Eating differently Dr Tusna Park Vegetables and meats are in; rice and wheat need to be controlled.

1. On

our 15th wedding anniversary in 1989, my husband David found the steering earing ailments such as hy!ertension and

wheel of our car touching his tummy.

diabetes if he continued to be over weight, he !ointed out that " was also #filling out$, and said both of us should change the way we ate. %e were both &' then.

(. )n analysis of traditional "ndian diet showed that we use the wrong oils, which !ush
down the *D+ ,good cholesterol- levels, !redis!osing us to cardiovascular disease. Our diet doesn$t have enough antio.idants ,found in fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and /oya-, which !rotect the body against !ollutants, to.ic chemicals in food, aging, cancer and heart disease. )nd, that ours is a mainly a seed0based diet ,rice, wheat and !ulses- or a high carbohydrate diet. Over 81 !er cent of the "ndian diet consists of carbohydrates, which end u! as glucose in the blood.

&. 2lucose is to the body what !etrol is to a vehicle. 3nused glucose is cleared away
by insulin and converted into fat. "f insulin is either deficient or ineffective, the !erson becomes diabetic. 4o say that more glucose ma5es one more energetic is li5e saying more !etrol will ma5e your car go faster. "n a vehicle the e.tra !etrol remains in the tan5; in the body it is stored as fat leading to obesity and related health !roblems, or raises the blood glucose level in diabetics. *igh insulin levels conse6uent to a high carbohydrate diet reduces the *D+ and increases triglyceride levels, !redis!osing us to heart disease.

7. 8ice and honey contain the same 6uantity of glucose, ,98 and99 !er cent-. %heat
and 8agi are not far behind with 9( !er cent and all the !ulses contain '1 !er cent carbohydrate. :ulses are erroneously called !rotein foods ;ust because they contain more !rotein than either rice or wheat ,(1 !er cent-; roots and fruits contain between 11 and &5 !er cent carbohydrate; :aneer eight !er cent and vegetables &0 11 !er cent. <arbohydrate inta5e, if restricted to '1 !er cent, can !revent or control obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

egg. 8. +unch should contain !lenty of raw vegetables mi. ?i. dosais . rava or dhal may be mi.5. 4hree hours after lunch one may have a drin5 with two s!oons of sugar .levels are highest in the morning. ood should be chewed well to facilitate digestion and !romote en. uppumav.made from s5immed mil5. sooji. we don$t 5now their harmful effects-. 4his leads to a feeling of having eaten well. /ince serum cortisol levels are lowest in the evening.raitha or thair !achadi. we have to eat yol5 and two whites-. /o.uice with salt. /erum cortisol . chic5en. but seeds should be limited to a fistful at a time . half of a regular !i@@a. and (5 gm of /oya . puris or parathas. resulting in greatest insulin resistance at that hour. samba rava or rice flour to ma5e traditional "ndian dishes such as chapattis. '.vegetables and meats. /lee! is beneficial to the body . 4o this may be added either fish. a glass of tomato or lime . as elevated blood glucose levels ta5e longer to normalise. ?id0morning. =gg . two . 4o remain healthy. chec5ing blood glucose level. puris.containing 11 gm of !rotein. ) boo5 on /oya reci!es titled Eat and Reduce is available at most soya with rice and wheat reduces its carbohydrate content. >atural foods . parathas. /oya contains only (1 !er cent carbohydrate. 51gms noodles. with a fistful of channa.or a soya channa.(5 2ms-. 8emember glucose is best used at this time of the day. it is best to eat dinner between ' and 8 !m. two fistfuls of rice. iddiappams. three chapattis. 4hese nuts contain healthy oils to increase the *D+. high carbohydrate foods such as rice or wheat are best avoided in the morning. fruit etc. "nclude at this meal any one item made from either rice. /im!le carbohydrates such as fruit or a drin5 with a little sugar are ideal at this hour. rasam or butter mil5 can be ta5en along with si. !referably in silence for at least (1 minutes. !asta. idlis.a steroid !roduced by the body.don$t need to be restricted. sugar substitutes. dalia. Paneer .along with !lenty of coo5ed vegetables. Pongal or bisibella bath. =at slowly without disturbance. <hoose between either three idlis or dosas. com!le. !istas or /oya nuts .one fistful-.ed into a cu! of curd . two slices of bread.and afternoon slee! is beneficial. 95 gm home made :aneer or a dosai made from /oya and dhal are good at brea5fast. vermicelli.ed with wheat flour.will not elevate blood glucose level. /oya flour. a roasted papad or two thin salt biscuits to munch on. 9.reduces the incidence of heart attac5s. macaroni.oyment. almonds.

"t becomes a . Divide the naval by the hi! measurement. 4his is your weight in 5ilograms divided by your height in meters s6uared.home0made !uffs. 11. 11.e.gingelly or til oil-. 4his is a 1.ce!t bananas and mangos which should be 111 gms-.un5 food when it is eaten in between meals.8 for women.Aody ?ass "nde. bring better blood glucose control and im!roved li!id !rofiles. >o food is a . )dd to these !lenty of fresh vegetables and curd. but a ma. "f it is over (5. pani puri or pav bajji. chat masala. >o vegetable oil contains cholesterol so when we see !o!ular brands advertise #cholesterol free$ they are im!lying that other oils may contain cholesterol. "f your A?" falls between 18 and (5 you are not obese. 4he best oils are those that contain a higher !ercentage of ?3 ) such olive. )lso measure yourself around the naval and hi! in cm. 4hese oils increase the *D+ and !rotect us from heart disease. samosas. groundnut and sesame . it means that you tend to accumulate abdominal fat and are more !rone to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. bondas or vadas. (11 gms fruit . one !late bhel puri.un5 food if eaten at meal0time.imum of one litre !er adult !er month .1110calorie diet. an ice cream or 51 gm sweets. %eigh yourself and find out if you are overweight from a height and weight chart.-.9 for men or 1. Or get a diagram from which you can find out your A?" . "f it is more than 1. you are obese and need to reduce. 4he diet suggested can reduce weight. 9.

43/>) :)8B shows the way to healthier eating habits by a slight modification of the traditional "ndian diet. go out early in the morning to buy your own grocery or mil5. . 1&. 14.should be used.dee! breathing with certain hand !ositions to direct the breath into a!!ro!riate !arts of the body-. sitting or wal5ing slowly for over (( hours a day. 4his hydrogenates the oil and may increase the !roduction of cholesterol in the body. 4his will include e.tra oil needed for younger children or guests. inally. ried foods are not bad. )fter dee! frying use u! the remaining oil for coo5ing. %al5 for health.ercises. we must learn to wal5. use the stairs instead of the lift. and wal5 fast. >ever use the same oil to dee! fry re!eatedly. 2et u! from your wor5 !lace every hour and wal5 for 11 minutes. s!ot .og for one minute five times a day. 3sing a good non0stic5 frying !an will enable you to use less oil. 1(. e. A new way to eat Dr. !ractice yoga and mudra pranayama . considering a child over eight years as an adult. %e are slee!ing.ce!t when the oil is used and reused. do some bending e.

and sugar . . ?ost "ndians cannot utili@e all the glucose from the traditional high carbohydrate diet. wheat . which cause !redis!osition to cardiovascular diseases.are the main cul!rits. <arbohydrate enters the blood as glucose.with 51 gm wheatCrice flour — to ma5e the traditional "ndian food. "n those who have diabetes. ) : 19. 18. 51 gm of soya flour . 4*= traditional "ndian diet is a high carbohydrate diet.idants.good cholesterol levels-. %hat cannot be utilised is converted into fat.!ale yellow variety.99 !er cent.9( !er cent-. 4he most effective way to reduce the carbohydrate content is to eat twice a day as was originally the custom — and to mi. are also the result of a high carbohydrate diet. "t has also been !roved that high triglyceride and low *D+ . ?oreover "ndians use the wrong 6uality oils for coo5ing. 19. it remains in the blood at levels higher than normal and acts as a slow !oison.98 !er cent carbohydrate-. 8ice .15. 1'. deficient in high0 6uality !rotein and antio.

?i. (1.+D+. medication for lowering blood glucose levels will have to be reduced and. 4hese oils also contain !olyunsaturated fatty acids .ing (5 gm soya flour with wheat flour to ma5e cha!attis or with two scoo!s of idli /dosa batter will lower blood glucose levels in diabetic !atients./oya contains only (1 !er cent carbohydrate and should become an integral !art of the "ndian diet to !revent and treat obesity. 4his disturbs the ratio between Omega0& and Omega0' fatty acids. sto!!ed. "n "ndia we can get almost the same benefit from using sesame . groundnut and rice bran oils. /unflower and safflower oils have a very high !ercentage of Omega0' fatty acids.cholesterol the right !ercentage so that the Omega0& and Omega0' balance is maintained. (7. <ardiovascular Diseases are most effectively !revented by those oils which contain an increased !ercentage of monounsaturated fatty acids .gingelly-. (1. (&. 4herefore this must be followed under medical su!ervision in those diabetic !atients who are on medication. 4his is an im!ortant factor to regulate good and bad cholesterol levels and is often overloo5ed. ((. which may include insulin. %esterners use olive oil.:3 ). es!ecially oleic acid. . and cardiovascular diseases.?3 ) soya into cereals will lower blood glucose levels. (5. /ince mi. in certain cases. diabetes. "t has been clinically !roved in "ndia and abroad that including as little as 51 gm of soya in the diet everyday acts as a natural medicine to lower both total and bad . !referably a combination of all three.

)ll !ulses. /o it is always advisable to soa5 !ulses overnight and !ressure0coo5 them for at least (1 minutes. /o refining oils. &1. "n fact. ?ustard oil may also be used for s!ecial dishes. . as is commonly believed. and other meats without visible fat and s5in and shellfish.including curd and !aneer-. while im!roving the taste. mushrooms.levels as do trans0fatty acids contained in hydrogenated fats li5e margarine and dalda and oil that has been used re!eatedly for dee! frying. and 51 gm of other !ulses >on0vegetarians may include fish. egg . cold !ressed oils should be used. including soya.('. (8. . ifty gm of soya will !rovide (1 grams of !rotein. unrefined. green leafy vegetables. (9. 4his is also !resent in two glasses of mil5. contain certain en@ymes that ma5e them indigestible. <oconut and !alm oils contain a high !ercentage of saturated fatty acids that raise the +D+ . /oya oil is also valuable but need not be used if 51 gm soya is included in the daily diet. (9. chic5en.three yol5s a wee5-. does not remove cholesterol.bad cholesterol. heat and chemicals used to refine oils damage the valuable essential fatty acids. 4his destroys the en@ymes. Other sources of !rotein in a vegetarian diet would include 511 ml toned mil5. Vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol. 4herefore. flavour and consistency. 4he traditional "ndian diet lac5s good 6uality !rotein. 4he !rotein contained in soya is a high 6uality com!lete !rotein.

4he mid0morning meal should contain a high !ercentage of antio. soya channa.!re!ared in oil of the right 6uality. !ulses. &(. "ndians did not eat brea5fast. &5. 34.idants that !rotect us from the effects of atmos!heric !ollution. shellfish. egg. tea and vegetable oils. if necessary. fish. contrary to the belief that brea5fast should be eaten li5e a 5ingD . cancer and cardiovascular diseases )ntio.e. !esticides in food. nuts. with 1(5 ml of curd made from toned mil5.idants are found in fresh vegetables and fruits. aging. &&. /o this meal should consist of !lenty of raw vegetables cut into small !ieces and mi.ed. 4his is scientifically healthy !ractice. wheat or anything sweet in this first meal.ce!t !otatoes. !ulses and legumes. fla5es or nuggets !referably do not include rice. One item !redominant in !rotein should also be included — homemade !aneer or tofu. 4raditionally. immune diseases. chic5en or meat without the s5in and fat. !lenty of coo5ed vegetables . yam and raw banana.&1.

&9. is cleared from the blood and converted into fat. this is referred to as insulin resistance. 4wo hours later have a glass of thic5 tomato . the glucose. "n medical terms.&'. &9. .4his will not cause stones in the urinary tract as is wrongly believed. 2lucose from the night meal would have entered the cells to !roduce energy and most of it would not have been used while we were slee!ing.ed with s!ices to ma5e it tasty.uice mi. cortisol levels in the blood are highest in the morning and this result in !oor utilisation of glucose at this time.using diluted mil5 and an about 1E teas!oons of sugar-. rasam or lime . start the day with a mug of tea or coffee . %hen we again eat a high carbohydrate meal for brea5fast.. since it is not re6uired. &8. . )lso.)nother two hours later have si.uice with salt. almonds or !istas or a fistful of roasted soya nuts along with diluted buttermil5. "deally. 2lucose should be delivered in small measured amounts to 5ee! its blood level within normal in the morning.

4he digestive !rocess that drains the body of energy . "f you eat slowly.ercises and about (1 minutes of yoga . all the glucose will be absorbed at the same time. 4he !rocess of digestion re6uires high levels of energy and the best time to eat well is at night. +unch should be eaten after 1 !m. "n medical terms this is 5nown as insulin sensitivity. glucose is most effectively utilised at this time of day. desserts. 4hen dinner may be eaten whenever hungry. inally. Dinner should therefore contain items made from rice and wheat !roducts or anything containing sugar li5e ice creams. )gain. 7&.will go a long way to 5ee! your body and mind fit and healthy. "f adhered to strictly. . 4his is contrary to !o!ular belief but is based on sound scientific facts. the body will not able to utilise all of it and e. "f you gul! your food down without chewing it well. (50&1 !er cent !rotein.tea is healthier than coffee. "t contains about 550'1 !er cent carbohydrate. 77. 7'. 7(. this diet will !rovide about 1.including ?udra :ranayama.(11 calories. 71. 4hree hours later. since blood cortisol levels are lowest in the evening. glucose will enter the blood slowly and your body will be able to utilise most of it. 75. drin5 another cu! of tea or coffee . and (1 to (5 !er cent oil.notice how slee!y you feel in the afternoon after having eaten large 6uantities of rice or wheat at lunch timemay be effectively accom!lished while we are aslee!. along with a 110minute wor5 out consisting of stretching and muscle toning e. ) (10minute bris5 wal5.cess glucose will be converted into fat.along with a fistful of roasted channa. chew well and eat slowly. and fruits.71.