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MFX ClaimsAssure, Claims Processing System
MFX ClaimsAssure is a highly intuitive claims processing system able to assemble, display and help adjudicate claims quickly. Best of all, its modular nature allows you to upgrade part of a system or all of it — depending upon your needs and the type of claim involved — Casualty, Workers’ Comp or Property. The Problem Resolving a claim has traditionally required a number of intensely complex steps. The need to assemble, prioritize and submit properly the diverse information needed to settle has frequently lead to productivity bottlenecks, claim backlogs and sometimes mistakes. The result has been longer time frames to settlement, high processing costs and staff turnover. The MFX ClaimsAssure Solution ClaimsAssure is a web-based claim handling system developed and refined by insurance claims adjusters and administrators to speed insurance claims processing, minimize mistakes and guide staff through multiple steps required. The result is a highly flexible, seamless on-line claim processing software that mirrors the work process. More importantly, ClaimsAssure frees the adjuster to spend more time adjudicating claims and less time completing paper forms. Form and paperwork intensive claims such as Workers’ Comp are significantly streamlined with this online claim processing software. “Fax-in” plus other innovative features expedite workflow from first notice ClaimsAssure allows you to receive First Notice of Loss (as well as other claim documents) as a fax that can be easily sorted to key destinations and further identified through an option menu for automatic coverage verification and assignment. Emails, images and other file attachments are managed for effortless retrieval by this claim management software.

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Attributes like these. Data population of these forms is automatically handled in this claims processing system. A Financial Impact window displays total reserves and payments. The Correspondence module is equipped with standard letters plus editing to tailor the letter to the specifics of the claim. Pop-up menus for each claim offer immediate links to all documents that belong to that claim file. word documents and mailings to attorneys and other vendors. combined with ClaimsAssure’s other capabilities. cont. Easily learned. Detailed claim information and error handling are system generated with minimal manual entry. MFX ClaimsAssure gives you a full claim processing capability that requires little more than a computer with Internet access to use. Diary and File Notes track daily activities and update automatically Completion of designated tasks triggers automatic diary updates. intuitive navigation accelerates claims processing and eliminates the need to dig through screens to access information As the claim file enters the workflow. Color coded diary entries highlight critical tasks. A Reserve Analysis Worksheet automatically updates and shows current reserve status by disability type for Workers’ Comp claims and by payment type and line of business for Property Casualty claims. Training is minimal and set-up is simple. claim office and jurisdiction. Accelerate insurance claims processing while managing costs As a well-tested. Workers’ Compensation module—customized by state—speeds processing and improves accuracy for these paper intensive claims This module supports state mandated forms providing system-generated and adjuster enterable attributes. ©2007 MFX. All Rights Reserved Page . File Notes also manages faxes. Improve accuracy of financial and accounting reporting Tracking claim payments is critical for both claim systems and bottom line results.MFX ClaimsAssure. Medical bill processing offers an instant history of Explanation of Benefits. several unique features provide additional support. makes it ideal for those who need to move at the speed of opportunity. This. make this a powerful property casualty claim processing system for large multi-state property casualty insurance companies. Claims Processing System. coupled with ClaimsAssure’s flexibility and intuitive usage. Special handling instructions are also clearly visible through the use of a flag display. An automatic bill processing capability groups payments by vendor for bulk processing. web-based system.2 . with a link to provide the claim file’s detailed financial information. benefiting multiple lines of business.

MFX ClaimsAssure also logs all access to claims. Daily backup and recovery is provided with your claim management software. property or workers’ comp claim system. Tech Basics and Support Each MFX product has its own specific security system based on Internet protocols to secure information and transactions against unauthorized access.mfxfairfax. A 24/7 help desk and a knowledgeable Account Executive further support your users. contact us at 866639-6399 or visit us at www. cont. whether it be for a casualty. Claims Processing System.MFX ClaimsAssure. Customization Although MFX ClaimsAssure is a complete “plug and play” product. our disaster recovery plan targets having all clients back in process within 48-hours.com. For more information on this and other MFX products and services. monitors usage and adheres to recent privacy laws. Conversion services enable complete claim file information available on-line on a going forward basis. along with a weekly full-system backup with all tapes sent offsite to MFX’s storage facility. In the unlikely event that the MFX processing facility is impaired. About MFX MFX is a leading global technology application development and outsource services organization established to support the insurance industry with complete lifecycle processing technology solutions. assigns access rights. All Rights Reserved Page .3 . Our hosted ASP platforms and associated infrastructure services allow clients to concentrate on their core Insurance business while levering MFX’s technology solutions and experienced insurance professionals to manage the complexities associated with running and maintaining enterprise Insurance software. MFX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. ©2007 MFX. MFX offers specialized customization services in order to “white label” ClaimsAssure to your company’s requirements.