Epic, as a whole, is offered to the masses of pharmaceutical consumption in order for the traditional and unchanging process to be more convenient and beneficial for its consumers. However, with its main goal established, it is yet to be determined if such goal will correlate to the reality of the situation, particularly one here in Davao City. Two possible risks have been identified by ours that could come up during operations and could potentially harbour a threat to our overall function and purpose.

For one, Davao City, alongside the rest of the Phiippines, is undergoing a technological revolution. The city is becoming more and more accustomed to utilizing technological advancements for its own beneficial uses. However, even with the fact established of increasing technological utilizations, a large chunk of the target audience for Epic, particularly those in the late 30’s to late 50’s age range, isn’t particularly well accustomed on using technology, and because of it, may pose of threat of them unable to use the service.

The probability of such chunk of the target audience unable to use Epic will most definitely happen, and it could affect the company financially due to the potential chunk of the revenue stream left untapped and left to waste. Such untapped revenue streams could be the sole judge of the potential scenario of it being the difference between financial loss and financial profitability for the company in its fiscal year. Because of this, we suggest the mitigation for this particular scenario is to make a series of instructional videos on how a typical user could use Epic, and make it sure it will be seen by as many people (particularly the age group mentioned earlier), with its media channels ranging from social networking sites to co-sponsorships with other companies.

In another point, we consider Epic to be a complete innovation in terms of how a Filipino undergoes through the pharmaceutical process. It is our complete intention for such innovation to be undergo a degree of positive reception that usage of Epic will rapidly increase due to positive word-of-mouth feedback. However, such rapid rate of increase might prove to be unpredictable and could overpower the planned structure we have for production, particularly our manpower.

The probability of such unpredictability is not as high as the previous point stated, however it could still potentially happen. In order for us to mitigate this potential scenario, we decided that we could push through the plan of training three to five more computer programmers on Epic’s operations. Such computer programmers will only be trained and will be called/hired if ever such time arises that demand is too high that more manpower is a necessity. All of the programmers will be paid for their training only, except for those who will be called to operate if such scenarios occur. Such programmers will be employed immediately.