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DBMS Study Material for IBPS IT Officers - Data Models
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Data Model means, to give a SHAPE to the
data. A Data Model Makes it easier to understand the Data. We can define the data model as "The Collection of High-Level data description that hide many low level storage details". The Data Models are divided into THREE different groups. They are, 1. Object - Based Logical Models 2. Record - Based Logical Models 3. Physical Data Models 1. Object Based Logical M odels : These are used in describing data at Logical Level and View Level. ( Logical level describes what data ar e stor ed in the database and what r elationships exists am ong those Data. This logical level is used by the DBA (Data Base Administrator). H e must decide what information is to be kept in the Data Base. The View level describes Only par t of the entire database to be viewed by the user of the database hiding the details of the I nformation Stored.

The Object based logical models are described in the different following models.

The E-R (Entity-Relationship ) Model The Object-Based Logical Model The Semantic Data Model The Functional Data Model E-R M odel : The entity is a "Thing" or " Object" in the real world that is distinguishable from other objects. The E-R model is based on the collection of basic objects called Entities and the Relationship among them. Consider the following Diagram.

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Functional D ata M odel : The functional data model makes it easier to define functions and call them where ever necessary to process data. Each table contains multiple columns and each column contains a unique name.Data Models .Or iented M odel : The Object Oriented model based on a collection of OBJECTS. LI NES represents links of Entities to Relationships. Objects that contain the same types of values and the same methods are grouped together into classes. 2. Facebook social plugin I n the above diagram.Based Logical M odels : I n this type of models.DBMS Study Material for IBPS IT Officers .690 people like Gr8AmbitionZ. Sem antic D ata M odel : A Semantic data model is a more high level data model that makes it easier for a user to give Star ting D escr iption of the data in an organization. These are of 3 types. Recor d . Have a look at the following table. (Semantic is nothing but the Meaning). Join this site with Google Friend Connect Members (2617) More » Already a member?Sign in IBPS RRB JOB Notifications for year 2013 General Knowledge Banking Interview Tips Previous Papers BSNL TTA Exam Syllabus and Preparation Plan LIC AAO Exam Previous Papers and Study Materials Postal / Sorting Assistants Previous Papers and Study Materials IBPS Specialist Officers Interview Experiences N etwor k M odel : Data in the network model are represented by collection of Records and Relationships among data are connected by LI N KS.gr8ambitionz. (These bodies of Code is called Methods). Relational Model Network Model Hierarchical Model Relational M odel : The relational model represents both Data (entities) and Relationships among that data in the form of Tables. A widely used semantic data model is the Entity-Relationship (ER) data model which allows us to graphically denote entities and relationship between them. These links can be viewed as Pointers. the data is kept in the form of RECORDS (documents). So it is build only with few relations known as relational model in DBMS. United India Insurance AO Exam Previous Papers Free Download http://www. DI AMONDS represents RELATI ONSHI P among those ENTI TI ES. These models contain a wide verity of relations that helps to describe a real application scenario. Have a look at the following diagram. When compared with Object Based Data Models. the record based logical models specifies the overall logical structure of the database and provides higher-level implementation. An object contains values stored in I nstance Variables and Bodies of Code that operates on the Object. Those are. (A class is the definition of the object). RECTANGLES represents ENTI TI ES.html 12-01-2014 . Thse models describes data at Logical and View Levels.com/2012/02/data-models. A DBMS cannot support all these relations directly. Object .Gr8AmbitionZ Page 2 of 5 Gr8AmbitionZ Like 71.

which explains how the data is actually stored using complex low-level data structures.Thank You.Gr8AmbitionZ Page 3 of 5 H ier ar chical M odel : This is also same as Hierarchical model. I T Officers Exam 4 comments : Anonym ous January 20. Computers for I T Officers . 2013 at 12:34 PM Current Affairs Ok friend. We’ll update separate pdf files for this.html 12-01-2014 .... 2014 at 11:30 PM hey is your material is sufficient for ibps so. Physical D ata M odels: Physical data models are used to describe data at the lowest level. the difference is the records in the database are represented in the form of TREES (in Hierarchical way) 3. Character Certificate Download Banking Awareness Materials and Model Papers for IBPS Clerks Online Exam 2012 You m ight also like: SSC CGL Previous Papers and Study Materials Data Base Users and Administrator IBPS IT Officers Special Data Base Management Systems (Introduction) The OSI Model Study Materials for IBPS IT Officers Exam .gr8ambitionz. DBMS .. Reply Replies Shiv RK January 20. Linkwithin at 3:22 PM Recommend this on Google New Bank Job Notifications Study Material for Lakshmi Vilas Bank Clerks Exam Labels:Bank I T Officers .. There are two types in Physical Data Models. 2013 at 10:44 PM some topics are not able to download so plz keep it in a downlaod format Reply Take a Speed Improvement Test Previous Papers List of Nationalized Banks with Websites Multiplication Tables Audio Files for Download Anonym ous January 8..DBMS Study Material for IBPS IT Officers . the physical data models are rarely used.com/2012/02/data-models. Reply SBI PO Study Materials Comment as: RBI Assistants Study Materials Preview Publish NICL Assistants Study Materials http://www.Keep it in download format... Unifying Model Frame-Memory Model IBPS Clerks II Common Interview Experiences 2013 Read about NORMAL FORMS Her e. 2013 at 12:26 PM Data models is not in download format. Actually. Reply Marketing Aptitude slinga m December 5.Data Models . I T Officers .

gr8ambitionz.Data Models . We are little busy in making Study M aterials.. Submit NM NS J ? P N MQ R Q " 4L @ K K3D PTD R S' Q H D M CR Current Affairs 2013 If you feel our efforts useful.com/2012/02/data-models. After all we feel our materials are more important to you than our answers. We are not getting enough time to respond our readers’ queries.DBMS Study Material for IBPS IT Officers .Gr8AmbitionZ Page 4 of 5 Dear Friends. then please Tell your friends about us. H ope you understand.. Please Help us reach More Aspirants. Please don’t think otherwise if we are unable to respond... Good Day :) Newer Post Subscribe to:Post Comments ( Atom ) JG LI U G RF G L M ake your Pr epar ation FU N !!! Study with the Adm in of this Blog CLI CK on below I M AGE for D etails H ome Older Post DM P B ? GJW K ?G J. Thanks in Advance Banking Awareness M aterial for I BPS POs and Clerks Exams Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks Upcoming Bank Exam Notifications 2014 -15 Complete Study M aterial for I BPS Clerks CWE I I I Online Exam LI C AAO Previous Papers Free Download I BPS Specialist Officers Study M aterials English Grammar Shortcuts SBI PO 2013 Study M aterials RBI Assistant Exam Study M aterial NM NS J ? P O S C P GC Q BG QO S QD MP ESG B C2 @? L I CV ? K Q JG LI U G RF G L @J M E ?P A F G T C Blog Archive http://www.html 12-01-2014 . We will try our best to answer your query....

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