a.k.a Triple Trit Trinary a.k.a Ternary Dscript
WireScript is is a version of Dscript where each letter is represented by 3 trits(a trit has 3 values, like a bit has 2) ach trit can be !,",or 2. ach value is represented by either a #! de$ree corner, a "%! de$ree curve, or a 2&! de$ree loop. 3 trits yields 2& possibilities. 'ull n$lish (lphabet ) Space. ! de$rees is *eanin$less as it can not be identified. 3+! de$rees is hard to distin$uish fro* 2&!. So neither is used. (bsolute ,rientation is relative, so it not used either. (lso, relative orientation (like left-./ri$ht) causes far to *any unintended line crossin$s that *i$ht end up bein$ confused as loops. ie. 3 left turns is a loop with corners 0orners and loops provide a choice of direction. (left,ri$ht) "%! de$ree curves have no such choice The 1entry point1 is denoted by a dot.

23D 4

First Trit

Second Trit

Third Trit

5colors for learnin$ e6a*ples only not needed for usa$e

9ere you can see a :uick e6a*ple usin$ the words 7three8 7trit8 and 7trinary8. (t first it is easier to draw 7$aps8(strai$ht lines) between letters to *ake readin$ easier. The 7space8 character is three "%!s (n alternate for* of the space is to *er$e all three "%! de$ree curves into a sin$le shape.

With the space character it possible to write entire sentences as a sin$le line without liftin$ the pen. 2 use 2 spaces to indicate a 7.8 allowin$ entire para$raphs. 3 spaces for 7line break8, allowin$ *ultiple para$raphs. With a little practice the letters can be ti$htened up. 2t is a little harder to read, but still le$ible. ;ust be careful not to *iss a trit when writin$ or skip a trit when readin$. <hrases can be ti$htened into a nice $lyph as well.

The trickiest co*bination is the 7"%! curve ) 2&! loop8 as this will cause lines to cross. 2t *i$ht look a little confusin$, but it is easily identified and very uni:ue, when you see these read the* a 7"%!, then 2&!8(or 2,").

The reverse of 2&! ) "%!, does not present such a proble*. 2t does often risk collidin$ with the loop. This is easily avoided by e6tendin$ the curve wide enou$h to avoid the loop.

Technically the sa*e principle could be applied to the 7"%! ) 2&!8. =ut this re:uires *ore plannin$ and it is easy to accidentally draw lines so close they touch, especially if the 7"%!)2&!8 is followed by another 7"%!8. 2t is sli$htly tricker to i*ple*ent, but no less valid.

3,W...... The real fun be$ins>
=ecause WireScript re:uires no pen lifts, and uses very si*ple an$les, it can be written.... you $uessed it.. with wires>>> 2n this e6a*ple of the word 7ti*e8 the letter are spaced out for easy readin$ as before. =elow is the word 7love8 ti$htened up to$ether. The "%!)2&! proble* even disappears because crossin$ the lines is *uch less of a proble*.

3ow... ven *ore fun... 3 D2? S2,3S>>>
This is where the 7real fun8 be$ins. =ecause WireScript i$nores relative orientation, when we use wires to write in WireScript we now have @ choices of direction instead of 2.(e6cept for "%!) 2n 2D the #! and 2&! can $o 7left or ri$ht8. 2n 3D a #! or 2&! can choose between 2 a6is instead of ". 0reatin$ three di*ensional shapes. 9ere we see the letter 7(8 in 2 of its possible for*s. =oth are co*posed of 3 separate #! de$ree corners, but the one on the left only uses " a6is, while the one on the ri$ht uses both a6is. 9ere are the words 7all hu*an bein$s are born free8. (The wire 2 used is a bit thick, and *y pliers are a bit wide so so*e of *y #! de$ree corners are a bit round. 2 hope to i*prove this with practice and better toolsA*aterials) 2t is hard to depict a 2D picture of a 3D script. 0heck out the WireScript video to $et a better idea.

WireScript Video
httpBAAyoutu.beAvuC(0DD3n"k 5foldin$ 3D WireScript has $iven *e a new appreciations of the co*ple6ity of protein foldin$ E)

Fou *ay have notice that the 7start8 is an 7open hook8 and the 7end8A8space8 is a 7G@! loop8. 2f you have not $uessed why yet... its so they can han$ and strin$ to$ether B) ,n the ri$ht you have the e6act sa*e + words 7(ll hu*an bein$s are born free8 strun$ to$ether into a han$in$ chain. Words need not be broken into individual *odules, with the space character you can put as *any words as you like into a sin$le 7orna*ent8. =reakin$ the* into individual 7orna*ents8 Cust *akes it easier, and allows you to re.use words later. These orna*ents have rather lon$ 7starts and tails8. 2deally they can be ti$htened up as well. ( strin$ could start at the top and han$ down, or could start at the base and for* a standin$ structure. ;ust about anythin$ could be *ade out of WireScript. ( touch of $lueAsolder or a s*all weld could hold the* in place if you want to create a *ore co*ple6 structure that do not 7bend to the will of $ravity8. (s the structure beco*es bi$$er eventually $ravity *ay outway the structural stren$th of the wire. To $et around this Cust have the wire co*e back and provide 7support8 to other se$*ents of the wire so that load is shared. The best way to add structural inte$rity is by passin$ back throu$h the *iddle of an earlier 72&! loop8, but this is tricky.

The wire bounces around as ou wor! with it" I a#$ost too! out an e e be%ore I rea#i&ed the #e'e# o% dan(er)

Interestin( *oints + ,ther ,ptions
-e#i.: When workin$ in 3D there is a new option
available. The 3D heli6. This would allow base @ instead of base 3. 2t is harder to read, but 2 have conte*plated usin$ it as the space character or punctuation. 2f you need *ore than 2+ letters than this is a $ood way to increase the siHe of your inde6 fro* 2& to +@.

/ore Trits: 2f you have an alphabet lar$er than 2+, you *ay want to use a 7@
trit syste*8, this increases the inde6 to %" characters.
5if you use both above *ethods you can reach an inde6 siHe of 2G+ (@6@6@6@I2G+). This should *ore than enou$h for any lan$ua$e.

0o$puters+E#ectronics: Trinary (or *ore correctly referred to as Ternary)
has been use din co*putin$. The Jussians built ternary co*puters back in the 7tech race8 era. 3or*al bits are "A!. Ternary can easily be described as !A"A2 but *ore i*portantly, ternary can take advanta$e of electrical polarity and e*ploy ."A!A". This allows for so*e very cool lo$ical operations, *any of which have a $reat advanta$e over binary. =ut the increased co*ple6ity of desi$n, and the fact that binary has beco*e the standard, has lead to ternary bein$ all but for$otten. (actually there are a few special application where ternary is used, but not in *icroprocessors as far as 2 know). 2t is probably *ore likely that as co*puters develop we will 7skip ternary8 and Cu*p to 7base @8. Ternary is a real pain to convert to binary, whereas base @ converts easily, so base @ is *uch easier to inte$rate with current technolo$ies and standards.

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