Alaska Trip 2013

Clarissa Geralno

Alaska basic information
 Alaska is mostly cold, In winter, where I am going, Juneau and Ketchikan will have temperature reaching for -2. the high one is about 4 degrees Celsius, and this is taken by the current winters in Alaska.  

Alaska is part of the united States Therefore, the currency in Alaska is not much different from US. The coins in Alaska has a picture of their special animals, like the grizzly bears. The dollars note are just like the US’s.

 Day 1:
 I will be arriving in Vancouver the first day to port to the cruise ship. I will depart at noon, 4:30 pm.

 Day 2
 I will be at the sea for the whole time

 Day 3:
 I will be arriving at Juneau, go shopping and watch shows. I will go to some places like Tracy arm and Alaska State Museum too.

 Day 4
 I will be arriving at Ketchikan. I will eat lunch, shop, and go to the lumberjack show.

 Day 5
 I will be at sea for the whole time

Hotel and Transportation
 I will only need the fee for the cruise and some taxi fees.

Lifestyle and Culture
 Holidays: New Years, Martin Luther King JR. Day, President’s Day, Seward’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Alaska Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
 Customs: We can drink water anywhere. It’s clean and fresh, even the tap water is. Two nights in cruise are formal dinner.  Major Religion: Roman Catholic

 National language: English. There are some people who don’t speak English though, they are tribal people who’re still dressed funny.

Some phrases
     Outside: Anywhere outside Alaska but generally means the continental 48 states. When a local goes on vacation, they are headed "outside.” Eskimo Ice Cream: The fat of a Seal or Caribou is whipped to a creamy texture and mixed with chopped meat or berries. Yummy. Muktuk: An Eskimo delicacy consisting of the skin and attached layer of whale blubber. It can be eaten dried or cooked, but usually consumed raw. Muskeg: Swamp or bog composed of layers of decomposing plant life. Often found in tundra regions. Termination Dust: The construction workers during the building boom in the 1940's called the snowfall each year termination dust because it meant the end of their jobs would be terminated for the season. Now, it is used to refer to the first snowfall signaling the end of the summer season.

Cheechako: The Alaskan term for someone who is new to the country. A "tenderfoot" or "green horn.”
Denali: Literally, means the "High One" or the "Great One," Denali is the name given to the massive peak also known as Mt. McKinley, by the Athabascan Native People. Congress officially changed the name of Mt. McKinley National Park to Denali National Park in the Alaskan Lands Act in 1980. ( )

Travel Requirements
 Passports and Visas. I have passport, and I have a visa too. It wouldn’t be a trouble for me because I have both and I don't need no money to spend on travel requirements. The travel warnings are to be careful
 There would be many wild bears, and be careful to not be attacked by the bears. We also have to be careful as there are many mudflats. We have to take care of the wild life too. We have to take care of the nature and be careful around at the same time.

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