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6 4 hours per week Monday, 9:00 – 12:00 (Weeks 1-8, 10-13), Location: Mathews 310 (K-F23310) Course Coordinator Ali Akbarnezhad and Lecturer email: office: Room 209, Civil Engineering Building phone: 9385 9504

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The aims of this course are to understand project management, to contribute to project management thinking, and to gain an insight into project management skills. It provides an overview and introduction to the field.
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Satisfactory performance in all assessment components is necessary in order to pass the course.   

Note: The lecturer reserves the right to adjust the final scores by scaling if agreed by the Head of School.

CVEN9731 – Session 1, 2013 – Course Profile - 1

2 . Project Planning 6 7 8 9 02/09 09/09 16/09 23//9 Project activity and risk planning Budgeting: Estimating costs and risks Scheduling No Classes (Field trips for other courses) Semester Recess (Sat 28/9 – Mon 7/10) 10 11 7/10 14/10 Public Holiday (No Class) Resource Allocation D.COURSE PROGRAM SESSION 2 Week 2013 Date Topic Assessments Due A. Overview 1 29/07 Introduction Projects and Project Life Cycles What is Project Management? B. Project Termination 13 28/10 Project Auditing Project Termination CVEN9731 – Session 1. Project Execution 12 21/10 Monitoring and Information Systems Project Control E. 2013 – Course Profile . Project Initiation 2 3 4 5 05/08  12/08 19/08 26/08 Project Identification Project Appraisal – Part 1 Project Appraisal – Part 2 Project Selection (Decision making) C.

COURSE WEBSITE Moodle This subject has a Moodle site. Wiley (eight edition). Kerzner. The Stationery Office. "Project Management". They all say very similar things. Van Nostrand Reinhold. PRINCE2.pmi. Suggested collateral reading might include the journals:         Journal of Project and Construction Management Engineering Management Journal Journal of Construction Engineering and Management Project Management Journal Australian Project Manager Journal of Management in Engineering PM Network Project and any management and project management monographs and journals available at most bookstores and libraries. Lock. Meredith and On the internet. J. DATES TO NOTE Refer to MyUNSW for Important Dates available at: CVEN9731 – Session 1. any edition. You will find innumerable textbooks on project management. Project Management for Business. "Project Management".org ISO10006. CCTA.RELEVANT RESOURCES  Prescribed Textbook  J.Guidelines to Quality in Project Management. 2013 – Course Profile . Quality Management .3 .telt. D. which is based on PMBOK. for example (but there are many others): The Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is available on the internet: http://www. R. The address is http://moodle. Gower. "Project Management". any edition. Other references:   H. Mantel.

and students who plagiarise may fail the course. including page number(s)).lc. Special Considerations.4 . Refer to Common School Information on the School website available at: http://www. When it is necessary or desirable to use other people’s material you should adequately acknowledge whose words or ideas they are and where you found them (giving the complete reference Solutions to Plagiarism is the use of another person’s work or ideas as if they were your own. School policy on Supplementary and CEVSOC. The Learning Centre provides further information on what constitutes Plagiarism at: including exclusion from enrolment.html CVEN9731 – Session Students who plagiarise are also liable to disciplinary action. 2013 – Course Profile .html PLAGIARISM Beware! An assignment that includes plagiarised material will receive a 0% Fail.civeng.unsw. Year Managers and Grievance Officer of Teaching and Learning Committee.html COMMON SCHOOL INFORMATION For information about:       Notes on assessments and