Time & Date 09:00

Activity Searching for the compilation of death certificates Monthly Mortality report - Categorized by barangay - Indicate if male or female Explained to student nurses the mechanics of making the monthly report Went to the other room with RN heals and delegated tasks Went back to cubicle and continued making the report on TB Checked reports on sputum results; checked with other staff for their part on the mortality report and NTP report Spoke to 2 midwives on updates o f other programs and matters on COA; discussed about the allocation of budget Got back to NTP report; charted all things on TB chat from TB register Wrote additional updates to the TB register Delegated tasks on family planning to other personnel and made instructions on how to chart and make report Went back to office and continued charting Recounted the tallied number of cases













9:35 Answers the concern of another personnel(midwife) regarding the onset of TBDC tx of a patient Check the pt’s record for TBDC and made clarified instructions to the MW. intake. and interval of the drug Gave instructions to the midwife on properly obtaining weight measurement Checks on another personnel for sputum results and follow-up on the condition of another pt Went back to tallying/charting. recounted again the number of cases on the NTP lab register Tallied on chart the # of male and female cases for each category Checks on another personnel if the changes for family planning was already made Computed the last day drug tx on patients in the TB register Made follow-ups on another personnel regarding the last the of drug tx of her Tb pt Finishes report Got the forms from encoding section and went inside dr’s office to get other files 9:36 9:37 9:40 9:42 9:43 9:46 9:49 9:50 9:55 9:58 9:59 . helped made the corrections on med kit of the patient Documents on record the TBDC intake TB drug on a pt including the weight.

made the correction in NTP record: smear positive cases. gave additional instructions and went in dr’s office again to follow-up on medication supply Made the FHSIS documents.10:00 10:01 Pays to FilProducts Follow-up on family planning records. gave instruction regarding the paperworks Went to the dr’s office Went back to encoding section. looked into their reports and records. relayed a text message regarding follow-up to submit “PIR report on Metropolitan” Had a conversation with encoding section personnel 10:04 10:15 10:16 10:18 10:23 10:24 10:32 10:36 10:40 . left in the care of a RNheals nurse Follow-up the reports if other midwives. made assessment. smear positive tx. smear positive case cured (while waiting for forms) PHN checks on a patient complain . report on all programs fieldhealth services. results from monthly reports are tabulated in FHSIS report Answers concern of another personnel on family planning Continued on FHSIS report Went to encoding section to clear out mistake on FHSIS form. writes FHSIS report from month of January.

recorded the number of cases from monthly consolidation table In the family planning portion: transfers records from old FHSIS records to the new and corrected FHSIS report forms Went to another personnel regarding gathering of M1. PHN made referrals and arrangements for the personnel’s accommodation in the convention Received a phone call regarding changes to BHS records.regarding change in the schedule of duty and made arrangements 10:41 Approached by another personnel giving a letter/form regarding attending a Brgy. BHS chart on the month of January Went to Dr’s office: made a call about the BHS records of other barangays Checked manual of FHSIS: User’s Guide for Field health Service 10:49 10:53 10:54 10:55 10:58 11:00 11:03 11:06 11:12 . coordinated with another personnel for decision-making Approached another personnel/midwife and followup on the tally of house visits Picked up the corrected forms from encoding section Went back to office and continued to the Monthly Consolidation Table for RHUs Continued with FHSIS. Nutrition Scholars. Convention: 2nd National Conference of Brgy.

referred in to the dr Went back to recording Signs attendance of a personnel in attending the Anti-Smoking parade Continued recording Lunchbreak 11:35 11:37 11:38 11:41 11:42 12:04 .Informaion System version 2008 11:15 Continued transferring records on month of February about Natality and Maternal records Answers concerns of personnel from encoding section regarding the summary table Answers personnel regarding death certificate of a pt.