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After Jeffrey Gordon Baker

Matthew Lee Knowles

September 2009
games passion parents balls have take care matters hated a
pain a was talents have was a baker saint baker a man
laugh say came may call came have parents was was made
gave natural came was a was was babies was wanted manifest
had was capable way was harmful 

path rather came was a baby a talk talk later various

various parts had wanted make parts a language a way
maintains made gave a name fact gathered way was parents
manufacture manufacture manufacture was was was
manufacture a was a was parents harm laugh painful games
called games was 

a was a ball game manifests was had games ears fantasy

same games mass parody may a have hated was taught a latin
was wanderings named wanderings was a a lack had and say a
man a rather a a a was had have sad made sad madness a

false falsehood maintained passive a madness failed

patience care talked has a hate a a lay was was fact was
nanny parents about object object object about abandoned
object observe about accordance accordingly occurring
schoolmaster activity acceptance school actually school
schoolmasters acquired adapted addressing adults ad adult
adults adults adult 
adults adults adults ideological adults education educated
advances admiration received before lengths teacher
teaching he censured he were being fellow were service set
deceived me teachers because restless behaviour leaves
behind be here we fetishism me senses delight be deceived
developed memory being me despondency person keep me be

be me performance text ieva debord ieva performed jeffrey

me me perhaps deride me be death mercies me heard me
remember welcomed decision me deep me yet be delights weep
began least believed jeffrey we see began be desires were
were me means resembling get because lest be me be 

revenge weeping dead me remember learned heart persuade

people held self representation relationship very centre
memory people see retain received meaning me sentences me
learned head me deeply dependent people delusions yet
beaten method began feeling be beaten hear me me were were
me we were were feels perhaps refined 

being beaten beat me behaving better being refuted fellow

teacher pedantic he jealousy me negation real because
desires festivals people yet being deeply learn legendary
fellow weep death her reading meanwhile respect tears
generality weeps death heard me well well well
relationship between people mediated wept tear wept her 
be he less he readily he recognises needs need less he
desires been read been read me been read between
repressing beneath real reality vessels teachers we we
were beaten see men letters of of of of of of of of of if
of of if of if of of of 

of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of afterwards of
of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of
of if of of of of of of after of of of of of 

of of of of of of of of of of against against ignorance

childish change when the the the thoughts the the what
thank this the that the the who what that this this where
the the whom the who their who through them the which the
the which them 

them through them things than when physically then when

that what that what where those who them threw the which
when their them the the this the that the the the the the
which the the the the that this the that their when when
they their that oh the 

that them this which they the their these shoulders this
the those the the the the the what this what the the child
what the the this the the the though child there when that
when who which that those who the when children they the
children the them things 
the who than when than when when the the the chosen things
the which the shows shows the their their the they why
when the the who this that the what than who the the what
they shame who them the that who the things the the which
the this 

this the the the the the the the that what than the the
the the the though the thus charge the which the them the
which the the those who them this that who the the the
than these the the where child the threshold this the
which the who 

the the the the the the the the shocking the the which who
this without his I I himself I lies with I I kings life
little little I I I I with I I gifts given will I will
with since gift I directed I I wish I I

life I it living I I I I I milk fill with riches

distributed time I I I first I I since little little I I
wishes I I limbs signs wishes signs I I did either I I
with disobedience I I live dies I I with I I 

I discovered I will I I I wishes lies divides simply

division linked I I different I wishes signs I signs
wishes life I direction miseries I life I did I I I I I I
with I might did wished time either might I I life I
disobedient I 
higher I winning I liked tickle with titillated with
dialogue gift disillusion I discovered I literature I I I
dido life I miserable life pitiable without pity himself
dido himself his I I I with I I dido died with I I his
like lives his his his I dido 

I I higher literary dividing line directly lived I like

wine with with time skilled allow flesh all sleep alive
already all places alienation alienation alienation
alienation pleaded play play all alienation all along
ultimate alienation all alien always old placed clearly
also slaves am smile am small am emerged 

small imposed amusement impoverishment images images

images small imitate individual in individual in
innumerable and and and innocence one and and and and and
one in an inward instinct integrity and in in and in and
increase and and and and know in know in any infant in and

indeed knew and and uncomfortable in and and and internal

and entering into and understood indignant and infancy and
and in on infancy and infancy incapable only and and
endeavour intentions and understood in unity into one and
only one one another an and and in in knees infinitum 

in and entered into on and in and in understand knowledge

in indolent in and only and including and and on engaged
in and one indeed in and envy in and in in increased and
incite only aneas and in and in in in inversion aneas and
in end and unthinking 
in understands and and and and individual into into and
any and in initial on in individual in in in an individual
and enemy conventional sounds word contrary to socially
more to moral conventions world to lowest low worldly took
to love for to to not god does not domestic 

to gold commodity told to took to good words softened not

worthy you for your for you you your to soul gordon
confessions society gordon sound to for you not would you
do to do not how to mortal do not consolations your you
formed for do not so consolations 

not mother to you food your for good to good for not good
come you for nothing more how to bodily to to told doing
to to to could could not for to no soul so sounds not not
to to for would long you you nothing to to boyhood 

boyhood no longer boy power to how to sounds movements

body would to to to bow to no power to nor could world's
loss world to world to world common to to following sound
moved body towards would sound words you you to mouth to
toes communicated to more society 

society concrete O god society concrete poor not for

society concrete society concrete boy to for to you bonds
tongue you not you not no for to to loved to for no sorry
for for for both some no some more tormented not love
competitive loved to mountingly for to 
not boy loved forced to some forgetful to took love you
condition no concrete non more for for love not for of
love for you no love for you committed fornications you
done done for done to does not go not collection social
you to lowest your going to to 

contemplated works more contemplates more dominant not

forbidden to would could not considered more to condemned
to form no words poured for to could not to sober look god
look you do sons conventions so gone someone spectacle
speak upheld ups upon upon speech spectacle spectacle up
spectacle spectators spectacle's 

spectacle's spectacle's approved spectacle's approve

opponent spectacle sport appetite spending spectacle
spectacle spectators spectacle appearances appeal
spectacle spotlight opposite spectacles sparrows are
precious error drunken drink from or pronounces
pronouncing arena wrestle frivolous urge from prefects
principle truth armoury friendship praise arena from error
or from from from or breasts 

ordinance are order from from from grown or present from

or groans origin bridges are from grasp from pronounced
gradually are articulate training around pray prayer broke
great bruises great are or or arbiter from pride are
travesty produce greek from from brought creature around
cries creation from proposed fruitful 
write erases true truth presence organisation driven bring
as as as is is as used is is as is is isolation use use is
is is useful is is as used us is essence pseudo as small
is is is is is is is is is is us as is 

is aspirate is as is is as as used is is is estates as

strazdina strazdina other itself at it it at that at it
other uttered it other other other stormy at stage at at
stories its it story to stardom's others steal it it
stages it augustine guy 

but human but nurses but but suck quietened fulfill number
but succeeded but but but superior human authority
function function such function function but punishments
business but such punished question but further curiosity
public public but but pursuing pursue dust submission
outcome such but judge such human human human guardians 

nuts succeeded such even everybody ever evil overcame over

over over over everyday even even avoided awake aware two
own own sword own own own except external express express
experienced excessive existence exquisite exact exist by
by by by by by my by my by my by my my my 

my my my myself by my my by my my my my by by my my by my
my my my my by my my my my by by my by by my systems my my
my my myself dying by my my my eyes dying dying by by
system by by syllables by my my my my my my by my my 

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