8 MGD Seawater Desalination Project Tender Enquiry Document for 110 kV Switchyard


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EQUIPMENT TO BE SUPPLIED 110 kV 1250 Amp, 40 kA for 3 sec, SF6 puffer type circuit breaker shall be provided. Specific requirement a) Tie beams between foundations of breakers of different phases are recommended, since additional load in the form of vibration may be transferred to the foundations during closing / opening operation. Design of circuit breaker shall be such that contacts shall not close automatically upon loss of gas/air pressure. SF6 breakers shall be provided with temperature compensated SF6 density switch with separate trip, alarm and blocking contacts. D.C circuits for two trip coils shall be separate and each of them shall be monitored. Manually operated energy tripping push button or any other device conveniently located for mechanical tripping of all the three phases simultaneously shall be provided. SF6 topping up kit along with SF6 bottles having at least 10% capacity of the Total SF6 gas in 5 nos. SF6 breakers.

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Technical Requirements The circuit breakers shall comply with requirements in the following table :

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sl.No Description Requirements -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Quantity Type Execution of poles Nominal / highest system voltage Rated current 5 nos. (As per SLD) SF6 outdoor 3 nos. single pole, gang operated with trip free mechanism. 110 kV / 123 kV 1250 Amps

P2Sec B1-Swyd


Doc. No.6104-EL-SPC-610-001 Rev. : R0 Page : B1 : 4

6104-EL-SPC-610-001 Rev.3 sec – CO . 10 NO+10NC (min) Heavily polluted saline and dusty 50°C Required no. 8.0. -15% 2 nos.3 550 KVp 230 kV (rms) As per IEC-56 As per IEC-56 To switch the associated transformers magnetising currents. of trip coils per pole No. 12. 21. 11.u. 18. contacts Environment at the location of installation Reference ambient temperature SF6 gas filling plant Gas evacuation & filling unit 40 kA for 3 sec. No. 23. 22.8 MGD Seawater Desalination Project Tender Enquiry Document for 110 kV Switchyard -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sl. 24.5. 7. 20. 13. of gas cylinder to be provided required P2Sec B1-Swyd FICHTNER India Doc. 100 kAp O . Not more than 2. Stand alone pneumatic mechanism 3 phase 415 / 1 phase 240V operation 110V DC. 19. Short circuit breaking current & duration Making current Operating duty First pole clear factor Impulse with stand voltage One minute power frequency withstand voltage Line charging current breaking Cable charging current breaking Small inductive current breaking Over voltage factor while switching off above current Type of operating mechanism Operating mechanism to be suitable Control voltage No. +10%. 14.CO 1. 16. 9. : R0 Page : B1 : 5 .of aux. 17.No Description Requirements -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. 15. 10.3 p.3 min .

close-normal-trip control switch. Gas reprocessing &filling unit Cantilever strength Creepage distance a) b) 28.6104-EL-SPC-610-001 Rev. housing operating mechanism.3 33.6 Earthing pads Applicable Standards Circuit breakers Insulators Large hollow porcelain Clamps and connectors Hop dip galvanising Spec.sec Control cubicle Outdoor. : R0 Page : B1 : 6 .2 33. 27. 33. for support insulator for interrupt insulator 3800 mm 3800 mm 60 m.4 33. other controls / selection such as local-remote selector switch. not required 800 Kg Total break time (max) Total make time(max) 31 32. 29. grounding pad with 2 Nos M10 bolts. sheet steel (3mm thick)clad with hinged type front door with locking device.8 MGD Seawater Desalination Project Tender Enquiry Document for 110 kV Switchyard -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sl.1 33.No Description Requirements -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------25. all aux. No.5. weather & vermin proof. thermostat controlled space heater with ON-OFF switch. contacts wired up to terminal block with 20% spare terminals shall be provided. 33. Support structures Hot dip galvanised supporting steel structures specifically designed for breaker mounting shall be supplied.m. and acceptance sulphur hexafluride (SF6) IEC-56 IS:2544 IS:5621 IS:617 IS:2629 & IS:2633 IEC:376 P2Sec B1-Swyd FICHTNER India Doc.sec 100. 26.5 33. Each equipment shall be provided with 2 Nos. 30.

drawings and information necessary for review of the equipment and also erection. Completely filled in sheets of Technical schedules.1. Drawing and data sheets for each piece of equipment. Maintenance manual for individual equipment Any other relevant data. Transport dimension with weight The foundation and anchor bolt details for all equipment including dead load and impact load with direction. A list of manufacturing and supply record of identical circuit breaker as offered.1.8 MGD Seawater Desalination Project Tender Enquiry Document for 110 kV Switchyard 2.0. DRAWING. data and details shall be furnished with the bid: a. No.2 TESTS Shop testing. c. Each circuit breaker and accessories shall be subjected to routine tests as laid down in relevant standard.0 After award of contract The contractor shall submit four (4) copies of the following drawings / data for Purchaser's approval : a. e. c. principle of operation and special features.0 3.1 3.0 2. g. 3. Each circuit breaker along with base frame and operating mechanism shall be completely assembled and checked at manufacturer's works for correct alignment and operation before despatch.5. : R0 Page : B1 : 7 . d. b. d.1. operation and maintenance. Assembly drawing for erection at site with part numbers and schedule of materials.0. b.1 2. Technical leaflets on EHV circuit breakers offered explaining the function of various parts. i. DATA AND MANUALS Along with the Bid Following drawings. General arrangement drawing. f.1. Type test report and typical routine test report of identical circuit breakers as offered in bid.0 3.1. e. Complete control schematics and electrical inter-connecting diagrams.2.0 2. General arrangement drawings of circuit breaker showing constructional feature and also disposition of various fittings. P2Sec B1-Swyd FICHTNER India Doc.6104-EL-SPC-610-001 Rev.