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His Excellency, Prof. Surahmat, Rector of Malang Islamic University
Honorable Dr. Nur Fajar Arief, Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty Malang
Islamic University
Respectable, Prof. Kim Norman, Zein An, and Dr. J unaidi Mistar as our speakers in this
Honorable, distinguished guests, academicians, students, ladies and gentlemen.
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
First of all, thank to the God who has given us mercy and blessing till we can gather in
this place without any obstacles.
Secondly, salawat and salam always be given to our prophet Muhammad SAW, for he
has brought us from the darkness to the lightness.
Welcome to the International Seminar 2013
My name is Sardy. I am your master of ceremony this morning.
This year we have a very exciting seminar entitled Profiling Professional EFL Teachers.
What’s also interesting is, Malang Islamic University, the host of this international
seminar officially invites three prominent speakers. They are Prof. Kim Norman from
California State University, Zein An from California as well, and Dr. J unaidi from Malang
Islamic University, Indonesia.
Ladies and gentlemen, our first speaker is Prof. Kim Norman. She is an Associate
Professor of Education at California State University, Fullerton. She began her career
teaching elementary school students in multilingual urban and suburban settings.
Currently, she equips elementary school teachers to teach children (K-8) how to
communicate at high levels through reading and writing. Kim’s research interests
include the development of teacher knowledge, language and literacy. Kim Norman
joined the faculty in 1998 after receiving her Ph.D. from Stanford University in
Language, Literacy and Culture.
Zein An, M.A is our second speaker. She is currently teaaching English in some schools
in California. She excels in managing classroom activity for students in order to learn
effectively in the class.

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The third speaker is Dr. J unaidi Mistar, he is an English lecturer at graduate school
Malang Islamic University and undergraduate school as well. He gained his Ph. D from
Monash University in Australia.
Please……..join me in giving the presenters warm applause for their informative and
insightful presentation. Thank you very much.
Ladies and gentlemen, the first agenda is opening. Let’s start our agenda by reciting Al
Fatihah. Thank you very much.
Coming to the second agenda, welcoming notes from Dr. Nur Fajar Arief.
Dr. Nur Fajar Arief is a lecturer in garduate school of Malang Islamic University. He is
currently working as Dean of Teacher Training and Education Faculty. This is the
secone regime of his presidency.
For Dr. Nur Fajar Arief, please welcome…..
Thank you for Dr. Fajar.
This is it, what we are waiting for…….. Let’s proceed into the presentation who will be
led by our moderator, Mr. Yunus. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Yunus.
Mr. Yunus is the staff leader of English laboratory and SAC Malang Islamic University.
He is now also working as a lecturer at English education program of Malang Islamic
University. Prior to his education, he achieved his bachelorship degree and graduate
degree in English education at Malang Islamic University. Currently, he is conducting
some researches focusing on English Language Teaching. Please join me in
welcoming Mr. Yunus..

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Happy audience, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the International English Seminar
2013 with the theme Profiling Professional EFL Teachers.
My name is Sardy and I am your moderator this morning.
This year becomes an increadible moment for us to meet in this prestigious seminar
with our distinguished speakers.
Our first speaker is Dr. J unaidi Mistar from Malang Islamic University, East J ava,
Indonesia. He is a lecturer at English department of Malang Islamic University.
The secod speaker is Prof. Kim Norman. She is an associate professor at California
State University. Please also give her warm applause.
And, our last speaker is Ms. Zain An. She is an English teacher from California.
Please once again give applause for our distinguished speakers.
To begin our presentation today, each speaker will be given 30 minutes for the speech.
And now let’s welcome our first speaker, Dr. J unaidi Mistar…
Thank you for Dr. J unaidi Mistar. We can sum up that English teachers’ competence is
still low and can be categorized under the standard. What a tragic case is !
Now, going to the second speaker, Prof. Kim Norman, please welcome….
Thank you very much Prof. Kim Norman. We can conclude that teaching means
learning. And the duty of teachers is to encourage and to motivate the students in
learning activity.
This is, our last speaker, please give warm applause for Ms. Zain An…..
Thank you for Ms. Zain. We can see that English teachers need to master class
management in teaching English language to the students in order the students can
actively improve their English aptitude.
This is the end of our presentation today. Now, I give you chance to ask questions
towards the speakers.