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and for his grace. May Allah Taala bless all of you. the Most Gracious & the Most Merciful. I was finally able to complete the task entrusted to me as meeting the requirements of this condition a Bachelor of Teaching. Finally. I especially thank to my instructor who gives me a chance and opportunity in order to write and complete this assignment . All praise be to Allah.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) ACKNOWLEDGEMEN T ‫السلم عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته‬. the god who created the worlds. In the name of Allah. Surely your kindness and service that is never tired of giving guidance to us. Insya Allah. I would like to thank my interviewee Mr. Shah Rizal Bin Alias who gives me at every information & every aspect of this report and also for providing me with helpful knowledge needed. so that’s completed successfully with hard working & cooperation. ‫الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلة والسلم على أشرف النبياء والمرسلين‬ ‫وعلى اله وصحبه أجمعين‬. only God is able to reciprocate. Thank you By: INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . Secondly. Nevertheless to all friends who help me a lot in getting the materials and information so also support during this business. Wassalam.

but has a friendly and approachable friendly. a lawyer at Messr Faisal Azian & Co. He was sworn in the start of interview. Shah Rizal Alias . Bar Committee of Bar Council of Perak . I believe it will further strengthens my argumentative idea and my stance in general as well. Mr Azharun bin Wanik conducted in person interview with Mr Shah Rizal bin Alias. I am very impressed by Mr Shah Rizal based on his definition of his goals and his firm grasp in reality. Ipoh Perak . He provided the following information about himself. Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad.25 2011 I. He strikes me as classic over achiever . Advocates & Solicitors . He handles many convenyincing matters and purchase agreement. May. I believe that by interviewing him. 2 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) . I believe that he is a reliable source for the interview. He comes across as an exceptionally intelligent. and as the Panel of Solicitors for many banks and Financial Institutions like CIMB Bank Berhad. LLB (Hons) UKM for my paper. and I have interviewed Mr. to find out the legal background and how it helps a society. RHB Bank Berhad and so on. I can get an inside look of the contribution of legal to the society. focused and organized person. My topic is about “Law. He is a lawyer with Messr Faisal Azian & Co. Career and Welfare” . I’ve met him for a few years now and feel that Mr Shah Rizal is one of the strongest candidate that I’ve seen.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) Azharun bin Wanik D2010043369 740620-08-6129 INTRODUCTION My goal is to interview an iron man. With this interview report. as well as the government position of the field. I believe this assignment is not completed until I have interviewed a professional in the field in which I are researching on.

They live at Jln Cermai. Johor on August 28. Ipoh. Bangi during 1991-1997 as an undergraduate student. The General Secretary Of UKM Laws Students Society and also as the Football Team Player of UKM Laws Students Society . Perak. He was playing the important roles for the lawyer at Messrs. 1973. The Messrs. He attended Sek Men Dato Idris. Faisal bin Mohd Hanafiah during 1998. Pantai Remis. Kg Jambu . two boys and a girl. Messrs Faisal Azian & Co Advocates & Solicitors. At UKM he became as The Assistant President of UKM Students Representative Council. Perak during 19851990 and went on to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Mr Shah Rizal married Wan Nor Elyza Binti Md Noor a woman he had met at UKM.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) BIOGRAPHY SHAH RIZAL BIN ALIAS Lawyer. Perak called him to the Bar and Read –In –Chamber under the supervision of Mr. he received the Dean Award from Head Department of Law . Perak. Mr Shah Rizal Bin Alias. Ipoh. a lawyer. Faisal Azian & Co. who was studying for Bachelor of Law (Hons). He was born in Johor Bharu. INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . Taiping. Mr Shah Rizal bin Alias works as a lawyer at Messrs Faisal Azian & Co.Then he became a Legal Assistant with Messrs. In 1997.Bhg Dato Azian bin Osman. The first son of Mr Alias bin Ismail a retired policeman. Mr. Shah Rizal was an outstanding and great lawyer. who was then working as a teacher.Faisal firm’s partner. Faisal Azian & Co. Mr Shah Rizal participated in co-curiculum activities as a child and developed a lifelong interest in debate. They have three children. Advocates & Solicitors until present. Faisal Azian & Co immediately after completion his Chambering and absorbed him as a Partner of this firm upon the retirement of Y.

"lawyers" have not solely been mouthpieces who stand up in court and argue for anyone who will pay them to do so. our true dreams. the first son of a retired policeman." he knows that no matter what he does for the rest of his life. we perpetuate the public image of lawyers as money-hungry slobs. In law school." He is a hardworking man. Mr. In doing this. Most importantly. FAMILY Mr Shah Rizal. highest paying. Throughout history.Bangi with a Bachelor of Law (Hons). Lawyers have been writers and politicians. We buy into this myth and structure our lives around it. He wants to thank them for giving him support and creative space. They lived at Johor Bharu. Yet we do not learn about these lawyers' lives in law school. we betray ourselves." His greatest lecturers are advising him on how to become the best lawyer that he can be by becoming the best that he can be. we learn that in order to be worthwhile. Though the career path he has been following what many people would call "alternative. Alias bin Ismail. Shah Rizal bin Alias. and interests. we have to try to make it into the biggest. mother and three younger sisters and two younger brothers during INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . talents. To do anything else is to fail. he graduated from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).Johor with his father . We fail to serve those who need our bright minds. However. he will always be a "lawyer. This column is the product of my interview session of my interviewee obsession with his decision to go to law school and its ramifications. and most "prestigious" firm that will take us. teachers and parents. he hopes it will be a companion piece to "Find Satisfaction in the Law. entrepreneurs and activists.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) Interview report Mr. What he hopes to write is his own story of lawyers he has met who are doing interesting things.

Now. there is a lot of homework. he spent large parts of his life in imaginary worlds. Johor Bahru.they moved to Pantai Remis. Shah Rizal's interest in English is more variable depending upon what he is reading. He believes he is a good reader. teacher. This is a hard quality to live with sometimes.75 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 .Perak . a housewife. Also taking English. and to use it in his work. The way he views the world has been molded and shaped by his siblings. His mother’s name is Hamidah binti Khalid. He was a raw child. ACADEMICS Mr. Then he studied at Sek Men Dato Idris. Johor. but he has learned to appreciate this quality in himself. They did not longer stay in Johor Bharu . and he was unable to watch the news or read about painful subjects without weeping. like the majority of his secondary school peers. Perak . his father gave him and his siblings opportunities to experience in any indoor and outdoor activity and knowledge but full of discipline and guideline . In his family. He is a high honors student (greater than 3. His future. They live happily. his dream becomes true.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) 1972-1985. As a result. Malay Language and Mathematic to be very challenging. He is a successful lawyer at Taiping . but it is a useful quality if you want to be a lawyer.Over the next sixth years they moved to Taiping. Science. he was a raw adult. Growing up. Fortunately as a retired policeman. he began thinking on his future profession as a lawyer. parents. all of his children succeed in their field of profession. Around the age of eighteen. Shah Rizal is begin his primary school at Sek Ren Keb Larkin (1). Perak. Perak until present. He has found ‘A’ in Physics. grandparents.He always try to make life comfortable for his family forever. includes pursuing admission to the university and a career as doctor. lawyer and accountant. but he loves the subject matter which includes Civil and Syariah Laws and calculations of 'work'. He was often called oversensitive when he was young. and extended family members. It seemed that his favorite course presently is law. he considers himself as the product of his family’s influence and background. In fact. It is easy to hurt his feelings. Currently taking 10 aggregate in SPM 1996. Pantai Remis.

He also is a top notch student. Sessions Court and High Court. which is consistently rated as either the number 1 or number 2 at primary and secondary school (academically) in the State of Ipoh. Perak. His task is an advocate and solicitor in handling conveyancing matters such sale and purchase agreement. banking facility agreement. In conveyancings. bankruptcy .AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) cgpa) at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with Bachelor of Law. he faced the same problem . He works as a lawyer with Messr Faizal Azian & Co since 1998 immediately after completion his Chambering. Putrajaya. The banking litigation and civil litigations including summons. eg. the most memorable working experience that he has is winning a civil appeal case at Court of Appeal. WORKING EXPERIENCE After thirteen years in legal firm. suing for dept recovery or defending accused in criminal charges. the works are mainly to attend and prepare the securities documentations of banking facilities and property development conveyance. during recession period in 1998-1999 when business effected by the economic downturn. For instance. cars and others INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . While searching for the perfect quote to begin this explanation of what lawyers really do. CAREER Lawyer is his first job and becomes his present career.He sure a lot of other people must have faced down the ages: people simply do not have nice things to say about lawyers!. He was responsible in handling office matter and also almost everyday conducting cases at Magistrates Court. foreclosure. winding up proceeding are his main scope of works in litigation. He feels really proud of that because he able to help and represent the client’s rights and becomes his glory. land dealings also litigation matter such as civil matters and criminal matters. he and his staffs were struggling to maintain their office income because at that time people stop buying houses. At the same time he’s still trying to accomplish some goals such like to become a good lawyer and to have a successful legal firm in the future endeavours .

the law is for us! SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Mr. Here. and can get them done in the best possible way. and are an extremely important part of any business transaction . Fortunately they able to overcome that problem. All of his social activities were influenced by his previous commitment and participation in society inside out the campus. He never regrets regarding his career path because his father’s teaching was the biggest influence in his career. He may not always like their tactics or the fact that many of them are liars and get criminals off. What he has to remember is that they also convict criminals and setfree innocent people. leadership and extra curriculum activities that are quite impressive. and some of them rightfully so. INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . and love proving our point. he as a lawyer mainly as facilitators. helping companies work smoothly.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) properties. Suffice it to say that Shah Rizal is involved in a combination of charity.The One and Only who gives him a chance to experience in. or in law firms that service corporate . and within the boundaries of the law. He participated in legal aid program conducting by Bar Council of Perak and has been selected as a Bar Committee in providing free legal advice or legal aid in certain cases where the client is from a low income family. They give advice on subjects we hope we never have to deal with. But the fact is they perform a service. Fortunately. it also helps him a lot in gaining the job at the first. efficiently.All these are very cool to talk about. but unless we have someone who understands how these things work. They help us get fair results for our children in custody battles. He said that he works with corporate houses. So take the good with the bad. think well on our feet. all we’ll ever do is talk about them. They help us fight shady companies that pick on the consumer. we won’t have to look much further than the quote above. He feels proud of himself and greatly thanks to The God . Shah Rizal has an incredibly rich and diverse life outside of his academics. He said that people bash lawyers all the time. If we are smart. As a fact . Sometime he helps business work in the best possible manner. At the most basic level. we as lawyers apply common sense to everyday and extraordinary situations alike.

constitutional issues to matters of family law. Shah Rizal gave his point of view regarding the Islamic law or Shariah Law. Before finishing this interview . everyday and every situation. He hopes that his good attention and deeds will be seen as his contribution (jariah) towards Muslim Ummah and the world as a whole. Insya-Allah our deeds will be rewarded by the Lord. and through different means. Mr. “Carpe diem” meaning . Regarding that issue he always reminds himself so also a new generation that “Honesty is the best policy”. these lawyers argue the law to make sure that their clients’ interests are represented in the best possible manner before those that will decide matters of a whole lot of importance to a whole lot of people. Litigating lawyers are called upon to argue various kinds of issues. 2 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) . sure we might learn that in our life. He finished his word with his own motto. God All the Mighty. Black and white and vociferous.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) For our information. ranging from property matters to criminal matters. lawyers do this in various places. as these lawyers are called. He said that Shariah Law means the path to follow God's Law. And the most important thing whatever we do must sake for Allah Taala pressure. Be good to everyone. It is very holistic or eclectic in its approach to guide the individual in most daily matters compared to the Civil and Common Law because it’s basic sources are Al-Quran Al-Karim and the Sunnah of Holly Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abu Muttalib saw.seize the day. Litigating lawyers. represent their clients in court. If we do.

Lawyers play an important role in helping. Unto God you will all return. 1 Al-Quran Dan Terjemahan Khazanah Rabbani (Penerbit Diponegoro: Bandung. Mr. But that He may try you by that which He has given you.116 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 .AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) conclusion I feel this interview was extremely beneficial. Shah Rizal’s interview provided information about being a successful person in a large major of life and steps I should take to prepare myself in facing with “real world” information of a branch of is a part of human rights and responsibility. All messengers taught the same message about belief (the Qur'an teaches that all messengers called people to the worship of the One God). career opportunities. It is some contribution of prominent person to the world.fulfilling and defending the communities’s rights and needs. and He will then inform you of that wherein you differ. Then how they perform a service to society by hopefully defending law and order.”( 5:48)1 Throughout Islamic history.2009) p. Allah said in Quran “For each We have appointed a divine law and a traced-out way. and different areas of knowledge . to guide them to the straight path that would lead them to happiness in this world and the one to follow. but the specific prescriptions of the divine laws regulating people's lives varied according to the needs of his people and time. God has sent messengers to people all over the world. Because of the interviews. I have a better idea and understanding of how do lawyers contribute and help the society and how difficult it is. So vie one with another in good works. responsibilities. Had God willed. Conducting these interviews proved to be a great learning experience because I now have more knowledge about motivation. Actually . He could have made you one community.

To be successful in our family. As a conclusion.htm INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) . No gain. Simply put. helping people tackle problems on every scale. In this report I try to connote Mohammed Salam Madkoar in his article “‘Human Rights from an Islamic Worldview An outline of Hudud.Intellect 4.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) The scholars explain that the welfare of humans is based on the fulfillment of necessities.muhajabah. God sent prophets and books to humanity to show them the way to happiness in this life. lawyers today work with people from every walk of life. here and hereafter. Ta'zir & Qisas’ explains the theoretical assumptions of Islamic Law: There are five important indispensables in Islam that should be protected by muslim authority: “1. The rest.Property”2 Aside from these. and success in the hereafter. career and life as a whole. We should not give up no matter we are. motivation) and a power of body (a physical health). and helps people find their paths out of the wilderness. Mr.Religion 2. surrender to Allah’s will which is stated in the Quran and Sunnah without against any Islamic Principle was guaranteed a happiness in dually life. a power of spirit (religion. an ideal lawyer is a smart. interpreting laws. my life and gives a great impact to the community as well. That’s why Islam says. and. So that. I feel that this interview’s points of view able to implement and use in my career. no pain.Offspring 5.Life 3. Perhaps these views will give us a new idea and knowledge about the legal background and its impact to another image of human career and welfare. above all. intelligent person who applies common sense to common and uncommon problems alike. we need a good combination between a power of mind (knowledge) . applying legal principles. needs. and comforts. Shah Rizal becomes ones of prominent person who has contributed a lot to our 2 2 http://www.

AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) REFLECTION Thanks to God due to His Blessing and Mercy. However . Thank you. I think that it will be more meaningful in order to enhance my capability to write an English paper work. guidelines and moral support in order to finish my English for Communication 2 assignment. I gained less knowledge and experience in writing an assignment in English rather than in Malay. Lastly . AZHARUN BIN WANIK 2 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) . I would like to thank my lecturer and all friends who give me a lot of good advices . Within this period. I feel not enough time to draw graphic organizers . surfing internet for relevant information and materials and collaboration with friends to get ideas in completing this task successfully. I able to finish my task on time even there are a lot of challenges and obstacles during this period of time. By doing this task . I have faced some problems carrying out this task especially in getting materials and information. I have several weeks to complete it.

bbc.AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) REFERENCES 1.html 2.shtml 2 INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) . Al-Quran Dan Terjemahan Khazanah Rabbani: Penerbit Diponegoro: 4. http://wiki. http://wiki.answers. 3.htm 6.

AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) APPENDIX ( A ) INTERVIEW QUESTIONS A 1 PERSONAL What is your full name? 2 When and where were you born? Do you have siblings and children ? If yes. what it is? 4 Did you involve in co curriculum activity at your campus? 5 How much your co curriculum activity support you in gaining a job? C 1 CAREER What was your first and present profession? why did you choose it? Where and when? What was your position there? 2 Do you have any regret regarding your career path? And who was the biggest influence in your career? 3 How did you get a job? What is your vision and mission in your career and What is your motto behind that? 4 What is your major business in your profession? 5 What is your highest achievement in your profession? And what your INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 . how many and what sexes they are? 3 What is your earliest childhood memory? Where do you live? 4 What was the full name of your spouse? Parents? And what is the job that they involve in? 5 Where did you meet your spouse and when did you get married? 6 What do you believe is the key to a successful life? 7 What is goal you still trying to accomplish? B 1 Where and where did you attend High school? University? EDUCATION 2 What school/university activities and sports did you participate in? 3 Did you have received any award at university? If yes.

AZHARUN BIN WANIK 740620-08-6129 (D20102043367) difficulty and challenge in that ? 6 What is your view about syariah law? How did you differentiate between civil and syariah law? 7 What is the most memorable working experience? D SOCIAL 1 What is the one thing you most want people to remember about you? 2 How much you involve in social activity? 3 Why do you eager to help the people? 4 What have you learn over lifetime that you’d like to share with the younger generation? PHOTO GALLERIES MR SHAH RIZAL’S OFFICE NAME INTERVIEW REPORT / FIK3042 ENGLISH 4 COMM2 ( UPSI ) 2 .