Drink Coconut Water Why Drink Coconut Water?

Coconut Water is naturally:
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Low in Carbs 99% Fat Free Low in sugars

Coconut Water contains organic compounds possessing healthy growth promoting properties that have been known to help • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature. Orally re-hydrate your body; it is an all natural isotonic beverage. Carry nutrients and o ygen to cells. !aturally replenish your body"s #luids a#ter e ercising. $aise your metabolism. %romote weight loss. &oost your immune system. 'eto i#y and #ight viruses. Cleanse your digestive tract. Control diabetes. (id your body in #ighting viruses that cause the #lu) herpes) and (*'+. &alance your %, and reduce ris- o# cancer. .reat -idney and urethral stones. &oost poor circulation.

Coconut Water .he /nglish name coconut) #irst mentioned in /nglish print in 0111) comes #rom +panish and %ortuguese word coco) which means 2mon-ey #ace.2 +panish and %ortuguese e plorers #ound a resemblance to a mon-ey"s #ace in the three round indented mar-ings or 2eyes2 #ound at the base o# the coconut. On the !icobar *slands o# the *ndian Ocean) whole coconuts were used as currency #or the purchase o# goods until the early part o# the twentieth century.

he coconut"s name is a bit o# a misnomer) since it is botanically classi#ied as a drupe and not a nut.was also burned #or #uel by natives) but today a seed #ibre called coir is ta-en #rom the hus.he hus.siphoned directly #rom the nut .to give emergency plasma trans#usions to wounded soldiers.he coconut itsel# has many #ood uses) including mil-) meat) sugar and oil as well as #unctioning as its own dish and cup. Coconut oil) a saturated #at made #rom dried coconut meat) is used #or commercial #rying and in candies and margarines) as well as in non-edible products such as soaps and cosmetics. . .allowed it to easily dri#t on the oceans to other areas to propagate. .awaii and Florida.2 . *t is the largest seed -nown.#resh #rom the coconut by many) and it can also be used in recipes. *t"s the #luid o# li#e) so to spea-. (n average harvest #rom one tree runs about 45 coconuts) with some trees yielding three times that amount. ( very potent #ermented toddy or drin.2 *n #act) during the %aci#ic 8ar o# 0990-91) both sides in the con#lict regularly used coconut water . . Contrary to popular belie#) this is not the coconut mil-. .he #ruit-bearing palms are native to 3alaysia) %olynesia and southern (sia) and are now also proli#ic in +outh (merica) *ndia) the %aci#ic *slands) . (lthough it ta-es up to a year #or coconuts to mature) the trees bloom up to thirteen times a year) so #ruit is constantly #orming yielding a continuous harvest yearround.he light) #ibrous hus. *# you"ve ever opened a #resh coconut) you will have seen the thin) opa6ue almost clear coconut 7uice or water which has a slight almond #lavor.is also made #rom the coconut palm"s sap.owever) the water is consumed as a drin. Here is some more information about Coconut Water 2*t"s a natural isotonic beverage) with the same level o# electrolytic balance as we have in our blood. *n +ans-rit) the coconut palm is -nown as -alpa vri-sha) meaning 2tree which gives all that is necessary #or living)2 since nearly all parts o# the tree can be used in some m anner or another.and used to ma-e brushes) mats) #ishnets) and rope.Coconuts are the #ruit o# the coconut palm) botanically -nown as cocos nuci#era) with nuci#era meaning 2nut-bearing. .

Coconut Water is #etter than processed baby milk .he same level we have in our blood. • • • Coconut Water is More utritious than whole milk .3ost coconut water is still consumed #resh in tropical coastal areas . • • • • 2Coconut water is the very stu## o# !ature) biologically %ure) #ull o# !atural +ugars) +alts) and <itamins to ward o## #atigue and is the ne t wave o# energy drin-s &ut natural2) according to 3ortin +atin) Chie# o# the =nited !ation"s Food > (griculture Organi?ation. Coconut water contains more potassium @at about A99 mgB than most sports drin-s @00C mgB and most energy drin-s.once e posed to air) the li6uid rapidly loses most o# its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics) and begins to #erment.9mg. Coconut water is naturally sterile . • • Data is based on a %&&ml drink' .*t contains lauric acid) which is present in human mother"s mil-.rd world countries thru Coconut *<. • Coconut water has less sodium @A1mgB where sports drin-s have around 90mg and energy drin-s have about A55 mg.*t:s identical to human blood plasma.Less Fat and !o cholesterol. Coconut water is very high in Chloride at 00Dmg) compared to sports drin-s at about . Coconut Water is a atural $sotonic #everage .3uch lower calories. Coconut water is a universal donor .8ater permeates though the #iltering hus-. Coconut water has saved lives in . Coconut water has 1mg o# !atural +ugars where sports and energy drin-s range #rom 05-A1mg o# (ltered +ugars. Coconut Water is Healthier than !range "uice ..