014 -- MoWaiter ( ), a provider of cloud based restaurant communication and food ordering service s and Cynovo Inc., a China based supplier of mobile tablet devices with wireless and payment capabilities, announced today they will deploy hardware and softwar e solutions to restaurants leading the mobile connectivity revolution in dining. The partnership s vision is to provide diners with: * Freedom of choice order and pay with your waiter, tablet or mobile phone * Contactless awareness - recognizers your presence and dining preferences * Personalization dine when, where and how you want while your privacy is respec ted * Ubiquitous cloud based approach - one solution for all restaurants Philippe Tregon, CEO of MoWaiter; and former Silicon Valley restaurant executive announcing the partnership said, Our partnership with Cynovo, an early developer of tablets with POS and wireless technologies for the restaurant industry, allo ws our customers the ability to directly communicate to a restaurant s wait staff on the go or at the table with or without their mobile phone. Tregon further sai d, MoWaiter is passionate about placing the restaurant customer in charge of the dining experience. Our down-loadable iOS app and soon to be released Android OS application, in conjunction with in-restaurant wireless tablet device service, gives us the ability to provide service anywhere, anytime, at the tap of a butto n. Henry Chen, Founder and CEO of Cynovo ( ) in announci ng the partnership commented, Our company is at the forefront hardware developers creating wireless payment devices that allow restaurant customers the ability t o order and pay for food and services on their timetable. This partnership prov ides us the application software to showcase our hardware solutions and makes a perfect combination of hardware and US software service applications expertise. About MoWaiter: MoWaiter was founded in 2011 by two Silicon Valley engineers to revolutionize th e restaurant experience. Philippe Tregon, an experienced Silicon Valley based re staurateur and former finance executive at ClubMed, joined the company this year to provide his in-industry experience as the company scales operations. Bill M acKenzie, an industry veteran with companies such as Apple, Palm and more recent ly with E La Carte joined the company in December to provide operational directi on to the company s efforts. The company s cloud based application is presently depl oyed at restaurants in Silicon Valley. More information is available at http://w About Cynovo: Founded in 2008, Cynovo is a leading solution provider of customized tablets for vertical business environments, including finance, healthcare, hospitality, ret ail, distribution, logistics and telecommunication. Most recently the company p rovided tablet solutions for pilot programs at leading Restaurant Chains in the US. Cynovo offers a broad range of Android, Windows, and Linux based tablets wh ich are designed for mobile professionals and business owners who require real-t ime computing and mobile payment processing capabilities at the point of service . Built on our core hardware and embedded technology, our customized tablet sol utions provides users the ability to gather, manage, analyze and transmit critic al information and process payments with high levels of efficiency, security, po rtability and information management. Henry Chen, the company s Founder and CEO h as a decade of experience at leading enterprise software and hardware companies such as Oracle and BEA Systems. More information is available at http://www.cyno Press & Media Contact: Philippe Tregon, Co-Founder & CEO MoWaiter Portola Valley, CA - USA 650 678-0872 mowaiter, restaurant communication, food ordering services, Cynovo, wireless tec hnologies, wireless tablet