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15-Jan-2014,Wed, 07:30AM 14-Feb-2014,Fri, 03:39AM 15-Mar-2014,Sa , 09:25#M 14-A$r-2014,M&n, 01:13#M 14-May-2014,Wed, 02:14#M 12-Jun-2014,Thu, 12:27#M 11-Ju%-2014,Fri, 03:01AM 10-Au'-2014,Sun, 04:55#M 0!-Se$-2014,M&n, 10:4!AM 07-)" -2014,Tue, 07:13#M 06-*&+-2014,Thu, 05:35AM 05-,e"-2014,Fri, 06:1!AM

End Date Day, Time
16-Jan-2014, Thu,10:33AM 15-Feb-2014, Sa , 05:5!AM 16-Mar-2014, Sun,10:20#M 15-A$r-2014, Tue,01:12#M 15-May-2014, Thu,12:45AM 13-Jun-2014, Fri,09:41AM 12-Ju%-2014, Sa ,0!:33#M 11-Au'-2014, M&n,03:36#M 09-Se$-2014, Tue, 07:07AM 0!-)" -2014, Wed, 04:27#M 06-*&+-2014, Thu, 03:52AM 06-,e"-2014, Sa , 05:56AM

Om Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya !!!

and felt thrilled as the name of one of the greatest saints of our time. "ea!ing all the furnitures outside. It was a summer time. as %is name suggests. Yogi Ramsuratkumar too. when I headed to walk on the street after having breakfast..Last Thursday. #alakumaran. 'fter %is enlightenment. #alakumaran had shared a significant incident. me a lot in my spiritual -ourney. we em#tied a room in the $aadaar mansion to s#read%out a mat. Yogi Ramsuratkumar served as a school headmaster before %e was drawn to South India in %is spiritual /uest. I see %is name or picture stuck on a vehicle or elsewhere. I saw an auto passing by me. which -ust wiped away my desire to read 'yn Rand books. came into my life through the writings of my favorite spiritual writer. %e called %imself as a beggar. #oth Yogi Ramsuratkumar and #alakumaran have helped +are helping. "oreover. Yogi Ramsuratkumar (1918-2001) Yogi Ramsuratkumar.a!hi+)uru*s $ay. )uru . and sit . was inscribed on its windscreen. Yogi Ramsuratkumar. and lived a humble life in Thiruvanamalai. writer #alakumaran was one among them1 one blessed by %im. Thami!h 0adu&s -ewel. #orn in . a Self reali!ed "aster. $henever. 'Hey. #ut like a magnet attracting iron particles.arnasi. like my brother. and emboldened my faith in a great many saint. I&ll tell myself. %e drew spiritual seekers from around the world. is a +favorite. son of Lord Rama. But the wind in hiru!anamalai was blowing cool. In his book." 'nd mostly this would happen on a Thursday()uru*s day. I*ve translated the incident in #alakumaran&s own words. you must be good. You're fortunate enough to see Yogiyaar (that's how I like to call him) Himself.

Bhagawan (a fond way of addressing a reali)ed soul)." "But how is it you s#eak /nglish !ery well.*I had great doubt whether I can #ass out of school. I ha!e got )ero in mathematics. *+hy did you sto# with that. I had no further interest to #ursue my studies. o successfully com#lete school life was itself like walking on fire.o. /!en those . Balkumar. I had no interest in studies. and teach us without teaching." " ill school. "How much ha!e you studied. In his child%like !oice.before Yogi &amsuratkumar. Yogi &amsuratkumar asked me. ( de!otee had #re#ared the food and ke#t it at the corner of the room. . 'y family was beside me." He continued. It was one of those blessed occasions where Yogi &amsuratkumar would talk about worldly matters.

I." He asked again. ( 9I& 6/. $obody sacrifices anything for anybody." "(t first. I was able to gras# the nuances of the language. she is talking on the contrary." "I didn't ask you to take your life as an e4am#le. He asked. tell me about (yn &and's #hiloso#hy. and said "Bhagawan." "(rthur 1oestler. and continued. isn't it. it was tough Bhagawan. Ir!ing . . "(yn &and says that . here is no necessity for anybody to sacrifice anything.H$/. in e!ery stage of life.. " "Is it." I mentioned a few names." "Is it. "I can tell.tone. wife has with husband." I mused for a while. Here (in India). son has with father. +/ H/ "I9I$7. His flawless /nglish had left many in awe.. what books do you read. is nothing but selfishness. Bhagawan. and also their no!els. But as I continued to read. there are so many noble souls . Buying and reading contem#orary writers' books from a rental book store is a old habit of mine. It all ha##ened because of reading /nglish no!els. I ha!e read one of (yn &and's no!els many times. . and gaining #o#ularity. "+ere you able to read them all. 8o you belie!e in this. father has with son. Behind e!ery sacrifice. (yn &and. is selfish. 3an you tell me what (yn &and says." "2kay..elfishness alone is the only sacred thing. "+hat she says is against our culture. /!erybody. 2ur selfishness is what makes us to li!e.o. and :2& H/ $/+ I$ /""/3 6(". I learnt to s#eak /nglish without making any grammar mistakes." "ike an inter!iewer Bhagawan Yogi &amsuratkumar asked with eyes shar#ly fi4ed on me. there is selfishness hidden.H&677/8. ( :&(686"/$ +2&8. +hen e!ery religion says we ha!e to sacrifice./":I. . . hese are also my fa!orites. I think.+ho call themsel!es as graduates don't s#eak #ro#er /nglish. "It's because of my ac0uaintance with /nglish literature. +hat husband has with wife.3(&I:I3( I2$ I." "2kay. +hat do you say about this. hree of her no!els are !ery #o#ular 5 ( "(. .o soon. It's only with selfishness we li!e. I think what she says is right. hen. I'd keenly obser!e the con!ersations in the no!els. Ir!ing +allace." Yogi &amsuratkumar was a literature graduate." Yogi shrunk His eyes.

like the sea wa!es in the ocean. Birds. If you cry. this is not ?ust told for the sake of an e4am#le. Your hunger should disturb me. (s I remained silent. 'selfishness@ and >sacrifice@ a##ears as two o##osite ends. there can be a di!ision that some are su#erior and some are inferior. +hy don't you do something like others. (re two sea wa!es different. his is a state we all can attain. there is a di!ision called 'others. rising and dissol!ing are an you say that they all did it out of selfishness. +ill she say their sacrifices were fraudulent. #lants. +e see them only as a #art of ocean. then.' then. wind. Bhagawan &amana as selfish #eo#le. mud. stone. there is no such thing called di!ision. Balkumar. Humans should always try to li!e such a life. +ill you include them too. I sat with an ideological confusion. there is no 'you. SELF MEANS ONLY OTHERS. they are not different from the ocean. hat's called 7od. his is truth. +ill (yn &and certify their li!es as selfish too. animals. and I'm in you.hree &amakrishna <ramahamsa and Bhagawan &amana as selfish #eo#le." hough His face was calm.who ha!e sacrificed their li!es. But still they remain only as a #art of the ocean. /!erything is 2ne. they may se#arate themsel!es as wa!es and bubbles. 2nly for those who are di!ided. I was not able to say . (nd so are we. /ach wa!e and each bubble are #art of the whole sea. You are in me. 2nly for those who ha!e the ego 'I'.. In truth. Balkumar. I should also feel hungry. is there a difference in the wa!es.' 2nly when we se#arate oursel!es as 'I' and 'you. If you feel hungry. He e4#ounded. (t the same time. the 0uestion was intense. +ithin ocean. $2 2 H/&. In our Hinduism. 'y family was watching me. You say e!eryone is selfish. /ach one of us should continuously stri!e to li!e like that. e!en if it takes lifetimes. humans5nothing is se#arate. then. You alone are sitting sim#ly without doing any work.. OTHERS ARE THE SELF. 8o you say 'ahatma 7andhi was selfish. his is a reality. trees. +e all can li!e in.' 2nly when you ha!e the sense of 'I'. selfishness itself means only others' welfare. When there is no 'I'. You and I are #art of Him. In fact. 8o you say &amalinga 9allalar was selfish. sea. there will be the sense of 'you'. his is the life of e!ery enlightened men. . In an ocean. Yogi gesticulated to talk. once a #erson came to Bhagawan &amana and said something similar to this= >/!eryone in this ashram is working and doing ?obs.A@ 8o you understand what it means. . I was not able to ignore (yn &and too.hree &amakrishna <ramahamsa. 3an we call Buddha. sky. Your tears should shake me. I should also cry. isn't it.@ Bhagawan &amana retorted= > H/&/ I. "Balkumar.

Yogi &amsuratkumar made me reali)e the !irtue of sacrifice.omething !ery su#erficial. here was not a dro# of selfishness in their li!es. In our li!es.. (nd that@s the state of those who ha!e attained 7od%hood. *+hat you s#oke has made me ha##y. my writings got transformed. and said. . hat@s a life worth li!ing.eeing that.imilarly. "ikewise.ince I didn't fully gras# and digest what Bhagawan e4#lained. . #lease forgi!e me. this 'circle' called the ego must also grow bigger and bigger. that day.- +hen He uttered the last line. my children@s friends. the >I@ thought is slowly broken as it e4#ands as my wife. and the ugliness of selfishness. It was all because of my 7uru. *2nce a ri!er mingles in ocean. and also as my country men5 so on and so forth. it had happened that a few youngsters had come to meet Yogi Ramsuratkumar to propound 'yn Rand&s philosophy. my children@s relati!es. will your hunger be satiated Bhagawan. after marriage. flowing to all others. Later. In them too. 2nly then you can clarify your thoughts. I #rostrated before him.But Yogi &amsuratkimar is a 8i!ine 'aster. It can@t se#arate itself from the ocean to become a ri!er again. a foolish 0uestion arose in my crooked mind= *If I eat. and get e4#anded.+hat (yn &and says is a delusion. He could easily read others' thoughts. But if the o##osite ha##ensBif the circle shrinksBit becomes ugly. then it@s ne!er called as a ri!er. Born out of ego. I #anicked and got u#. 7od@s mercy and com#assion will e!er be there. *If I ha!e s#oken something wrong. #ut Yogi silently sent them to #alakumaran to do the talking. Bhagawan &amanar. You should always s#eak like that. will my hunger be satiated. his is how . those who ha!e dissol!ed themsel!es in 7od can ne!er come back to ordinary state. . Yogi &amsuratkumar. as one grows older.uch a mind will only become deluded. If you ha!e food.hree &amakrishna <ramahamsar. there were tears in His eyes. . :rom then on. hen it further e4#ands as my children. . and write with ease. hey ne!er did their sacrifice as an act of dece#tion. 7od@s mercy and com#assion are like the ocean that ne!er drains.He smiled and said. Balkumar. 7od@s child.hree (urobindo li!ed. . my children@s children.

India&s greatest saint of our times. my beloved reader. . shattered the self indulgent philosophy of 'yn Rand.'nd that&s how. who is said to be one of the most influential writers of twentieth century.