A Supermarket, a large form of the traditional grocery store, is a self service shop offering a wide variety of food and household products, organized into aisles. It is larger in size and has a wider selection than a traditional grocery store, but is smaller and more limited in the range of merchandise than a hypermarket or big box market.

The supermarket typically comprises meat, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods aisles, along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various non-food items such as kitchenware, household cleaners, pharmacy products and pet supplies.

Some supermarkets also sell a variety of other household products that are consumed regularly, such as alcohol (where permitted), medicine, and clothes, and some stores sell a much wider range of non-food products: DVDs, sporting equipment, board games, and seasonal items (e.g., Christmas wrapping paper in December).


OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: The main objective of the study is to know about the various functions of the organization and how the process is going on in the organization.

NEED FOR THE STUDY:  This study draw its parameters on the knowledge about the overall process of the organization.  In this study we are trying to identify the various details of the organization.

LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY:  The study covers only for the period of three weeks.  The study is based on secondary data which are alredy stored in the database of the company.




A number of factors are driving India's retail market. nuclear families in urban areas. It was a seller’s market. Foundation for organized retail in India was laid by Kishore Biyani of Pantaloon Retails India Limited (PRIL). These include: increase in the young working population.organized sector. tax laws and government regulations all discouraged the growth of organized retailing in India during that period. Lack of trained manpower. India's huge middle class base and its untapped retail industry are key attractions for global retail giants planning to enter newer markets. and low share of organized retailing. Retail sector is one of India's fastest growing sectors with a 5 per cent compounded annual growth rate. Following Pantaloon's successful venture a host of Indian business giants such as Reliance. the industry was dominated by the un. increase in disposable income and customer aspiration. increase in expenditure for luxury items. India's retail 7 . strong income growth and favorable demographic patterns. The organized retail industry in India had not evolved till the early 1990s. It is expected that retail in India could be worth US$ 175-200 billion by 2016.Retail is India's largest industry. Birla and others are now entering into retail sector. Indian retail is expected to grow 25 per cent annually. It accounts for over 10 per cent of the India's GDP and around eight per cent of the employment. Until then. Lack of consumer awareness and restrictions over entry of foreign players into the sector also contributed to the delay in the growth of organized retailing. hefty pay-packets. with a limited number of brands. and little choice available to customers. Bharti. Driven by changing lifestyles. increasing working-women population.

The taxation system still favors small retail business. Trained human resource for retail is another big challenge. Procurement is very vital cog in the retail wheel. A perfect business model for retail is still in evolutionary stage.malls and huge complexes that offer shopping. It is feared that the entry of global business giants into organized retail would make redundant the neighborhood kiryana stores resulting in dislocation in traditional economic structure. constant threat of product obsolescence and low margins there is always a threat that the venture may turn out to be a loss making one. the growth path for organized retail in India is not hurdle free. With the intrinsic complexities of retailing such as rapid price changes. entertainment and all food all under one roof. Also.boom is manifested in sprawling shopping centers. sorted and cleaned food and fresh stock at all times. But retail offers tremendous for the growth of Indian economy. All the companies have laid out ambitious expansion plans for themselves and they may be hampered due lack of requisite skilled manpower. The retailer has to fight issues like fragmented sourcing. unpredictable availability. The talent base is limited and with the entry of big giants there is a cat fight among them to retain this talent. If all the above challenges are tackled prudently there is a great potential that retail may offer employment opportunities to millions living in small town and 8 . This has resulted in big salary hikes at the level of upper and middle management and thereby eroding the profit margin of the business. unsorted food provisions and daily fluctuating prices as against consumer expectations of round-the-year steady prices. But there is a flip side to the boom in the retail sector. multiplex.

India ranks as the most attractive emerging market as a retail destination. 9 .  Expanding Computer technology. The 2006 Global Retail Development Index TM.cities and in the process distributing the benefits of economic boom and resulting in equitable growth.  Emphasis on convenience and service. The table below displays the ranking of different countries and the various parameters considered in arriving at these rankings.  Emphasis on lower cost and prices.  Added experimentation According to AT Kearney’s report – ‘Emerging Market Priorities for Global Retailers’.  Value-driven . India’s retail market has grown by 10% on an average in the past five years. or household use. Retailing consists of those business activities involved in the sale of goods and services to consumers for their personal. Drivers of change in retailing  Changing demographics and industry structure.  Goal Orientation. family.  Focus on productivity . The report attributes the changing retail landscape in the country to the increasing mobility among the middle and upper classes and increasing urbanization. Retailing comprises of four elements:  Customer Orientation .  Coordinated Effort.

Coordinated efforts: Every activity of the firm is aligned to the goal and is designed to maximize its efficiency and deliver value to the consumer. Value driven approach: The retailer offers good value to the consumer with merchandise having the price and quality appropriate for the target market. 10 .Essentials of Retailing: Customer orientation: The retailer makes a careful study of the needs of the customer and attempts to satisfy those needs. Goal orientation: The retailer has clear cut goal and devises strategies to achieve those goals.

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The business grew and ventured into a small coffee/milk bar. Muthuswamy Mudaliar was placed in charge of Bangalore operation. slowly a small bakery was added and a little later the milk bar started supplying breads. starting with 10 pounds of butter sales per day that is Rupee 10 business in a day. dairy products including ice cream. Mr. He installed first cream separator in Southern India in 1896. the present managing director joined the business in 1950 and together started the full fledged mechanized bakery. son of Mr. Due to good principles of business and services he developed the business and enjoyed great goodwill and reputation. M S Mani. In the year 1939. Some of the pieces created in the past include Taj Mahal. cakes. The true to life sugar and chocolate models are displayed for the public to admire. 13 . Mr M Chenniappan.History: Nilgiris Dairy Farm was founded in the year 1905 by Mr. For the last 30 years the bakery unit has been organizing the Annual Cake Show and the exhibition cum cake sale in which every year a special item is made to almost a life size model of well known place made out of tons of sugar. Muthuswamy Mudaliar. He started with selling butter and added fresh sales. Mr. he opened a Branch in Bangalore on Brigade Road. It served British defense and citizens who stayed in India at that time. M Chenniappann’s brother Mr. M S Mani is in charge of administration of the company and appointment of senior executives as well as acquisition and development of company properties. He was supplying milk and cream to the military dairy farm at Hebbal and the prisoners of war camp also. chocolates biscuits etc. The two units in Bangalore make about 2000 loaves of bread and few hundred varieties of buns.

Brigade road.e. M Chellayan.In 1984. Nilgiris have bakeries at Erode. The company is managed by the board of directors.During the last 30 years. Titanic. The company now runs six supermarkets in direct management. Kerala Boat Race. today they do a turnover of over Rs. It is a family a day in 1939. Coimbatore and Chennai. Windmill etc. studied at NDORI. the small operation of Nilgiris Dairy Farm was upgraded into a fully fledged self help supermarket. A branch at Mangalore was opened around this period. M Chenniappan saw the self help department stores in operation there and this kindled the idea of opening a similar store at Bangalore. Nilgiris have set up a diary division at Bommasandra. From Rs. Airport Road. Mr. Cox Town and Golden Enclave. 2 at Erode -one at Chennai and one at Coimbatore. Mary’s Basilica. MR. another brother. He went abroad for further training. where they have started manufacturing cheese. St. where the sons 14 . the first son of Mr. 10/. Bugee Jumping. He is in charge of the dairy operations at Erode and also in charge of the supermarkets at Coimbatore and Erode. Giffet Tower. Now the fourth generation has also got into the business. They have also set up a chocolate factory ay Bommasandra. about 20.Vidhana Soudha. M Chenniappan is totally in charge of this annual feature as managing director of the Bakery unit. In 1960. on a visit to Europe. Nilgiris have grown into a chain of supermarkets. The family partnership business was also converted into a private limited company in the year 1971. C Ramachandran. Every male member in the family had foreign training in different lines and has developed their departments. Kammanahalli. In 1970. a supermarket was set up at Madras with restaurant and lodging. Mr. 4 at Bangalore . Kargil. i.000 loaves of bread is prepared every day. a milk processing plant was set up at Erode and a milk selling unit was set up at Madras. At the bread unit Veerasandra Industrial Unit. 80 crores a year. In 1971. The United Nations Building. the first of its kind in southern India.

They also procure another 5000 liters of milk at Bangalore form nearby sources. heading the respective divisions on a full time basis. educational CD’s. The outlets of Nilgiris supermarket are located in almost every area of the South. to name a few. The ambience of the supermarket mainly focuses the culture of India and has stores in various cities and states like Chennai. The products offered by Nilgiris supermarket solely aims to cater to the needs of household goods. edible oils. exported some of the Nilgiris products to Singapore. toiletries. GROWTH OF NILGRIS SUPERMARKET : The business was further expanded by Chennaiappam. food grains. United States. Germany and Australia. Switzerland. cheese and butter. dairy. greeting cards. which comprises Bangalore. The dairy division handles around 50. 15 . cosmetics. which include milk. junk jewellery. The products include dairy products. pickles. gift articles. beverages. flours and spices. pet food. The company also offers marketing and packaging of its own products such as rice. who are all technically qualified in bakery. son of Muthusamy into the supermarket format. Nilgiris have also over the last two years. supermarket operations and the like. Coimbatore and Erode. which are very important for our everyday life.000 liters of milk daily with the plant at Erode as well as Bangalore. The supermarket also provides dairy products. ready to eat products.are also directors. toys and bakery items. LOCATION: The supermarkets of Nilgiris are basically based on a retail sector of the south and are leaders in bakery products.

suppliers.Erode. Pondicherry. • Create an efficient and transparent global supply chain by the creation and optimal utilization of world-class infrastructure and international partnerships. rewarding environment to work and grow. Chennai. Customer focus and commitment to Quality • They will create a dynamic organization dictated to Business Excellence through Trust. 16 . • To enhance their 100 Years of Experience MISSION: • Be a trusted partner who provides the best products & services the world has to offer. VISION: • Nilgiris will be recognized for its Integrity. partners and stake-holders. at the best quality in the most convenient setting. Combaitore. • Unleash the initiative. creativity & energy of Indian workforce through creation of new jobs. Salem. Team Work & concern for our commitment • They will also make use of the best technology to expand their Retail Network across the Country. Mysore and Visahakapatnam. thus creating more value for their customers. & provide their employees a supportive.

Supermarkets do substantial amounts of research into the most effective ways of setting out the each department of the supermarkets and the best positioning for particular items . Marketers also spend extensive amounts of time on advertising product and the positioning of these advertisements to make sure they are as effect as they can be normally by targeting certain age groups. To make the supermarket a more inviting place they placed the fruit and vegetables right at the entrance of a supermarket . In Nilgris supermarket each items are placed after the thorough research and planning and not just like the supermarket a fresh and healthy feel about it which is designed at encouraging shoppers to stay in the supermarket longer. 17 . Items such as chocolate also appear near the counter so when parents are trying to load their shopping on the convey belt they have their little children asking for chocolate.LAYOUT: The layout of the supermarket is set out from a market perspective.what they hope to achieve by doing this is following a particular patterns of shopper and using it in their advantage to make customers spend more so they as a supermarket can maximise their profits. Supermarkets also look at the emotional confusion involved in choosing particular items.they also take into consideration the psychological effect on customers shopping which they might not be aware of .

which they buy to ensure that a certain assured minimum profit margin is available on each purchase. After the product moves fairly well within 15days period.000 different items in their store. thereby keeping their inventory level in control. wherein every order is checked and goods inward notes are prepared in detail to show them the margins available to them. They are ordering a largely quantity of items which are fast moving and the items which are slow moving.PURCHASING POLICY: They stock and sell around 6. Computerized accounting system. They also ensure that as a large supermarket chain. 18 . they take into account the movement pattern of each item supply period as well as the value of the items. and accordingly place orders frequently for the products which have to reach them from outstation. While introducing a new product in their store. Nilgiris have to keep a close watch on the market trend and accordingly place orders at the most advantageous rate for some of suppliers like groceries. However. They stock only much smaller quantities for not more than 10-12 days requirement. they have to discuss with the suppliers and ensure that the product is taken on consignment basis to be put on trial sale in their store. They believe in ordering goods to ensure all the items are available at all times. they place further order for large quantity subject to the condition that their minimum required margin of profit is assured in the purchase. They have to continuously monitor the profitability on each product. all Nilgiris branches/franchise unit enjoy the benefit of same rates/margin to all of them.

At Coimbatore. over the last few years. Taking into account their strategy and stocking items afresh all the time and the large volumes involved in their store and their own number of units whereby suppliers volume of sales has 19 . better margin for mutual growth statistics : The product of popular brands is no doubt required by all the customers. they have to pay a turnover tax of around 1. whereas their company overhead today stands at around 12. In fact. they have been accepting these cards for the past couple of years. In spite of the odds. Credit cards do bring in lot more business but again. they have been given a special status by some of these companies. In Chennai. The credit card business at Bangalore is also fast going up. around 30% and of their business are on credit cards. It is the Nilgiris own products sale which partly offsets the very poor margins on the branded goods. this business is at their cost. It must be noted here that on every sales. They had also started accepting credit cards. asking them to realize that a modern retail supermarket offering their products in such convenience to the customers in large volume turnover should not be treated on par with the small kirana stores. To meet this. with the major manufactures/ suppliers. they cannot survive in the business unless brand leaders recognize their service and offer better margins. Slowly the manufactures are realizing this and with reluctance they are coming forward to meet a part of their demand with the maximum retail price fixed on all products.Supplies co-operation.75 to 3% and as on credit sales they have to meet 3-4% by way of card service charges. around 16% sales are on credit card. It is a pity that the manufacturers offer very low margins of 4-5% on the sale value. as a result of their constant discussions.5%. sales on credit card is followed everywhere with great hesitation. they have been continuously discussing with the brand majors. they do continue their service and keep their image but at what cost? Today.

Nilgiris products are available in countries like Singapore. The corporate office at Brigade Road. Besides India. Germany. 20 .grown considerable. Nilgiris vans are plying all over to ensure timely distribution of Nilgiris products to various locations. decades of efforts to achieve total quality in product and service have taken Nilgiris to summit of total achievement. Bangalore is fully automated with every transaction computerized. Australia. they have come forward to treat them on par with C&F agents/distributors and agreed to give direct supplies at better rates. Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Nilgiris Today : Today.

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Staples. Cost plus pricing. 23 . PRICE:   PROMOTION:    Quality Pricing. Well known website. Social website.PRODUCT:    PLACE:   Dairy Bakery. South india More than 90 stores. Print media.

PRODUCTS: DAIRY PRODUCTS: At the entrance of the supermarket. flavored milk. processed cheese. which is only for dairy products like milk. plain milk. ghee. Lux. SOAPS AND DETERGENTS: This counter is mainly for soaps and detergents meant for the convenience of the customer to select easily available for them. These items are received from Godown. Mysore Sandal. The major sales are Pears. pudding (choco.e. and Colgate etc. 250gms are sold maximum. Close Up. sandwich bread. Only required quantity is kept in this counter. mishti doi. mozzarella cheese etc are available in this mini counter for those customers who need quick service only in dairy products. buttermilk. Pure coffee powder. lacto soy milk i. The major sales among the pastes are Pepsodent. the mail supplier is HLL. vanilla and chocolate). Rin Supreme. yoghurt. 24 . cream. Henko. Ariel. mushroom. srikand. table butter. there is a mini counter. Tide etc. There are 55 different types of soaps. Rexona etc of 125gms & 75gms in each quantity are sold about 10-20 pieces per day as per the customers requirement. paneer. fruit and milk bread. There are different types of detergents like Rin. Surf. TOOTHPASTE: This counter also includes toothpastes of different types. This is a busy counter with the number of customers. curds. etc.

hair oil etc.COSMETICS: This counter is separated into 2 parts. prunes. Ponds. Tips and Toes. This counter is convenient for those customers to choose the product of their own choice as per the taste and preference. Parle. Revelon etc. dates. body sprays. Fair and Lovely etc. Nutrine. pista. Elle 18. 25 . All Clear. sultana. apricot. Parle. For Creams the suppliers are Garnier. and Panteen etc. Nivea. nail polish. creams and lotions. For Talcum powder the suppliers are Ponds. We can also find the imported chocolates in this counter. shampoos. cashew nuts. Dry fruits are the major running products. lip liner. one is at entrance which displays all the cosmetics and it functions mainly in selling lipsticks. CHOCLATES: The tempting chocolates like Eclairs. The dry fruits are purchased in bulk and are repacked for sales. Kellogg’s. For Shampoos the suppliers are Sunsilk. Kwality etc. nail polish. figs. Nutrine. and Axe etc. walnuts etc are available in this counter. eye liner etc. The major suppliers are Lakme. talcum powder. and Cadbury are available and apart from these there are also Nilgiris home made chocolates available. BISCUITS: There are varieties of biscuits available in this counter like Britania. The other counter includes lipsticks. DRY FRUITS: Dry fruits like almond. perfumes. Parry’s.

Danish Pasta are available . are available in this counter. pav bread. HEALTH FOOD: This counter mainly attracts the health conscious customers. Tata Lipton. The tea and coffee are available in attractive packages under the brand name like Nescafe. pedas. Nature Care. High Fiber Wheat Flour. In this counter mainly ayurvedic products are available. rich plum cakes. burfis. Herbal Health Care Drink. jackfruit chips. and Mysore pak are available in this cunter. rusk. The Dabur Chyawanprash. TEA AND COFEE: The name of activation of nerves is Tea.BAKERY: In this counter we find Nilgiris bread. garlic roll. Nilgiris herbal tea. puris etc. Soya Flour. 26 . bread crumb. pizza base. sesame. The mouth-watering sweets like jamoons. Broke Bond. Tetley etc. ladoos. Sunrise. Health Mix etc are available. Duncans. BEVERAGE AND SWEETS: Snacks are available in this counter like butter murukku. Nutri foods. cookies. tapioca chips. Apart from this even fast foods are available like amosas. cotton candy. banana and potato chips. savouries and also haldiram products are available. coconut sandwich.

BMC. methi. HOME MADE SWEETS: The Nilgiris home made sweets are available in this counter white truffles. fettuccine. instant mix chilly powder etc. The Nilgiris provisions are fixed at 10 % discount. real grape.IMPORTED GOODS: In this counter all the imported products are displayed like frigate strawberry jam. are available in this counter. Bhadshah and also Nilgiris brand name. pistachio tups etc. coconut. mixed fruits. JUICES: Different varieties of juices to quench the thirst available is different flavours sun sweet prune juice. sandwich spread. milk truffles. maida. rice. orange. ajwine. PROVISIONS: Provisions like cereals. Mirinda etc. Tropicana. MDH. These are manufactured in Nilgiris itself. plain truffles. tirmeric stick etc under the brand name Everest. atta. SPICES: Different varieties of spices like pepper. barilla. Norton – apple juice. white and black til. mango. pure comb honey from New Zealand. Pepsi. khus-khus. orange truffles. 27 . mustard. jeera. Apart from this beverages are also available like Coke. farfel are available under the brand name Kraft. cream caramel.

Godrej. Instant mixes are also available. Nestle. AMULYA. Badam mix. Saffola. Different types of noodles and smoodles (Maggi and Top Raman). mustard powder. Jelly. Custard powder. and nappies are available. Lactogen. and Vanaspathi etc. Elite. Baby cream. Macaroni. Milk powder. Nilgiri Ghee. Baby soaps and oils such as Johnson and Johnson. Parachute. variety of papads are available. 28 . PICKLES JAM AND SQYASH: In this counter mainly salt and fast food stuff is available. Nature fresh. Horlicks. Drinking Chocolate. Milo. Corn drop. Sundrop. BABY PRODUCTS: This counter is basically meant for baby products which contain baby food such as Cerelac. Cook lite.OIL AND GHEE: All types of oils are available in this counter like Dhara.

 Cost plus pricing. Pricing below competition simply means pricing products lower than the competitor's price. Competitive Pricing: Consumers have many choices and are generally willing to shop around to receive the best price. the retailer is out of the decision-making process. Vendor pricing: Manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) is a common strategy used by the smaller retail shops to avoid price wars and still maintain a decent profit. This strategy works well if the retailer negotiates the 29 . Retailers considering a competitive pricing strategy will need to provide outstanding customer service to stand above the competition. Another issue with using pre-set prices is that it doesn't allow a retailer to have an advantage over the competition.PRICING IN Nilgris they are using tmo types of pricing . Some suppliers have minimum advertised prices but also suggest the retail pricing.  Competitive pricing. By pricing products with the suggested retail prices supplied by the vendor.They are  Vendor pricing.  Psychological pricing.

9. Cost plus Pricing: Cost-plus pricing is a pricing method used by companies to maximize their rate of returns. The most common method is odd-pricing using figures that end in 5. in practice. may be considered when location. but the common thread is that one first calculates the cost of the product. 30 .95 to Rs.The firms accomplish their objective of profit maximization by increasing their production until marginal revenue equals marginal cost. 7 or 9. most firms use cost-plus pricing. Basically. It is believed that consumers tend to round down a price of Rs. Prestige pricing. There are several varieties.9. Retailers that stock high-quality merchandise that isn't available at any other location may be quite successful in pricing their products above competitors. Psychological Pricing: Psychological pricing is used when prices are set to a certain level where the consumer perceives the price to be fair. reduces costs and develops a marketing strategy to focus on price specials. exclusivity or unique customer service can justify higher prices.10. or pricing above competition. then adds a proportion of it as markup. rather than Rs. and then charging a price which is determined by the demand curve prices. also known as markup pricing.It is a way for companies to calculate how much profit they will make. this approach sets prices that cover the cost of production and provide enough profit margin to the firm to earn its target rate of return.

Hosur.Hasan. They also do internet marketing through social facebook and twitter .They are situated in Chennai.browse through the history of nilgris.Cochin. Kotayam.Mysore.Mangalore.It is a user friendly interface. PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING They use their website www. Cuddalore.Kanchipuram.get to know about the wide range of products available.Hydrebad.Bangalore.more than 90 stores are there .nilgris1905. 31 .com for promotion.One can easily locate nearest nilgris store.PLACE Nilgris supermarket is almost situated in all pats of the south India. Madurai.Gonnikopal.Ooty.Coorg.Coimbatore.Ernakulam.

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34 . They have only on the job training. the employees refer or recommend someone who is known to him and who fits for the vacant job. Workers or laborers need skills to operate machines and use other equipments with least damage and scrap. and job offer and employment control. i. employment interview. That means hen a job is vacant the employees who are already with Nilgiris is given preference if that particular employee suits or fits for the vacant job. Training is very necessary for imparting skills to employees. Another source of internal recruitment is employee referrals. selection decision. The internal sources of Nilgiris include present employees and employee referrals. physical examination. The selection process in Nilgiris includes preliminary interview. So the supervisor trains the labour on the usage of machine. TRAINING AND DEVELOPEMENT: Training and development does not play a major role in Nilgiris. wherein the supervisor train the new employee and make him aware of the new work condition.e. The external source of recruitment in Nilgiris includes advertisement and placement cell.RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION: For recruitment and selection Nilgiris uses both internal source as well as external source.

The performance of each employee is measured against factors such as job knowledge. attitude. provision of safety measures. The HR manager of Nilgiris checks the appropriate performance level on each criterion. supply of drinking water. It is headed by Major R. They provide security services to many leading organization. The 35 . and fair which is rated as 50%. SECURITY SECTION: Security arrangement of the company is provided by NESS – National Ex-service man security agency. facilities to its employees like medical facilities. EMPLOYEE WELFARE : Employee welfare helps to motivate and retain employees. Nilgiris also do performance appraisal for its employees. In rating scale method several numerical scales are involved. toilets. good. attendance. compensation for accidents.PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: Assessment of an individual’s performance is very essential for every organization. and then computes the employees total numerical score. The number of points scored is linked to salary increase. Each scale ranges from excellent. LABOUR UNION: There is no labour Union in Nilgiris. attendance. each representing a job related performance criterion such as job knowledge. Nilgiris provides some intra. punctuality etc. etc. co-operation etc. Rating scale method is used for performance appraisal by Nilgiris. punctuality. initiative output. 50-75% and above 75%.P Gopinathan. One admissible fact in Nilgiris is that they never had a labour problem till date neither they formed any Labour Union.

Rs 10 per day for meal. Employees get salary and fringe benefits. Employees get bonus during festivals. Employees also get pension facilities after pension from the company. REMUNERATION IN NILGRIS: Remuneration is the compensation an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organization. uniform.remuneration and welfare of these securities are taken care by NESS and Nilgiris. loan facilities. accident relief although there has never been a case of accident in the factory premises. Nilgiris also provide good remuneration to its employees according to the relative worth of the job. Their fringe benefits include provident fund. Women get maternity leave. 36 . NESS recruits the securities and sent them to different organization which comes under this agency. medical care by ESI hospitals. Employees also get overtime salary. gratuity.

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 Focus more on rural market.  Lot of international retail stores coming up with every day low price strategies.  Unable to fulfill increasing demand in the market.SWOT ANALYSIS: STRENGTHS:  Regional advantage. OPPORTUNITIES:  Try and move towards northern part of India.  Legacy of being in the market for past more than 100 years.  Wide presence in the market. THREATS:  Increasing number of local retail outlets coming up.  Brand name and trust among customer base. 39 . WEAKNESS:  Insufficient supply chain.

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 The store is mainly known to the consumers through word of mouth as now day’s consumers prefer buying goods from super markets. wide range of merchandise and low prices are the main reasons for shopping in the nilgris supermarket.FINDINGS  In nilgiris.  As the service and quality provided by the company is much satisfied by the consumer. 42 . they mainly concentrate on bakery products and groceries not much on with cosmetics and other daily needs products.  Most of the customers purchase regularly from the same store as store staff identifies their daily customers and has good relationship management by store.  All the store of nilgiris doesn’t have the same variety of products.  The location conveyance. the consumer prefers to buy products from nilgiris.

It kills the appearance of the shop .Therefore products should should be arranged properly. price and so on.  It should come up with on telephone booking and delivery.retailing which would benefit to deliver better services.  Nilgiris should add-on’s with more cash counters depending upon the area of the store.  Education and training of staff needs to be done to enhance customer service.SUGGESTIONS  Managers should maintain customer data and communication to build a good relationship among customers.  Nilgiris should use advertisement strategies and promotional activities  Nilgris supermarket should adopt E.  At the starting of the rack the products are arranged neatly but at the ending of the rack the products are dumped . assortments. products information. 43 .

they have not been able to capitalize on the available opportunities . By exploiting these opportunities Nilgiris can reach its pinnacle in all respect of business activities in company growth and maintaining the No 1 position in market share.though being one of the oldest and successful retail outlet in the country. 44 .CONCLUSION With the above given facts .They should think about expanding their area of can be concluded that .There are lots of opportunities to be explored and nilgris should focus on these opportunities and work upon over-coming its weakness. Nilgiris is enjoying higher customer satisfaction and has ample opportunities in the market to serve its potential customer.